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We welcome you to the training and skill development section of , We shall be aiming to provide online, on site and specially designed training and skill enhencement programs accross India and later at various parts of the globe. We are conducting Me Who Training Program - aimed at overall development and Skill Development Training as Purchase Specialist, Logistics and Supply Chain Specialist and Materials and Stores Specialist, Retail Management Specialist, Sales Specialist, Project Management Specialist.
You are angry at environment, at milk man, at vehicle speed, at sunlight, at wind, at paper sound, and so on. This stage is dangerous and can cause danger to people around you, to you and can put your entire future at risk. Our Anger Management workshop are mend to understand the reasons for the anger accompanying you all the time and come out with solutions for the same and advice you certain ways to avoid them. Keeping track whether you are benefited or not and keep boosting you that YOU CAN come out of it. It looks to me that the world around me has got fully mixed up and I am unable to understand what to do.
You are facing situations in life where things don’t happen as you want to, you are very confused, there is a lot more demand from you then you can give, you are always busy, people don’t seem understand you, nobody wishes to listen to you, nobody understands you, you try best but things don’t turn up positive, you are angry, confused, irritated, strained, messy, non cooperative, hate all, howling, snarling, hurting, finished and so on. Stress is something which is internal and needs to be managed by managing your internal state of mind.- Accepting things or situation as it is, finding solution to reasons for being stressed, avoiding situations at times, meditating, other means and solutions. Our Stress Management workshop are mend to understand the reasons for the stress you are going through and come out with solutions for the same and advice you certain ways to avoid them.
Do you often worry, feel tired, and find it hard to balance the important demands in your life?
Individuals seek our stress management services because they want to feel empowered to make healthy changes in their daily routine. Family Psychology Associates offers individual and group therapy services, as well as Mindfulness Meditation Workshops. Our courteous office staff members are available to answer your questions 6 days a week beginning at 9 am.
This office is located in beautiful downtown Safety Harbor, Florida and only minutes from Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Dunedin,Largo & Oldsmar. Our newest office is located in the up and coming community of Trinity, Florida and is only minutes away from Holiday, Tarpon Springs,New Port Richey, East Lake, and Keystone.
Workshops can be conducted on site at your location and tailored to the needs of your organisation.
Training seminars may be held for periods of one or two hours, half a day, or even a day or two, depending upon the needs of the client. Catherine has provided stress management workshops to schools such as Beveridge Primary School, Camberwell High and Carey Grammar, employers such as Precedence Health Care, Instrat Group and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and community groups such as Autism Angels and tertiary institutions such as William Angliss. There are environmental stressors such as climatic conditions, pollution, traffic and noise. There are social pressures such as: bereavement, deadlines, financial difficulties, job interviews, presentations, and excessive demands on your time. There are physiological stressors such as: lack of exercise, poor nutrition and lack of sleep.

When people are exposed to prolonged periods of pressure their physical and mental health can be adversely affected. Some relaxation techniques may be more beneficial than others depending upon the symptoms you are experiencing. A psychologist can help people to identify their negative thoughts and beliefs about their challenging life events. Employees constantly encounter conflicts with bosses, changing responsibilities, financial pressures and many other situations that can lead to stress.
No, positive stress is what people experience when being extremely creative, physically active, or feeling excited. Organizational stressors are discrimination, overly strict rules and regulations, ineffective communication, poor teamwork, unclear direction, too much or too little to do on the job, and lack of control over one’s job.
Yes, stress can take a toll on a person physically by causing muscle tension, headaches and migraines, insomnia, fatigue, frequent illness, stomach or digestive issues, over or under-eating and uncharacteristic clumsiness.
The symptoms that affect you mentally and emotionally are anxiety, depression, apathy, trouble concentrating, social withdrawal, loss of sex drive, irritability and hostility, emotional outbursts, forgetfulness, and paranoia.
Our courses are being translated into multiple languages for use in safety and operations training programs worldwide. Our entire course catalog is currently being professionally translated into the most common global languages.
Each of our computer-based courses is designed to be compatible with the popular SCORM standard. Stay up to date on our products and offerings and get safety, compliance, and training administration tips in our free monthly newsletter. We serve individuals of all ages and collaborate with you to reach your stress management goals.
You brain interprets what is going on in your environment and body and determines when it activates the fight or flight response. Chronic stress can play a role in the development of psychological disorders and depression, as well as increase the risk of heart disease, digestive problems,and obesity. When people are under pressure one of the first things they often neglect to do is exercise. However, these people may find that they can integrate relaxation techniques into their lifestyle. For example, people who are experiencing :muscle tension, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain etc may find progressive muscle relaxation beneficial for symptom relief.
Some individuals report that they have no difficulty falling asleep and that they are obtaining their usual number of hours of sleep but they do not feel refreshed when they wake up.
Once these negative thoughts and beliefs have been identified , the psychologist can help the client to dispute their unhelpful thoughts and to develop more helpful, adaptive thoughts about their situation. Our psychologists are experts at helping others reduce stress, reach us at 03 9819 3671 and help balance your life. With the increasing demands, meeting deadlines, increasing productivity, achieving targets, facing competition, our lives have become nothing, but more complex.

Workplace stress can negatively affect a company due to decreased attendance, proficiency, and productivity. You can do this by identifying the primary stressors; keep a stress journal to help pinpoint causes and reactions, analyze coping strategies, examine situations and decide if they need to be avoided or altered, eliminate things that cause stress as much as possible, think positively, take time to relax, and exercise or consider the advantages of meditating. Plug and play any Convergence course into any SCORM-compatible training platform, like the Convergence LMS. Store quiz results in your learning management system for easy easy qualification reporting.
In this program we shall show you the best way to check your moves and turn the negative moment to a positive one. Chronic pressure can also aggravate skin conditions such as eczema and lead to insomnia and memory impairment. People are advised to exercise regularly and to find some form of physical activity which they find enjoyable so they are more motivated to carry it out. For example, busy executives doing a lot of business travel could listen to a meditation track or a guided visualisation on their ipod whilst on a flight.
Implementing relaxation techniques and regular exercise should help with sleep disturbance but if problems persist you may wish to consult a psychologist for further assistance. If people can change the way they think about a situation they can change the way they feel. This course will help workers identify potential stressful situations, become aware of the effects stress can have on their health, relationships, and careers, as well as list ways to manage stress. Experiencing stress isn’t bad since it can be motivating, but when stress is a constant part of your life it can affect you emotionally and physically! Effective stress management may involve the sufferer learning to identify and challenge the negative thoughts and beliefs they have about the event and replacing unhelpful thoughts with more adaptive ones. Stress can affect the reproductive system and cause women to stop menstruating and ovulating and to experience loss of libido. People travelling to work on public transport could practice diaphragmatic breathing whilst commuting back and forth. The only way to handle a stressful day is to learn how to manage it, this is possible only by acquiring skills on how to handle stress. Men who are under pressure may also find they are experiencing impotency and loss of libido.
This course touches on various key aspects such as identifying stress and its causes, approach to stress and dealing with it calmly, changing your attitude and outlook, techniques to overcome stress and working with a positive mind set.

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