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Babson College – Babson’s Summer Study for high school students provides outstanding high school students with the opportunity to explore how they can have global impact through business and entrepreneurship. Berklee Summer Programs:will give you a taste of Berklee College of Music—the best contemporary music college in the world—on the stage and in the classroom.
Boston University: Five summer programs for high school students are available through Boston University Summer Team. Cornell University – One week residential programs -  Catalyst Academy  is for rising juniors and seniors from underrepresented backgrounds who desire to learn about engineering an careers within an interactive milieu. Irish Culture Summer Camp in Galway, Ireland : Two(2) sessions 2 weeks each of summer camp in Ireland (June 25th-July 9th)( July 10th-July 24th). Landmark College: Landmark is offering several academic programs for high school students who struggle to keep up or who simply want to experience the atmosphere of college.
NYS Association of Agricultural Fairs and New York State Showpeople’s Association.  The NYSAAF and NYSSA offer an annual scholarship program which is available to students who are New York State residents, who currently are (or have previously been) active in a fair that is a member of NYSAAF or NYSSA and who plan to attend (or already attend) college in pursuit of a degree.
Rutgers University-New Brunswick is excited to announce a new opportunity for students interested in engineering. Stanford Pre-College Studies Four offerings for summer studies at StanfordUniversity, and university-level online courses.
Stanford Summer Arts Institute – NEW PROGRAM - Students in grades 9 - 11 engage in courses that stand at the intersection of the arts and science showing that the arts are at the heart of what we do and want to be.
Stanford Summer College Academy - Students ages 16-19 take courses that have three weeks in a live, real-time online class and three weeks on the beautiful Stanford campus.
Summer Humanities Institute - Students currently in grades 10 and 11 explore the big questions at the heart of the humanities in seminars led by distinguished Stanford professors. Summer Institutes - Students currently in grades 8 – 11 engage in intensive study, single-subject courses with instructors and peers who share their talents, passions, and interests. University-Level Online Math and Physics Courses - For students who have surpassed their high school’s math and physics curriculum, University-Level Online Math & Physics courses are offered throughout the year and are largely self-paced, giving students the opportunity to take a broad array of math and physics courses. Syracuse University Summer College - Summer College allows current 9th, 10th and 11th graders the opportunity to be a college student this summer for either 2 or 6 weeks – with the potential to earn college credit.
A blistering version of a€?Stagger Leea€? occurs seven tracks deep into Danielle Miragliaa€™s most recent album, Box of Troubles.
So it is that Danielle Miraglia puts her own stamp on a€?Stagger Lee.a€? Of course, ita€™s not her own composition, but surely a cornerstone of her repertoire. An interview with this refreshingly affable, down-to-earth performer reveals how she became the player and writer she is today. While her musical aspirations took a back seat during her college career, there was still some dabbling. When Danielle left Emerson, she felt lost for a while, describing herself as a€?unfocused.a€? She wasna€™t able to translate a degree in writing into meaningful employment.
Danielle had a fantasy about moving to Arizona and starting a whole new life out there, getting a fresh start. Her first songs, coming off the dissolution of a relationship were (again) a€?cheesy breakup songs,a€? she said.
At that point, she was a€?writing a ton,a€? and within about six months she enlarged her repertoire to six decent songs and another six months to beginning her first recording. In addition to the strong, steady thumb beat on the bass strings, Danielle also uses a hollow foot stomp, sometimes amplified. I asked her about the guitars shea€™s favored and she mentioned that the Yamaha her boyfriend got her in high school was a nice beginnera€™s guitar (he took it back when they broke up a€” song opportunity!).
Danielle feels that her first two CDs were of little consequence a€” a part of the learning process a€” and that her recording career started in earnest with the album, Nothing Romantic. In a€?You dona€™t Know Nothin,a€™a€? a reaction to some right-wing radio talk shows, Danielle flashes metaphoric sharpness. The a€?eight oa€™clock shadowa€? then displays his own ignorance, condemning abortion rights marchers on the bara€™s television. Although I first got cold-cocked by a€?Stagger Leea€? and a€?Loud Talkera€? from Daniellea€™s latest CD, Box of Troubles, there are other standouts.
