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Stress arises when there is an imbalance between the demands present in our lives and the resources available to cope with these demands. There are many reactions including; drinking too much, eating too much, inability to sleep, smoking.
Think about the causes, accept that you may not have any control, change your attitude and change your perspective. Positive self talk – self taking is when we express our thoughts and feelings as we see them. Make an achievable ‘to-do list’ and remember that it isn’t always possible to get everything done in one day.
So with all the things that stress have in its arsenal it seems only fair that you should have something in hand to fight it back with, just to level the playing field.

Deep Breathing: For quick relief results during stressful times, you can always count on deep breathing to help you out and if you know how to do abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing, so much the better.
Avoidance: Temporarily avoiding individuals or things that stress you out even for just a few minutes or hours will help bring things under your control.
Aside from what was mentioned, there are a lot of stress management techniques that you will be able to benefit from, either on the web, from your doctor or from friends and family. But if you are intent on letting stress give you all those wonderful symptoms mentioned above, by all means leave it alone to grow. When under the influence of stress we tend to breathe a lot heavier and faster, giving us that sense of being light-headed which when mixed with stress can heighten anxiety and even induce panic.
Of course this does not mean that you will be avoiding totally, in a sense, limiting your interaction, or taking break intervals in between will prevent stress from piling up and spilling on the next day.

Its practically up to you to sift out and decide for yourself which ones will prove to be beneficial and which ones wont.
Kidding aside, stress is something that you should not ignore, with the number of stress management techniques available, both for self help and expert help; you will surely be able to find one which you can use. Timing yourself out or taking a break during stressful times can eliminate or minimize the stress that you feel.

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