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Stanford University is introducing five free online classes this month, following a successful pilot last fall that drew more than 350,000 participants around the world. The online classes are part of a university initiative to creatively use new technology to improve education both on campus and off.
First year electrical engineering graduate student Abin Thomas Philip works on his laptop in the Huang Engineering Center on the Stanford University campus. Last fall, 356,000 people from some 190 countries expressed interest in one or more of the three classes offered, and approximately 43,000 successfully completed a course. Those enrolled in the free classes do not get Stanford credit for their work, but they do receive a statement of accomplishment if they successfully complete a course.
Online, students can view the interactive videos at their convenience and progress at their own pace. The committee will explore some of the complex issues around providing high-quality online education, he said. The new courses are only the latest effort by Stanford to share information and ideas with the public online.
Stanford helped pioneer Apple's iTunes U service by academic institutions in 2005 and as of December 2011 more than 45 million Stanford programs and lectures have been downloaded.

Jamie Beckett is director of communications and alumni relations at the Stanford School of Engineering.
Stanford University, School of Engineering, 475 Via Ortega, Stanford, California 94305-4121. Stanford University offered three of their most popular computer science courses (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Machine Learning, Introduction to Databases) to the public this fall on line for free. Register for live virtual meetings with Stanford faculty, industry experts, and senior researchers as they go beyond the course curriculum to address emerging topics in academia and industry. Our free webinars and lectures are recorded and available on our StanfordOnline YouTube channel. Participants came from as close as Stanford's Palo Alto campus and as far away as Ghana, Peru, Russia and New Zealand. Participants view short, interactive video clips that include live quizzes and instant feedback that allow them to quickly determine their understanding of material and work on problem areas.
The interactive video questions and quizzes keep them thinking about the material and help them learn more effectively. Ng, an expert in machine learning, was active in the Stanford Engineering Everywhere initiative to provide free course content.

The Stanford Center for Professional Development has been a leader in distance education for more than 40 years.
In 2008, the university launched Stanford Engineering Everywhere, among the first free sites to offer complete video-based courses and materials available anywhere, anytime and on-demand.
At the same time, participants help each other through online discussions similar to a comment thread on a social networking site. At the same time, professors gain instant feedback on how students respond to lectures and course materials. Koller, an expert in reasoning under uncertainty, was an early Stanford advocate of the flipped classroom model that combines video-based instruction, automated assessment, and interactive in-class activities. It offers free course materials for 10 computer science and electrical engineering classes.

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