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The Bishops of the California Catholic Conference establish the guidelines according to which certification is granted to those involved in catechetical ministry. Many catechists are not aware of how straightforward the process is to fulfill the requirements for certification as a California Catechist. The Office of Religious Education strongly encourages all catechists to work toward certification to ensure the best possible resources for formation are available in our parishes and schools.
RESNET was structured to ensure a high level of quality assurance, which is required, by the Mortgage Industry and other interested partners. While this will vary by your provider, most of them will take up to a month to get back your final Field Test Rating Results.
Recently, my rating provider Energy Vanguard has been approved to start offering training classes.
While those are nice selling points, the biggest one in my mind is being able to walk out of there being able to go directly to step 3, 4, or 5 as all your ratings and results are known. As we have mentioned before, RESNET was structured to ensure a high level of quality assurance. Southface: Southface does not like to count the first field audit done in class, as that was done as a class project.
If you are interested in helping out charities like we do, RESNET has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to help them design & build more Energy Efficient houses. While it is generally in your provider’s best interest to help you get your name out there, it is your responsibility to actually do so.
At the end of each calendar year, your Rating status expires & your Rating Provider will need to renew it for you, along with there’s. Each rating must be approved by your Rating Provider who will then allow you to print off the required documents. Thanks for the mentions here as well, and we look forward to helping you add home energy ratings to your business and seeing you become a leader in the field. Those who successfully fulfill the requirements established in these guidelines are granted certification within their (Arch)Diocese. Unlike the BPI certification we received earlier in the same week, there is a lot more involved in this process than simply taking a written test & completing one field exam.

With that in mind, energy raters such as me have to work through a Rating Provider, who is responsible for our quality assurance. During this period, you should start looking for a Quality Assurance Provider commonly called an Accredited or Authorized Rater Provider. While I have already completed my training, there are a few interesting items that might interest other professionals looking into this field.
While the RESNET test is also open book, it is not known for being easy as seen above by the low pass rate. The most important thing is finding an equipment supplier you trust and can help advise you of your best options based on your needs.
With that in mind, energy raters have to work through a Rating Provider, who is responsible for their rater’s quality assurance. No matter which provider you choose, you must complete a minimum of three Provisional Ratings before the next step. Thus, they will not count that towards the normal 5 that must be completed (2 in class, 3 out of class). In my case, it involved a drive to Atlanta to do one more walk through of a house, using my equipment for the blower door & duct blaster tests. It is now up to you (hopefully with your Providers help); to get signed up or contact groups you would like to work with. For those that only rate maybe a couple of houses each year that maybe waived, but once again, that depends on your provider.
I think the articles you wrote during the class and this summary of your HERS rater certification might help a lot of raters understand the process before they get involved. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to delve into the reasons and the process, and what the next steps are. While this is one option, you can also attend the classes in certain authorized Community College, or with any other Authorized RESNET Training Providers. While you can sign up with one during this period, some will want your results before taking you on. While many training providers schedule it as the last item, they are actually going to schedule it earlier in the week & allow you to take it again after class is over in case you do freeze up or have similar issues without charge.

If you are considering doing any commercial work, multifamily buildings, etc… you are better off buying the best equipment you can get now, instead of kicking yourself a little later on for trying to do it on the cheap. There are quite a few things to think about and look into before just signing with just any provider. That being said, just because the minimum is three provisional ratings, does not mean that is all your provider will require. In our case, I have already signed the agreement letters with ENERGY STAR®, Building America, and contacted one local architect.
RESNET also has a list, but you are looking at paying $450 or more to simply be listed on it.
This cost varies by your provider, but you are probably looking at $500 not including travel costs. During this class you need to complete 2 field ratings, pass RESNET’s written online test (65-70% first time pass rate), and also pass a verbal test on Blower Door’s & Duct Blaster’s. With the class schedule being spread out just that little bit more, it should help allow one to still deal with the occasional issues that always seem to pop up when one is out of the office. The minimum requirements for RESNET are a Blower Door, Grill Mask, and a Duct Testing System.
One of the biggest is the support you will receive, what they require of you, how fast will they review & approve your files, where are they located, will they be competing against you, and finally the cost. One interesting item about their process is that these ratings are all done using plans that they provide you. For the last three item’s you automatically know if you have passed or failed right then.  As for the two Field Test results – well that falls under step 2.
Most organizations like to brag about & show how many members they have as it not only benefits them, but their members.

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