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I am a Real Diaper Circle Leader with the Real Diaper Association (a not-for-profit organization). If you have any suggestions as to how parents may treat their diapers properly and most effectively with essential oils (or grapefruit extract – which is another cloth diaper users favorite tool), I would greatly appreciate your assistance.
As for resistance, with either tea tree oil (TTO) or other essential oils, it’s a non-issue. But tea tree oil is very effective at both killing (in high concentrations) and preventing virulence (in low concentrations) of MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus). These properties of essential oils have given rise to their increasing use in food packaging (to prevent bacterial growth) and as “growth-promoters” in farmed animals, instead of antibiotics. You are right about dissolution – essential oils mix very poorly with water, but the physical action of a washing machine tends to break up the essential oil into very tiny droplets. Your emotions can influence your body languageEmotional intelligence and public speaking are connected.
In fact, emotional intelligence has seven different competencies, and each emotional intelligence competency can influence your success in public speaking.
If you have high emotional intelligence on this competency you will be able to notice what you are feeling before you speak and during your speech.
If, for example, you feel nervous and you aren't fully aware of this you may appear timid on stage, you may rush through what you say to get it over with, and you may avoid questions at the end. Similarly, if you are not aware that you feel intimidated by some members of the audience, you may, without meaning to, become defensive when they ask you questions. If, on he other hand you are feeling confident and determined to get your point across you may find your gestures alter, your voice alters and you become more emphatic. It is absolutely vital if you want to engage your audience that you can monitor and read others' emotions, and know how they are feeling.
You need to be able to monitor for this throughout your speech, so that if you sense the audience has become restless, annoyed or bored you can deal with it. If you don't know how the audience feels as they respond to your speech, you will not know the impact, positive or negative, that you are making. Of course, it is hard to read the emotions of the audience if you have your own head stuck in your notes or you are reading a pre-prepared script.

For example, if you ask, "How will the audience react if I include this?", you are asking a question about their emotions. The same applies if you ask, "How will they react if I explain a key concept this way rather than that way?".
High levels of emotional intelligence in the emotional reasoning competency can have a significant impact on your presentation skills and ability to engage and influence an audience.
If you feel anxious, nervous or on edge, can you manage these feelings so they don't interfere with your presentations? If you feel intimidated, inadequate, or insecure can you manage these feelings so you are still able to invite questions and deal with them skilfully?
If you feel tired, washed-out or lethargic can you lift yourself emotionally so you present with spark, enthusiasm and energy? Public speaking is not just about your content, it is also about how you deliver that content.
Superb public speakers use high levels of emotional intelligence and emotional self-management to present consistently well. For example, a common scenario faced by public speakers who aren't very good is that they find their audience is bored. Whatever happens when you are presenting it is important that you don't panic, don't become paralysed with a fear of public speaking, and don't become overwhelmed with embarrassment or anger.
I lead the Ventura County chapter here locally where I donate my time to teach cloth diapering 101 classes as well as support the local cloth diapering community with monthly meetings which are all free to the public.
This has been disputed, suggesting that such a dilution can cause bacteria resistance and growth of superbacteria.
There are one or two research papers suggesting that TTO might cause resistance, but the bulk of the evidence shows the opposite, and any resistance is slight and transient. During rinsing and drying, the essential oil will be mostly lost (which is a good thing – you don’t want any risk of skin irritation) with only traces remaining. It would be a great addition to your laundry routine especially if your little one has experienced any sort of stomach virus, if your diapers aren’t smelling clean (check your detergent amount also) after they are washed, or if you have any reason to suspect that your little one has an infection. Instead, they usually prefer someone who is interested, passionate or enthusiastic about his or her topic.

Equally important is your ability to be able to read when they have become excited, enthusiastic or interested in what you say!
You will therefore also not know when you need to spend more time explaining an item and when you can move quickly through another one. If you want to use your emotional intelligence skills in this competency do not become script bound but instead look at your audience.
You most certainly need to be able to manage your emotions at all stages of preparing and giving your presentation; and afterwards. You need to manange the emotions of the audience and manage your own emotions in order to get your message acoss well.
These include: "How to make presentations interesting", plus "How to present with presence". The cloth diapering community has run into a bit of controversy regarding the use of Tea Tree Oil to kill microbes including bacteria commonly found in feces, yeast, viruses shed in feces and in rare cases, mold (usually related to improper storage). I am fairly new to EO use and properties, but I was under the impression that EOs loose their antimicrobial properties when heated. Heating essential oils does not damage them (they are steam distilled at the boiling point of water) nor does it alter their antibacterial properties. Do note that TTO will not fix all rashes and will have no effect on diapers suffering from ammonia buildup or repelling due to excess detergent.
Presenting is all about emotions and emotional impact, even when you are delivering facts and figures. When you express enthusiasm for your topic you are more likely to spark interest in your topic. The essential oil might evaporate, but it’s just as effective in vapor form as in liquid form. Please see your doctor for questions regarding diaper rash so that they may swab the rash and tell you if the rash may be due to a “bug” or not.

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