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Teamwork skills and related soft skills are just as important to the success of your next hire as the abilities, experience and qualifications required for the job.
So, what’s the secret to assuring that your prospective hire will be a strong team contributor? There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for identifying the candidate with the perfect combination of capabilities and team mentality. As an interview progresses, your goal is to assess how a candidate works as a member of departmental and cross-functional teams. Based on their responses to a few key questions, you can learn what a candidate believes about why teams succeed – or fail. Open-ended questions such as these naturally lead to further discussion, which enables you to get to know a candidate as a unique individual and better judge whether their goals, vision and aspirations align with those of your organization.
For additional tips and resources to optimize your hiring process, contact a CPS Recruitment account executive and schedule an informational meeting. Product Specialist Syracuse, NY Ellen is a great professional who happens to work at a great company. Manufacturing Employee Syracuse, NY Within a day of registering with CPS, a friend and I were placed in good jobs.
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President & CEO Rochester, NY The team at Professionals Incorporated has taken the time to listen and learn about what makes us unique.
Manufacturing Client Syracuse, NY When we first brought up the topic of using temporary employees, none of the staff here had great experiences and no one could imagine having up to 50% of our touch labor force as temps.
HR Administrator - East Syracuse, NY I really appreciated how fast you responded yesterday and now my son is employed! Call Center Manager Syracuse, NY No one provides more temporary staff to our center than CPS. HR Manager Syracuse, NY I am pleased to recommend Contemporary Personnel as a supplier of choice. 5 Soft Skills of Great Mentors 5 Tips For Giving Effective Feedback To Young People A Lesson On Initiative From Madame C.J. For video highlights of me in action and info about keynotes and training topics click here. I am a college senior with experience in a variety of online, digital, visual and public relations marketing. In today’s technology-driven world, is it best for children to hone their science and math skills to catch up with other countries that outperform the U.S.? Rounding out the bottom were skills more associated with kids’ extracurricular activities: art, music (sorry, right-brained people) and athletics.
While all Americans were most likely to cite communication and reading skills as most important for today’s kids, women were more likely than men to say this. College-educated Americans were more likely to point to communication, writing, logic and science skills as important when compared with those with a high school education or less. Older Americans, the cohort who are likely to be grandparents of today’s children, are more likely than younger adults to say it is important to stick with science and math. When we looked at differences among adults based on the political party they identify with, there was as much agreement as disagreement about the necessary skills for today’s youth. On the flip side, Republicans (78%) and independents (77%) were more supportive of logic skills, compared with 70% among Democrats. All comments must follow the Pew Research comment policy and will be moderated before posting. I would like to see research results for what subjects were most helpful for success in occupations. I agree that it would help to know what survey respondents think communication skills include. So why don’t we have classes in communications and communicating effectively for grades k-12? By allowing what is essentially a monetary framing of education, the argument for a comprehensive and experiential education is already lost.
They forgot one … Kids need to to learn how to manage their career as a BUSINESS … we are still too far away from out goal globally!

