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What is a Spiritual Life Coach and can one literally help better guide you through your own awakening and understanding of your very own divine self?
Okay, now that you better understand what is meditation so lets now discuss what a Spiritual Life Coach is. The 2 single activities you can do to help further you in your own cosmic evolution as well as everyone else in the world is love and meditation. The DNA molecule actually heals itself in the presence of loving energy sent through intent. The vibration of love is the MOST POWERFUL force of transformation inside our entire universe. A group of 7,000 people in meditation actually exerted an effect on terrorism around the world to such a degree that there was a 72% reduction in the amount of terrorist activity that took place during the time this group was meditating.
Thanks for reading this Spiritual Life Coach What Is Meditation blog post and listening to the audio training. You are in the right place to start and advance your wellness coaching career, so you can help more people enhance their health, vitality, energy and overall happiness.  You will also discover how to improve your lifestyle by creating a coaching practice which lets you coach anywhere while helping people locally, nationally or even globally!
The time is now for you to enjoy this exciting and rewarding career, which offers you personal fulfillment while enhancing the lives of others. Wellness Coaching is a combination of traditional life coaching, lifestyle fitness coaching, green living, sound nutrition, exercise and stress management. Our Wellness Coach Certification program is designed to empower coaches, and is presented as a client-centered approach to facilitate wellness coaching. Students with a basic level of knowledge in one or more of the related fields of exercise science, health promotion, behavioral science, wellness, anatomy, physiology, biology, kinesiology, biomechanics, nutrition are encouraged to both master and apply this courses’ core components to their existing job descriptions. The great thing about being a Certified Wellness Coach is that you have endless career and business opportunities.
Audio interviews with the world’s leading experts on wellness coaching and wellness theories and the integration of wellness coaching into complementary practices such as fitness, psychology and medicine. Program Overview: Comprehensive course including wellness coaching concepts, coaching strategies, motivational strategies, scope of practice as a wellness coach, list of assessment tools and techniques and business models for wellness coaching. Course Objective: To provide you with all the needed tools to become an effective wellness coach, and increase revenue with included business training.
Learning Format: Online access of materials including training videos, interactive review questions, comprehensive downloadable digital manual, note packet and non-proctored online exam.
The entire course is now compatible on iPhone, Android, iPad or any hand held tablet, laptop or desktop.
Certification Exam Requirements: Passing a 100 multiple choice, non-proctored online exam with 80% or higher. Retest Fee: $95 retest fee applies if the passing requirement is not met at the end of the second exam attempt. Estimated Completion Time: Course and exam should be completed within one year of purchase.
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This course is for you if you want to pick up life coaching as a profession, or if you are a professional within the organization, seeking to add expand your knowledge and provide your employees with higher level of service. The Basic Coaching Skills E-Course is an interactive online course presented in an easy, straight forward format. When you start working as a coach, you will need to become an expert at posing the right questions to get critical information.
The TGROW model is a critical coaching structure that you need to understand in order to be an effective coach. To bring a focus to your own growth or to those whom you teach, you will need to become an expert at setting goals.
Values are at the core of your actions and of those you coach but they often go unnoticed and underestimated. To get others to quickly identify with you and trust you is an incredibly valuable skill in all areas of your life. The way in which you value yourself, your self-esteem, is an important piece of the puzzle in your capacity to take on life challenges. Once you complete the course, I will give you helpful advice towards becoming a life coach, complete with all the forms you will need to get you started. For just $599 you get the complete Basic Coaching E-course to help you develop the skills of a life coach. Compare this with some of the tuition charges at coach certification companies, coaching universities and colleges that offer coaching as a major. The course will not only teach you the basics of a life coaching profession, it will also help you to improve those aspects of your own life that you wish to improve. Upon completion of the course, I will also include the forms you will need to start on your journey as a practicing life coach. Furthermore, you will receive a Diploma issued by LB Coaching as the confirmation that you have completed the course. Sign up for a 15 minutes complimentary informative session with Natalie and I will answer all your questions. Our Wellness Coach Certification (CWC) expands beyond coaching models currently used in wellness coaching.
It gives you all the detailed information you want about starting a wellness coaching practice and expanding your career options. It’s comprised of an interrelated set of dimensions including emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual factors.
You can run your wellness coaching business online, from your home, on the beach, or at your own wellness center. This is done through the use of behavior change strategies and sound coaching practices used in the field currently.
Some primary careers include: coaching clients one-on-one in their home, your home, or your office.
You are required to complete 2.0 units (20 hours) of CEUs (continuing education credits) to keep your certification valid.

The average student can complete the course if they dedicate approximately 20 hours of study time. It will help you to gain confidence as a new coach right away and provide the framework you will use for successful sessions.
Getting to the heart of your clienta€™s belief system is important in order to help your clients grow and improve.
However, it is absolutely crucial to possess that ability if you want to be a successful life coach.
As a life coach, you need to be well prepared to help clients deal with that aspect of their lives, too. If you are at the stage of your life when you contemplate becoming a life coach, then this is a perfect first step for you. The entire course will be e-mailed to you when you enroll, along with the coursework for each lesson. You will understand the detailed, easy-to-follow and effective concepts which are essential to the overall coaching experience.
Wellness is an active, lifelong process that involves expanding knowledge, skills, values, practices, and supportive environments that increase one’s ability to enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life.
You can write a book, create wellness information products, or even have your own TV or radio show if you like. Our philosophy is to then empower the client with what is needed to make lifelong behavior changes.
You will learn about business structure, marketing, web sites, passive income, information products and building a successful coaching practice. After that, I will give you 30 minutes of feedback and spend time on any other, course related questions you might have.
Required skills include being able to help clients when setting goals and to assist in planning strategies for change.
In addition, you can seek out alternative (and frequently very lucrative career opportunities) as a blogger, writer, podcast host, author, online content provider, online video host or publisher of digital education products. You can become a frequent expert guest on podcasts, radio shows, TV talk shows, news programs or in industry publications.
In return, they want to know more and they are directed back to your Facebook fan page or blog for details.  Of course, you can post your videos to all video sites for an even greater reach. Adding your business to Yelp is also a great idea.  It gets ranked high on Google which makes your job even easier.

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