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In the UK approximately 75% of the population has access to a computer, if not at home, at school, college, library etc. Below you will find an extensive, although not exhaustive list of specialist software and equipment on this site.
During the last few years, speech recognition software has come a very long way, for instance, 'Dragon Naturally Preferred' is rated independently to be 99% accurate and is so easy to use, you'll wish you changed years ago.
Inclusive Technology is an excellent company that has one many awards for their work with dyslexia and other special needs with computers. I am including games in this section because many parents often see arcade type games as children just playing.

Computers are now helping children (and adults) at some schools and with private tutors, to learn to speak properly.
Approximately 85% of those with Parkinson's Disease will experience a speech-language disorder.
Computers can be of great benefit to people who are dyslexic or have other Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDa€™s).
I have only included a few of the most tried and tested ones which support reading, spelling, numeracy, writing skills and organisational and planning skills.
A speech training aid computer displays the word it wants a student to say and listens to the way the student repeats the word.

Sinking battleships in alphabetical order is far more exciting than looking for X, Y, Z, etc. In our assessment and intervention, we will treat you with the dignity you deserve and provide you with the best strategies available to maximize your communication function. However, there are a lot of Touch-Typing courses available, some very good for people with dyslexia others I am not so sure of.

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