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The entire consultation includes a 20-30 minute preliminary phone consultation, a 15-20 minute recorded reading where I interpret for you the messages that have been channeled, and of course, your Soul Song.
If you've tried positive affirmations, tried changing your negative thoughts, tried all the "tricks" in the self-help books and still can't seem to make any head way, then this session is for you!
In this comprehensive consultation, you'll learn details about your Soul's origins and history, and what special gifts and purpose you bring into this lifetime. Vibrational healing sessions with Solfeggio tuning forks help to unclog the energy blocks, as well as free up the stored, unused energy to release it and make it available for use to use.
This specialty, intensive one-on-one coaching program is designed to help you develop your own intuitive skills and learn to connect with your Spirit Guides.
As a Spiritual Life Coach I value an individual's 'Path with Heart' and my emphasis is as much on emotional sensitivity.

I can coach you from where you are now to where you want to be, and I value providing a safe, non judgemental setting with complete confidentiality.
Many of my clients are dealing with highly complex pressures of modern life and through empathic listening, questions and goal setting they can gain a great spaciousness and freedom to create new, clear and happy solutions for themselves.
Testimonials“If you want to be taken on a journey of re-generation, transformation—full transformation—come see her. It is designed to give you the full support you need to help you clear any blocks and restrictions sabotaging your success and get you moving forward taking steps to achieve the success you long for. Your Soul Song can be used for future meditations and automatic writing, as well as a tool for grounding and centering. We'll also uncover and clear any negative influences form past and present lifetimes that may currently be affecting you.

Many places hold the negative vibrations of the past, or contain open doorways to negative influences.
She knows how to get deep inside your emotions, find out what you’re clinging to, what you’re still dependent on—she’ll get to the heart of that and torch it.
Several of the consultations listed on this page, as well as individual customized services listed on my products page are included in this program, giving you maximum support in your Journey. If you struggle to get organized, feel uncomfortable in your home, or have an older home, this reading can drastically shift the space you live in into a peaceful sanctuary.

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