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You would be hard pressed to find a training organization with more experience or broader background than Clarity Seminars. If so, one of Mark Bunn's popular 'Work-Life High' seminars or workshops, is probably just what the doctor ordered.
Mark Bunn - worklife balance speaker and one of australia’s leading health and wellbeing speakers. For over 20 years, we have trained industries of almost every type from the private sector, as well as government agencies of all levels and tasks. Like there is so much going on in your brain that you just sit there staring at the computer screen or sit at the kitchen table staring into space feeling fried because your mental “to do” list is just completely out of control???

You mean you had the courage to start your own business and now have the opportunity to add value and lead others? Though all of our programs are stress and resiliency oriented (giving people control of their reactive process under pressure), the different possible uses are listed below.
You mean you have a home and roof over your head to work for where some people are sleeping on the street tonight? And no, this might not be easy, because deep down we all want to be loved and accepted, but the sooner you can just accept that you can’t go around controlling everyone’s thoughts and actions the better! You mean you get to go food shopping with aisles and aisles of food to choose from when some people in the world never get to go food shopping in their country?

Take your kids away, or not ever have had them, and believe me, you’d do anything to be able to fold their socks and pajamas. Hard core, yes…but that can help change your perspective right away in that your LUCKY to be able to do their laundry and your LUCKY to have kids to do laundry for in the first place.

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