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Children tend to approach the back-to-school season with a mix of apprehension and excitement. And secondly, if your child is receiving speech therapy in his school district, you are not as likely to talk to the SLP very often. This updated and expanded 17 page guide, which now includes reading and writing sections, was created to assist speech language pathologists in the decision making process of how to select assessment instruments and prioritize assessment for school age children. I just bought the Speech Language Assessment Checklist for School-Aged Children and the one for Preschool-aged children.
This website can help children learn the alphabet and the sounds that are associated with each letter.
This website offers interactive matching games and other activities to develop phonological awareness. This website offers printable flashcards, categorized into specific sounds, along with other activities designed to promote language development. This website offers a wide variety of interactive games, some of which were designed to facilitate speech and language development. TMJ can have a significant impact on your child’s articulation, depending on how severe it is.
Your child’s speech therapist can guide him through some exercises to correct tongue thrust. Talk to your child’s speech therapist about the techniques she is using in her sessions, and how you can reinforce those techniques for TMJ treatment at home.
Use a Speech Buddy for a few minutes, several times per week to reinforce the correct position of the tongue.
If he tends to rest his head on his hand, try to gently break him of this habit, as it contributes to TMJ pain. During a painful flare-up, apply a warm compress to the jaw several times daily, feed him soft foods only (no chewy foods), and encourage him to communicate with gestures whenever possible to reduce strain on the jaw.
Your kidling might be enthusiastically embracing his brand-new sweaters that allow him to dress up like a pint-sized Jake Gyllenhaal, but at the same time he’s a little nervous about meeting his new teacher and navigating the school hallways.
With private speech therapy, you’ll see the speech therapist when you drop off and pick up your child. School speech therapists often collaborate with the teacher to find out what the kids are working on in the classroom.
It would be practically impossible for your child’s SLP to list all of the activities she might use throughout the year, but it’s a good idea to get a general sense of what your child will be doing. The goal is to eliminate administration of unnecessary or irrelevant tests and focus on the administration of instruments directly targeting the areas of difficulty that the child presents with. The matching games instruct your child to click on words that rhyme or to select words with specific sounds in them. Click on the “Articulation” section to print flashcards for specific sounds in the initial, medial, and final positions in words.

You and your child can practice specific sounds together with this wealth of tongue twisters. Some of these activities may be particularly useful for children with autism, such as the facial expressions game.
They can help children with autism learn to make conversation, children with lisps learn to speak clearly, and yes, they even have speech therapy techniques for TMJ treatment (temporomandibular joint disorder is actually TMD, but it’s more commonly referred to as TMJ).
A little minor jaw pain may simply discourage him from hollering a lot on the playground, but a severe flare-up can make it difficult for him to articulate sounds. But asking your child’s SLP how you can best keep in touch with her does a couple of things. For example, Jake’s IEP might state that he should be able to pronounce the “f” sound in the medial position within three months. You can also use the vast resources of the Internet to help encourage your child’s progress in speech therapy. Your child can also play games like “Initial Ch Hangman,” for which he is instructed to guess the word that begins with the “ch” sound. If your child has trouble with them, encourage him to slow down or to practice singing them instead of speaking them. The website offers a word pairs game and a “Create a Room” game, in which children can identify common nouns.
When I first developed TMJ, I went to the urgent care clinic, convinced that I had tetanus because I couldn’t open my jaw wide enough to speak or eat. The speech therapist can use a Speech Buddy to provide a target at the top of the alveolar ridge. The SLP may instruct your child to take a sip of water, trap it between the tongue and the alveolar ridge, and swallow so that the tongue moves back. We might embrace a more structured schedule and we’re eager for them to explore the world around them, but we’re a bit nervous, too.
First, it lets the SLP know that you are keenly interested in remaining involved and up-to-date with your child’s speech therapy sessions. If Jake is still struggling with this after the three months are up, it may be time to review his IEP and perhaps revise it. You can also inform the SLP of your child’s favorite activities, games, etc., in order to encourage his engagement in speech therapy. The speech therapist can share with you the techniques that appear to be effective for your child.
Ask your child’s speech-language pathologist (SLP) for specific websites that she might recommend. The “Books in a Bag” section under the “Language” category offers activity ideas that you can do with your child as you read certain books together. Be advised that not all tongue twisters may be rated “G” – at least one of them involves liquor.

I had to use an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device to communicate with the intake nurse (in this case, a piece of paper and pen). All infants have tongue thrust, but they should position the tongue properly no later than age 7.
Your child will touch the target with his tongue, creating the proper resting tongue position. This is especially true if you’re the parent of a child with special needs, like a speech disorder. Some school SLPs send the children home with a folder, which is updated regularly with notes on progress, areas that need work, and homework assignments.
Your child’s speech therapist might be willing to meet with his new teacher to discuss his needs.
On the other hand, if Jake has aced the “f” sound in the medial position, he’s ready to move on to new challenges.
Many websites offer games for children that are intended to build vocabulary and other important language skills. Copy and paste your favorite tongue twisters and print them to exclude those with adult content. He must also learn to relax the jaw and surrounding muscles, and rest with his teeth slightly open. She might also have ideas for apps for speech therapy, helpful books, and tools such as Speech Buddies, which you can use with your child at home. Some websites offer printable activities and flashcards that are geared toward specific sound vocalization and other speech and language skills. You can expand upon the website’s usefulness by asking your child to think of other words that begin with that particular letter. If your child is diagnosed with TMJ, don’t take the “wait and see” approach, because it tends to get progressively worse.
It’s a good idea to chat with your child’s speech therapist about his needs as he enters a new grade. In this case, it can be helpful to have notes from the teacher regarding which areas your child struggles with in the classroom.
A doctor can prescribe pain medication and muscle relaxers for TMJ treatment, and she may also recommend that you take your child to a speech-language pathologist (SLP). Use the following questions as a focal point for your conversation with the speech-language pathologist (SLP).

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