Wea€™re ecstatic that wea€™ve caught up to this supremely intelligent and talented performer. Danielle has had purists disagree with her about not following original styles note-for-note. Three free stand-alone workshops providing an opportunity to explore the impact of the First World War on adult education and how this reflected wider changes in society and education that resonated into peacetime. Today marked the end of the Talk English project here in the Yorkshire & Humber Region with a celebration event for some of our inspiring and committed volunteers.
Over the past 9 months WEA Talk English Volunteers have delivered 12 courses across Calderdale and Wakefield to over 160 students and engaged a further 194 students in one off activities which have included visits to Art Galleries, Theatres, Libraries and even the Supermarket. The Talk English project worked with people with low levels of English to help them improve their language skills and has been taught exclusively by volunteers who have given time and energy to helping improve the lives of others.
The visit exceeded all of our expectations and we came away inspired by the determination and sacrifices people made to bring about change. The exhibitions and displays in the museum brought to life the history of reform and revolution from the Chartists to the Miners’ Strike. The impact of the visit is clear to see from the photographs and the comments from students.
Whilst working for the WEA over the past 15 years or so I have had many inspirational and exciting educational experiences. Today’s visit to the store included a talk about food labelling and nutrition and a visit to the in-store pharmacy to hear about the services that are available.
2015 was the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, providing an opportunity to reflect on the development of democracy, human rights and freedom. Current WEA Deputy President, Lynne Smith, is set to become President of the Association following an all member vote. Ruth Spellman, Chief Executive and General Secretary commented: "I am sure that members, staff, volunteers and supporters of the WEA will join with me in congratulating Lynne Smith on her election as President of the WEA. A History of art course which follows the masterpieces of art through the centuries and gives a simple overview of the development of fine art. Whether you are interested in Florentine Art or are thinking of visiting Florence, this is the course for you! Whether you are interested in Venetian art or are thinking of visiting Venice, this is the course for you! A 3-minute film featuring 2 students from WEA and Northern College has been uploaded to the JISC Elevator - ideas with the most votes will receive 5k funding to develop their work. A film with one of our WEA tutors in association with the Artworks (a partner organisation) with the intention of exploring student impact through good partnership working. Labour MP Holly Lynch has voiced support for the WEA's Save Adult Education campaign after meeting with our students and tutors last week. The Halifax MP, part of the 2015 intake, was invited to a screening of a campaign video produced by learners which captures the many reasons why adult education should be protected and supported. Commenting on the campaign, Holly said: "Adult education is essential in ensuring that people have the skills and the confidence to make the most of the opportunities available to them either in employment or in life.
This event is organised by members of Democracy Matters in association with the Sir Bernard Crick Centre for Political Understanding at the University of Sheffield and funding from the Economic & Social Research Council. The Scottish Parliament and Government will be recognised as permanent, with greater financial powers to raise and spend taxes; control a wide range of welfare and housing-related benefits, employment, transport, and some energy matters. The Locate Project (LOCAL MEDIA FOR SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY ACTION IN EUROPE) is an European project aimed to support communities across Europe to build platforms of local community learning, media and participation. The WEA target group is composed by People with Disability who have been enrolled as Community Learning Ambassadors (CLAs) to be trained and act as learning facilitators in their Local Communities.
The major outcome of this project is the creation of the first Video Service Directory for People with Disability which gather together more than 15 service providers across the Bradford District. You Can Do is a new, innovative and participate way of finding out about services in Bradford straight from the mouths of the people who use them.
A launch night will be held next Thursday 1st of October at The Big Soup, Unit 1, Springfield Mills, Oakworth Rd, Keighley (BD21 1SL) from 5 pm. In the first ever series of its kind, the WEA in Yorkshire and Humber is taking to the streets with twelve Saturday walking tours which follow in the footsteps of architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner. This campaign is being led by the Workers' Educational Association - the UK's largest provider of voluntary adult education - for and on behalf of everyone involved in adult and community learning in the UK. The Government is currently preparing its Spending Review for the next 5 years and adult education is under threat.
