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Academic coaching provides adult students with a great deal more support than advising can. Innovation in higher education is ongoing and includes specific, defined interactions with adult students beyond the classroom.
Advising has been present in higher education since 1870 when electives were introduced to university curricula. According to the Lumina Foundation, in 2012, 36,439,822 (22.01 percent) Americans between the ages of 25 and 64 attempted some college but did not earn a degree.[5] What makes the adult student different from traditional students? Through these methods coaches help the student take ownership of their actions through action plan development and resource referrals when appropriate.
Coaching is a free, comfortable, informal service the college offers to help you navigate life’s many choices: school, future, time, study skills and health. A group of faculty and staff received  coach training in early August. These Selkirk coaches hosted a meal with 27 members of the Saints hockey team and 13 players have signed up to have personal coaches.
Promote a positive college experience by offering students an ally who can listen, brainstorm options and help them develop an action plan to reach their goals. Coaching has helped me succeed in learning how to think, plan and problem solve more effectively in both the college environment and everyday life.
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Specifically, the model for academic advising has changed, and yet vestiges of the old way have remained for more than 144 years. While this practice works in some cases (emergencies), this process is ineffective when working with adult students. Coaching allows the student to feel confident to express themselves but also take an active role in their educational journey, and it provides the tools and skills that students can take into their professional and personal lives. According to the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), academic advising is defined as, “when an institutional representative gives insight or direction to a college student about an academic, social, or personal matter.”[2] Academic advising is reactive, where all advising activities are triggered by some catalyst.
Coaching is the cumulative processes of proactive communication, meaningful dialogue, problem solving, strategic planning, follow-up, and continual real-time revision of a student’s plans and goals.
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Since advising is brought on by a stimulus, this partnership is infrequent and inconsistent.
The coaching process builds the relationship between the student and the institution to provide a sense of belonging to a student that has historically been perceived as self-supporting.
Research has shown that, for an adult student, this model alone is ineffective and does not promote retention, persistence or graduation. This research is evidence that adults need additional attention to guide them through their academic journey.

The adult student needs to build confidence, and the Academic Success Coach can help them manage the daily juggle of responsibilities and continue to thrive and grow within their personal, professional and academic journeys. While advising is necessary in some situations, coaching is required in all proactive contact. Whether ensuring students understand how to use the electronic services through detailed hands-on review or helping themdevelop goals and action plans with regard to degree completion and career planning, the coach helps the student evaluate how the decisions they make now affect their future goals.
The outside influences that affect a student can range from project deadlines at work, to children’s events and family emergencies.
An email to drop a class is not proof that the student is lazy but instead an insight into a bigger, deeper problem.
In order to guide the student through the obstacle the coach needs to identify the full scope of the issue through motivational interviewing and proactive advising.

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