Could all of the (N=3154) participants accomplished this task without shirking to rate any of the skills after the fourth, sixth, seventh etc? What is the percentage participants who put the “Communication” in the second rank, third, fourth so and so forth?
If my undertanding is correct what is the percentage (or the frequency) of participants rated “Reading” at the first rank, third rank, fourth and so and so forth?
So I am wondering about the percentages (or frequencies) of each skill at each particular rank but at least for the first (most imporatnt among the 10 skills). As head of the Social Sciences at our high school, I stressed the government and citizenship requirements and condensed it into a book. I do believe Civics should have more emphasis but I can understand why it wasn’t included due to the dis-functioning of Congress during the last six years. Are they thinking of the ability to answer a telephone at the call center and provide help-desk information? Or do they mean communication as in the ability to convey information, context and feeling to create meaning in compelling ways that persuade, leave a lasting impression, lead to connection, learning, and changed thinking and behavior? Quality arts program teach a critical set of intellectual habits and skills that are rarely addressed in the other areas of the curriculum. In other news- asking people what they think about anything absent of context, appropriate information and time to think often leads to results that many find distressing and unfortunate. I am curious what kids would have to say about this, any chance you could run the research by asking a group of children what they think? Somewhat surprised that reading wasnt scored higher by everyone as with good reading skills you can learn most of the others . I agree that it should have been included and recognize that it is a vital part of a child’s education to know our history and to know how the government works.
About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. But, they’re not as easy to pinpoint or measure, at least not until you dive below the surface and really get to know a candidate. A good starting point is gauging for self-awareness, which shows that an individual can make the connection between their actions and professional outcomes. You’re listening to hear that they value team work, while evaluating their analytical skills at the same time. If you don’t feel you’ve made this cultural match, you either want to dig deeper till you are satisfied – or move on to another potential hire. We can tailor a plan to meet and exceed your ongoing staffing needs, and find the best candidates with the strongest teamwork skills. Not only is he personable and professional, but he works hard at understanding your specific needs and objectives. Their support has been indispensable in achieving the goal of bringing world class manufacturing to Central New York. I recommend similar software development companies consider Professionals Incorporated for their technical recruitment needs. Syracuse, NY It is good to have such great partners and the type of relationship that can be relied upon.  I think we work extremely well together and I think we will have continued success in the future.
Their ability to meet our high standard of satisfaction remains evident throughout the last year. Or is it best for them to be more well-rounded, with strong arts and athletic skills as well? Across the board, more respondents said communication skills were most important, followed by reading, math, teamwork, writing and logic.
There was virtually no difference in the responses based on whether the person was a parent of a child aged 18 and younger or not. More women said reading skills (88%) matter compared with men (83%), and there was a similar divide on communication skills (92% vs. For example, 63% of those with a college degree said science skills were most important, compared with 51% of those with a high school education or less.
Some 64% of adults ages 50 and older say science skills are important to get ahead, compared with just over half (54%) of younger adults.
Democrats and independents were more likely to say science skills were important, with 61% and 59%, respectively, citing that skill, compared with just 52% of Republicans.
Compared with others, whites were less likely to say that music, arts and athletics were important for children. It’s logical to believe they refer primarily to presentation and writing, but consider other crucial tasks such as effective communication in task-oriented groups and media literacy skills. We expect children to pick these skills up naturally through osmosis, yet at the same we deplore our generation for being terrible listeners.

Surely familiarity with history, culture, and society contributes to one’s skills in communication, teamwork, writing, reading, and so on.
I think our kids really need to know the history lessons of the past and certainly understand the workings of our government. I read the Declaration of Independence to my students and they learned the meaning of words they didn’t know. They are critical because they have been identified as crucial to the students future development as thinkers and people.
Why should adults know best about what kids need – that is a question I am asking myself.
Maybe because the Congress is so dis-functional and lacks knowledge of how government should work for all Citizens. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. In addition, look for good instincts, which indicate that a person intuitively takes an empathetic, optimistic, team-oriented approach to their role.
Additionally, it’s not a good sign if the story that comes to mind is one where a candidate personally succeeded while their team failed. If they “can’t really remember ever having to ask for help,” this not only shows a lack of self-awareness, but also indicates that the person could be a dangerous hire because when they make a mistake, they may not be comfortable telling anyone. Her integrity and professionalism are exemplary. I highly recommend Ellen as a proven business partner who has what it takes to be a winner for her firm and her clients! Our requirements are stringent and require specific pre-screening needs and consistently all needs are met. Or perhaps parents should instead focus on encouraging less tangible skills in their kids, such as teamwork, logic and basic communication skills. Science fell somewhere in the middle, with more than half of Americans saying it was important. Some 81% of college grads said that writing skills were most important, compared with 70% among those with a high school degree or less.
There was a similar gap between older and younger adults when it comes to math skills (83% vs.
Democrats and independents also put a higher value on learning about music, a skill that just 17% of Republicans agree would be helpful for kids to succeed. Both of these are routinely demanded inside (and outside) the workplace, but schools rarely (if ever) offer instruction to help kids develop them. We should actively teach students to communicate by integrating social skills and communication skills into the elementary, middle and high school curricula, instead of just assuming kids will figure it out on their own. It was not about curriculum content, habits of mind, process, understanding and appreciation.
I required my government students to take a 100 question Citizenship Test the first semester, which they had to pass with a 70 or re-take it. By its very nature, such a scenario speaks poorly of self-awareness and any propensity for teamwork.
On the other hand, men were more likely than women to say that science and math skills were most important.
For example, 36% of Hispanics and 35% of blacks said arts skills were important to get ahead, but just 19% of whites said the same. Among men, 63% said science skills were important – a figure 9 percentage points higher than women who said the same.
Similarly, 42% of Hispanics and 34% of blacks said athletic skills were important, but only 20% of non-Hispanic whites said the same. The candidate may discuss other members’ contributions as well as their own, and what they learned from their team experience. Younger adults put a higher emphasis on logic, with 77% saying it was important for kids to get ahead compared with 71% of adults ages 50 and older who said the same.
And about a third of blacks and Hispanics, versus only one-fifth of whites, cited music as an important skill. And, with that in mind, what about fostering collaboration and an other-orientation in children rather than seeking to promote competitive advantage?

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