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Success University for Women is a new book designed to motivate women in their quest for success by sharing the stories of inspirational women from around the world.
Amanda Brown, a Manchester-based Transformational Trainer, author and coach, is one of the 23 'winning women' who have contributed a chapter to the best-seller. Amanda’s Manchester-based business, The Leading Ladies Company, is a life coaching programme and network which she set up last year after ten years of training and research. The LIPSTICK principles, which are an acronym of Leading Ladies’ success strategies, were never intended to be just for girls, Amanda said. She told MM: “I work in a couple of organisations that have adopted the LIPSTICK principles and there are men there – so it’s Chapstick to them! Launching her business in Manchester, Amanda discovered that the women she was meeting were facing problems that she had never encountered. She described the magic of being able to teach these women personal leadership skills to help to create confidence and how her network is really about girls helping each other out.
The word LIPSTICK came to Amanda after she was advised to create an acronym for her success principle, to encapsulate her brand. The LIPSTICK principles are: Love, Imagine, Passion and Purpose, Step In, Truth, Invite Others In, Celebrate and Keep It Simple.
The glass ceiling experienced by so many women in the workplace was not an issue for Amanda, whose career on the corporate ladder was on the up and up before she found her calling whilst on a training workshop.
She explained: “I worked in the corporate world, for GlaxoSmithKline, I was chasing the grade, never quite knowing what it was I was supposed to do. Amanda’s success seems bound to keep on coming as she described the enthusiasm for her events that she has experienced since launching The Leading Ladies Company. Student Success Coaching (SSC) provides a unique opportunity for students interested in gaining practical experience in a paraprofessional counseling role. Peer coaches work primarily with students who are placed on scholastic probation, have mid-term deficiencies, or are directly referred to SSC by faculty and staff.
All peer coaches must have successfully completed an upper division course, MFTS 365: Current Approaches to Peer Assistance. This course exposes students to practical application of theoretical concepts and empirical data related to student wellness, academic success, adaptation to college and peer counseling. Whether it is individualized tutoring, Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL), Supplemental Instruction (SI), coordinated group study, or another approach to improving academic achievement, our student success team members make every attempt to assist students in achieving their academic goals across a wide variety of subject areas. Check out our various scheduled office hours and offerings then, visit our facilities and offices in the McDermott Library to learn more about us and--more importantly--the academic subjects in which you most want to excel in. UT Dallas is unique among many comparable colleges and universities for the remarkable amount of resources--human, facilities and technology--which it has dedicated to the Student Success Center. A name, residential address, and (preferably residential) telephone number is required from readers who comment on ODT Online.
To further this mission, we have created a team of impassioned individuals—the Success Coaches—to provide our students with guidance and resources to turn their success into a reality. She earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Strayer University and is now working towards her Master’s degree in Human Resource Management.
A Success Coach, what they really do is build that relationship with the student—they feel they are with them each step of the way. Develop your growth mindset, monitor your progress and set your sights on a new level of career happiness. Peer coaches hold approximately four hours of appointments in the Center for Student Success each week, and generally work with 8-10 clients during peak SSC times.
Students selected as peer coaches must then enroll in MFTS 366: Applied Experience in Peer Assistance in which they receive ongoing training and intensive supervision throughout their experience.
The course also provides students with an introduction to peer counseling skills and offers a framework for the implementation of programming, outreach, and intervention used to address current issues facing college students. Students who completed the course and became a peer coach have been accepted into graduate programs such as psychology, counseling, marriage and family therapy, social work, and more!

The camps are designed to help incoming freshmen students acclimate to university rigors and expectations to be successful in their UT Dallas courses.
As the Associate Director of Student Academic Services and a Success Coach, Mahum helps students set educational and career goals, use tools and resources to problem solve, and build valuable networking relationships.
My favorite thing about being a Success Coach is that I really get to see people move from one stage to the next in their educational journey. The link between the two is the starting point for the "General Principles of Coaching" course Tressel is teaching this semester at the University of Akron alongside Jim Dennison, the former Akron coach who gave Tressel his first job in the business back in 1975.Tressel is no longer coaching, at least not directly, after a 36-year career. Mahum loves helping students and her team members to accomplish their goals through education and professional development. I get to see people who aren’t comfortable with taking online classes, help them overcome that fear and encourage them every step of the way, and see them get those grades they work so hard for.
Nearly three full seasons have passed since he last led the Ohio State Buckeyes onto the field. The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry, which Tressel dominated during a decade as Buckeyes coach, resumes Saturday at Michigan Stadium, but Tressel won't be there.His coaching career, which featured national championships at two levels of college football, ended on a sour note on Memorial Day of 2011, when he resigned at Ohio State amid an NCAA investigation. But Tressel, Akron's vice president for student success, is still teaching and impacting young people, perhaps now more than ever."Coaching is teaching," he said.
With virtual reality, you can travel to the surface of Mars if you wish, simply by donning a headset. Read about the educational possibilities of virtual reality in the classroom, and get ready for a new, immersive future! Financial aid, not much different than where are we going to spend our scholarships when we had X number in football.Jim Tressel is about young people.
See MoreSee LessWith astronomy taught by Buzz Aldrin on the surface of Mars and field trips transporting pupils anywhere in the world via virtual reality, technology is set to change education radically. I think he misses the competitiveness of it, I'm sure, but I also think he enjoys what he's doing at Akron. Sometimes you ask yourself, how many people can I impact?--Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio"Everything in my past life, dealing with the public, dealing with schools, dealing with students, dealing with colleagues, really has been a tremendous preparation."Tressel's influence can be seen throughout the Big Ten, where three of his former assistants -- Michigan State's Mark Dantonio, Illinois' Tim Beckman and Purdue's Darrell Hazell -- are head coaches, and many of his former aides are scattered throughout the league.
Sometimes you ask yourself, how many people can I impact?"You can impact a lot of people in what he's doing. It lasted three months before Tressel joined the Indianapolis Colts as a game-day consultant on replays. When the Colts dismissed their coaching staff after the 2011 season, Tressel needed a new door to open.Akron president Dr. He had to replace Rob Ianello after two one-win seasons and approached Tressel, a northeast Ohio native, who had received his master's degree in education from Akron in 1977.Tressel coached 10 seasons at Ohio State and won a national title in 2002.
But several headhunters had approached him about jobs in higher education.Tressel simply wanted to teach after he finished coaching. He had some non-coaching experience at Youngstown State, where he served as athletic director (in addition to football coach) from 1994 to 2001, but "really didn't anticipate an administrative future."He joined Akron in February 2012 as vice president for strategic engagement, and eventually became VP of student success.
Tressel oversees areas like admissions and recruitment, academic support, retention, financial aid and the career center.He made major changes to the way Akron attracts, admits, educates and advises students. As of last week, Akron had received about 3,000 more freshman applications than it had the previous year, an increase of 52 percent. Tressel moved the career center from a far-flung location to the middle of the student union. He set up the Roo Crew, which connects alumni and others around the university community with current students to assist with job placement. More than 700 alumni are part of the group."He immediately saw our entire framework for recruitment and admissions and counseling and tutoring and advising with fresh eyes," Proenza said. When he walks into the guidance counselor's office, he gets extra personal attention.-- University of Akron president Dr. Proenza, I promised him I'm going to work for no less than two years and I'm going to work every day, 24 hours a day.

