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You may be a very bright person, you may have great ideas, and you may be just what an employer is looking for. However, if you are unable to articulate your thoughts and ideas you are likely going to be looked over when it comes time to choosing a candidate to hire. When it comes to public speaking the biggest challenge for most people is finding a way to move past the fear that comes with having to public speak.
It goes without saying that being able to effectively communicate goes beyond public speaking.
You can improve English speaking skills to improve your ability to communicate effectively and make you a self-assured English speaker.
Every day we communicate with our family, customers, peers, coworkers, supervisors, and clients.

Developing Your Voice – a high soft voice or a high whiney voice won’t be taken seriously or given the authority they should. Learn to Enunciate Your Words – It’s important that you speak clearly and don’t mumble. Practice, Practice, Practice – You’ll only really become a better English speaker if you practice a lot, so practice wherever and whenever you can.
Build Your Confidence – Learning how to construct simple English sentences that will communicate your message effectively.
If you don’t rehearse enough, you are going to be nervous, make mistakes, and fumble your speech. This is one of the hardest things to do but it is key if you want to improve speaking skills.

Once you understand the message, you must decide if you believe what you’ve heard and react accordingly.
When we are nervous, we tend to speak faster and then your audience will have trouble understanding you.

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