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This free printable can serve as both a coloring page and sequence Bible story illustrations.
These illustrations could be used along with any Bible lesson about Jesus turning water into wine. Tip: Printing off the numbered sheets on lightly colored paper makes a nice frame effect for the finished storyboard. We can turn nothing into something – convert low value materials into high value products, convert pennies into pounds, turn opportunities into profits, transform adversities into advantages, create wealth even during recessions.
Here, I want to share a profound story I heard from a Jim Rohn tape some years back, which perfectly illustrates what I think about all that.
There’s a story about a man who took a rock pile and in two years, turned it into a fabulous garden. One day, a man came by and saw the garden and thought it was fabulous, but he wanted to make sure the gardener did not take all the credit.
He stands in the gap of where organizations and individuals are and their extraordinary future and dreams.
Operating from his base in Malaysia and the surrounding region, Hwai Tah’s specialized areas of coaching includes performance, leadership and life coaching.
Stands in the gap of where organizations and individuals are and their extraordinary future and dreams. The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. Some people are strangely, even astonishingly creative, especially in technical situations, displaying immense insight, deep logical thinking and amazing leaps of intuition.

Curiously, such people are often strange, too: personality disorders, lack of empathy or even basic emotions, difficulties in relating to others. This story was originally intended to be an entry in a competition: the Earlyworks Press second Science Fiction Challenge. The aim of this competition is to produce a set of stories, illustrations or strips which make a realistic contribution to the debate about how humans and extra-terrestrial species might prepare for contact and learn to co-operate rather than destroy each other through fear or prejudice, by accident or design. The title, incidentally, comes from any of several well-known cartoons which comment on the difficulties of managing the creative process, one which is made especially difficult when attempting projects so complex that they could not conceiveably be performed by a single individual.
I would also like to acknowledge the influence of the rather spendid short story We'll Return, After This Message by John Walker.
THE GREAT MIRACLE  The Story of the Prophet Isa (a.s) is a true rendering besed on authentic sources simply and movingly told. It is hoped that The Great Miracle, containing many colourful illustrations, will be a pleasure to read for young  and old alike.
For cheaper shipping options click on 'Cart' and then choose your country in the shipping calculator. One day these friends invited Jesus, his mother, and his followers to attend a wedding in their home. Many of them even believe in God, and whenever the blessings come, they would give all the credit to God, because they did nothing to deserve them. He engages leaders in thought-provoking process, helps them make profound shifts from the inside-out to accomplish big professional and personal goals.
Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go.

In the best traditions of science fiction, we seek original but scientifically and psychologically plausible fiction and artwork.
The story of Prophet Isa (a.s) among the most commonly told stories in the World, has been rendered into English many times before but never in such an authentic and interesting way.
The real point behind this miracle is how the divinity of Christ and the new kind of joy he brings. Stories must not exceed 2500 words and must be a good read but also have something to contribute to the debate in hand. She knew of his wonderful power, and she believed he could surely help in a time like this. The Jews were very careful to keep themselves clean from dust and dirt, and because they walked about everywhere with only sandals on their feet they needed often to wash.
And remembering his mother's instructions to them, the servants drew water and filled the vessels to the brim.
When he tasted the wine which Jesus had made from water he was surprised because it was so much better than the first wine which had been served.

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