When the Zips are away, he usually drops in on his former players or coaching colleagues.Last month, he watched Hazell's Purdue team take on Dantonio's Michigan State squad. Earlier this month, he drove to Hamilton, Ontario, to watch former Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith compete in the Canadian Football League playoffs. Purdue athletic director Morgan Burke talked to Tressel several times before hiring Hazell, a Tressel assistant from 2004 to '10.
Mitch Daniels] because his new role is in student affairs."What would it take for Tressel to return to the sideline?"It would take me coming to the conclusion that that's the best way I can serve at the moment," he said. If he's bitter toward Ohio State, he hides it well.His office on the top floor of historic Buchtel Hall holds few reminders of his time in Columbus, other than a red binder containing "The Winners Manual," the book Tressel wrote that outlines his principles for success. So I wouldn't be surprised if that's where he finishes his career."Victor Pinheiro, chair of Akron's sport science and wellness education department, knew Tressel's decades of coaching experience could benefit undergraduate and graduate students in the "General Principles of Coaching" course. But when Tressel started dropping names of academics who Pinheiro knew and worked with -- men like Herbert Simon, the Nobel Prize-winning scholar -- Pinheiro's "jaw just dropped.""I never knew he was so well-read," Pinheiro said. It's an eclectic mix, from freshmen to graduate students to middle-aged men and women auditing the class.
Tressel and Dennison arrive early and chat with that night's guest speaker, Larry Kehres, the former Mount Union coach who won 11 Division III national championships.Several students take the class from remote locations, and before starting class, Tressel checks in with them on an overhead monitor, identifying them by the town or county where they're located."Hello, Lorain, can you hear us? Is Wayne here?"The two-and-a-half-hour session begins with the "game plan" for the night and ends with a game-plan review. They also use real-world examples: After Akron nearly beat Michigan in September, Tressel began the following class by asking what students would tell their team in the wake of such a tough loss. When Bowden came in to speak, the students got the answer directly from the source."I wish when I was going to school, we had a course like this," Dennison said. Mount Union once won a championship and couldn't find the trophy, realizing it had forgotten to take it home.He also promotes positive reinforcement of players. Groups of six students will design coaching plans, based around a sport.After some painstakingly specific instructions for the project, Tressel turns to Dennison."Coach D, what's our topic? We could have been good, but they didn't demand it,'" Tressel says.Tressel closes by reminding students that a class will be held the following week, the night before Thanksgiving, even though the university is closed.
We have very high expectations of ourselves."Matt Rembielak, a freshman at Akron who plays on the school's baseball team, which his dad coaches, didn't know Tressel would be teaching until Tressel's name appeared on his class schedule.
Tressel's sense of humor and rapport with students -- he knows each by name but repeatedly butchers Rembielak's -- has stood out, along with his detailed approach."A lot of people's expectations were he was going to be so serious, talking about something that he's very good at," Rembielak said, "but from Day 1, he made everyone feel very comfortable.
He's funnier than you think."Tressel's interaction with students also impressed Craig Haworth, a youth sports coach from Hudson, Ohio, taking the class.
Haworth, an Ohio State graduate who wore a Buckeyes cap to last week's class, had read Tressel's books and admired the coach from afar."For the most part, he's who I thought he was," Haworth said.
Half the [students], when they introduced themselves, he knew their dad or their uncle."Rembielak and Haworth both wondered before the semester how Tressel would address his time at Ohio State, including his controversial departure. Turns out, Tressel often refers to his Ohio State days and brings up players like Pryor, who many blame for Tressel's downfall."He's talked about Pryor a lot in this class," Haworth said. He still does, albeit on a smaller scale.Walking through Akron's student union before class for "pregame meal" at Subway -- a 6-inch turkey and ham on honey wheat -- Tressel exchanges pleasantries with students.
He doesn't spend much time reflecting on how long he has been away from football, nor does he think much about the next step.
As an assistant coach, he thought about becoming a head coach, but he's now at a different stage.Others see bigger things for Tressel in university administration. Proenza is stepping down as president in June, and the search for his successor is under way. If Tressel threw his hat in the ring, he would have support."There have been people talking to him about possibly applying for the job," Dennison said.

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