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Turnover is not only expensive but it has the grave potential of lowering morale, decreasing productivity and organizational effectiveness and it ultimately shifts roles and responsibilities decreasing the stability of the organization. This course encourages participants to step outside of the boundaries or limits of their thinking, their role and their organization by challenging current wisdom, methods and assumptions. This interactive workshop is designed to have learners reframe the concept of accountability as the responsibility of the whole, beginning with self, rather than continuing to adhere to the act of ?holding others accountable?. Eliminate fear of risk and build the courage to say, and not say, the things that need to be said.
This course outlines the pitfalls that often derail our ability to think logically and make solid decisions. Guard against the ?Mirror, Mirror effect – just because it looks good doesn’t mean it is good.
Use the ?mind heart, versus the ?emotional heart in making decisions – thinking versus feeling. Leverage the power of the pleasure center – the part of your brain that has a deep impact in decision making. Mentors are responsible for providing support, guidance and direction to mentees in an effort to maximize their potential and effectiveness, thereby improving business outcomes for the organization. Create a positive learning environment through relationships that promote commitment and ownership in the growth of the organization. Mentees have an incredible opportunity to learn and grow with the support of an experienced leader to coach, connect and guide them. NILOD professionals are well prepared and experienced to help you develop an improvement strategy. This program includes a dynamic simulation that drives the learning as well as extensive working on participants’ real world issues.
It is critical to bring the right person into the organization and get them off to a great start.

This room set-up will create a more informal, relaxed atmosphere that is more conducive to group participation. Leaders and employees alike often struggle to fix a problem, finish a project or complete a task. This course delivers what it truly takes to successfully navigate through a project to achieve desired outcomes.
Our expectations, norms, emotions, desires, experiences and other factors heavily influence our ability to make decisions. Mentors play an important role in facilitating the achievement of mentee’s personal and career goals.
This course supports the development of mentees to support leadership development and performance excellence.
Understanding and respecting differences is the key to building successful teams and interpersonal relationships. Within the United States of America, the English language is spoken with many different regional accents. This course equips participants with the skills and tools to set the organization up for success from the start of the relationship between the organization and the employee. Sometimes work projects are completed late or are lacking quality, innovation or effectiveness. This includes mapping out the scope of work, working with and through others, managing resources effectively, and managing change.
The goal of this course is to open the thinking of participants while creating an innovative, future focus. Changing our language by focusing on generating high levels of personal integrity and accountability, having the courage to say the things that truly need to be said, and ensuring employees have the option to choose versus the pressure to be compliant helps to guarantee productive outcomes and collaborative solutions. In this course, participants will examine their ability to reason along with the opportunity to think about and discuss rational versus irrational behavior that has supports decision making.

This course supports the development of mentors to support leadership development and performance excellence. There is a focus on being open to developmental activities and promoting healthy dialogue and two way feedback. This class promotes the communication skills necessary for effectively dealing with inappropriate dialogue related to diversity and inclusion. This hands on course is completed by a true experiential learning opportunity that results in lasting lessons learned and action planning moving forward. Critical tools in accomplishing these objectives include increasing business literacy among employees, effectively dealing with resistance, and reaching out to others with the intention to make impactful connections.
Skill practice around decision making will occur along with action planning and lessons learned exercises. Further, this course provides leaders with the opportunity to discover biases, stereotypes and exclusive behaviors in the context of the work environment. In isolation each project may not make a huge impact on the organization, but in total across the organization these unfinished or poor quality projects will weaken the organization. This course brings accountability together with the concepts of self-management and motivating and leading people to get the job done well.
This course supports a greater effectiveness between those communicating with difficult to understand accents.

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