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For this week, the kids continue to have an extra music class with Mandi which they are enjoying. Just a reminder that skating starts next week so if you haven’t sent your permission form in yet please do try to remember. I keep adding to the pages of the blog (page titles are located at the top of the blog) to give you more information about grade 2 Learning Goals as well as strategies to make classwork easier to do.
Just for your information, no picture of students will be on the blog for privacy concerns. And of course there are the subtleties of semiotics, with things that we refer to as the “sign”, the “signifier”, and the “signified”, and you’ve got yourself an interesting discussion. This is a great site for kids to work on at home to continue to practice their reading skills. If there is something you think would be great for me to add to the blog please let me know. The other day Kenzie came home talking about the flashlights they made and a few hours later we were able to see it on the blog! Don’t tempt me into getting all geeky on you about communications theory and semiotics!)In the end, no matter how we define ourselves, the fact is, others don’t care.

It’s the same with those silos we’ve constructed internally that we are now working feverishly (or should be) to tear down. So as a result, we have a difficult time boiling what we do down to one of those 30-second elevator speeches. When I interact with your business, I don’t really care if I have the “right” person in the “right” department.
If I have a problem, just fix it, even if it isn’t in your job description.What our customers and clients want is clear communication. And while PRSA is trying to redefine it, my friend Gini Dietrich is calling them out, and the PRSA is responding. And when you look at the above model, the most important change in terms of social media is that “feedback” arrow at the bottom. And other friends, like Krista Giuffi, are trying to work out what it means to them in their particular situations.The same arguments and discussions are happening in the marketing and social media realms, and they are discussions that overlap. Now, the feedback is more direct, more rapid, and can come from multiple places at one time.
At it’s most basic level, every bit of communication has a sender and a receiver (whether it is our intended receiver, or not).

Your job, and my job, is to make sure that your intended message gets to your intended audience, with the desired result. But the fact is, we’ve complicated the process, and there are so many factors to consider.In the end, no one cares if you are a marketer, an advertiser, or a PR professional. What you really are is a communicator, and every one who works in your business is a communicator as well, and their ability to communicate, or not, will impact how others view you.To quote Dwight D. Eisenhower again, from my blog post on presidential tweets:An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knowsKeep it simple.
Early and often.We seem to forget that one a lot.Do you see yourself as a communications professional?

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