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If your child gets dropped off from a private vehicle or a person on foot and does NOT eat breakfast. They are dropped off on the west side of the building and walk to their playground blacktop to line up with their classroom. They should enter through the breakfast door at the front of the building no sooner than 8:30. Students will exit the west side of the building by the staff parking lot and gym and line up on their class number. Drivers and adults picking up students need a car tag visible as they pull into Hug and Go Lane or as they walk up to pick up their child. Staff members will verify your number matches the number on your child(ren)’s backpack. Boundary Settings are physical environmental visual changes that support appropriate behavior by eliminating visual clutter and clearly delineating visual spaces. Comic Strip Conversations help children who have challenges with interpreting social situations, understanding speech as quickly as produced in social situations or reading non-verbal cues. Conversation Cue Cards or Conversational Starters list a series of phrases or questions that can be used during conversations to assist in reciprocal dialogue.

Daily Schedules take the abstract concepts of events occurring in the future and represent the chain of events in a concrete way.
Graphic Organizers enhance learning by organizing material into ways that make it easier to understand and remember.
Labels increase functional independence and participation by reducing the demands of the brain from having to visually scan an entire area while keeping the target item or location in mind, to just focusing on searching for a specific word or image. Option Cards provide the child with choices of language or behaviors for specific situations.
Reminder Cards give direction in order to increase understanding, independence and appropriate social behaviors. Routine Schedules break larger tasks or activities into their components, much like creating a recipe.
Task Cards are recipes for improving social skills because they increase the accuracy of recalling concepts and rules in the presence of social distractions.
Token Economies expand attention spans to tasks, increase the amount of work that is accomplished at a single time and improve one's ability to delay gratification thus enabling them to more readily participate in social, educational and work settings. Thought Cues help people understand what others might be thinking during social situations.

Travel Cards briefly lists academic, behavior, dietary, sensory and communication strategies that support the child's success so that unfamiliar individuals have a recipe for successful interactions. Within Activity Schedules effectively increase independent completion or work and daily life skills. Why Lists are useful to post in a classroom or at the dinner table to remind children why certain rules are important. If you are waiting for a bus, or if you are waiting in line, strangers start talking to each other. For example, if you are at Disney Land and you are sitting down, someone next to you might ask some questions assuming you are visiting from somewhere. You will give your presentation starting next Wednesday, March 24.   After organizing your note cards, begin practicing at home this week. Use the notes and suggestions from Thursday’s class to deliver your speech with confidence!

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