The Programme and Final papers for the Business part of the event (including a map and travel information) can be downloaded here.
We are delighted to announce that Ann Walker will be delivering this year's William Alderson Memorial Trust Lecture on the theme of Community Engagement and Digital Inclusion.
The group were transported by Bedale Community Transport in a very well equipped minibus with appropriate lifts.
The group loved the serene, light, fresh surroundings of the stately home which had a very positive and calming effect on their own mental health. Having such a unique opportunity has such a positive effect on ones self esteem, particularly to people who live in a rural community such as ourselves in Easingwold,  it can seem so isolating and far away from less conventional forms of mental health recovery. After the meditation the group had free time to explore the beauty of the building and grounds before taking a healthy, home cooked vegetarian communal lunch with residents of the centre.
After lunch WEA tutor Rosie Skaife D'Ingerthorpe lead an art session linked in with our meditation. The timings of the trip were perfectly organised and we were soon on our way home after a fulfilling day. A CITY centre ceremony, a conference and an all day festival ahead of the final match are part of the first international mixed-ability rugby tournament being held in Bingley next month. International Mixed Ability Sports (IMAS) is organising the inaugural competition involving 400 players from ten different countries over five days in August.
The competition, which runs from August 17 to 21, is free and will also offer opportunities for people to sample inclusive sports with a special event in Centenary Square, Bradford. Matches are being held at Bradford & Bingley Sports Club in Bingley - the home of the Bumble Bees, England's first mixed-ability rugby team. The pool games take place on the Tuesday, with the semi-finals on the Thursday, followed by the final from 5pm on the Friday. The tournament will kick off with an opening ceremony from 2pm in Centenary Square on the Monday, which includes welcome speeches.
There will also be an invitation-only conference being held in City Hall on Wednesday, August 19, where rugby, disability and the role of education in sport will be discussed. Speakers include former MP Gerry Sutcliffe, patron of the tournament and a former sports minister, as well as Steve Grainger, the Rugby Football Union's rugby development director. In addition between 11am and 2pm on the same day there will be an inclusive sports day in Centenary Square, organised by Bradford Disability Sport and Leisure, where there will be opportunities to try out wheelchair rugby, wheelchair basketball, and adapted cycling. Mark Goodwin, director of IMAS and Bumbles manager, said: "Since 2009 we have received magnificent support from the Workers Educational Association and the Rugby Football Union and it's the combination of rugby and education which has allowed us to plan and organise the first tournament of its kind in the world. Two cups will be handed out - one to the winner of the tournament, and the other a specially-designed trophy to recognise the spirit of mixed-ability rugby.
Fundraising has been taking place in order to host the event, including a successful £50,000 crowdfunding bid, as well as a gala dinner at the beginning of this month. Students and tutors were well represented at the York Adult Learners Week Awards Ceremony on 18th June 2015.
Thanks to tutors Brinley Price, Katie Croft, Jan Coulthard and Cheryl Colley for submitting the nominations.Roll on the 2016 awards! The students created their very colourful and imaginative portraits as part of the WEA Creative Arts for Wellbeing courses and Family Learning activities (funded by The Festival of Learning).
After a very social and relaxing train journey the group arrived at Saltburn and were immediately able to admire the colourful mosaics which adorned the station wall, learning about the history of the town which they depicted. Cameras were clicking as students took every opportunity to capture the colourful surroundings.

LiberTeas is a unique opportunity for the nation to celebrate the freedoms and rights that are close to their heart, and actively mark the rights that have made a difference to them over the years.
Magna Carta established the Rule of Law and started a journey towards our modern day rights and freedoms and we are asking communities and organisations across the nation to mark the anniversary by hosting an event that celebrates rights, freedom and liberty.
WEA Scarborough invite you for a day out to one of Yorkshire's most iconic and much-loved seaside towns, and to exercise those little grey cells whilst you're there.
Adult Learners’ Week 2015 runs this year from 13th to 19th June, with the Festival of Learning running from 1st May to 30th June. The Festival of Learning provides opportunities for adults to have a go at learning, organisations to promote their courses and the profile of lifelong learning to be raised. The team was founded in 2009 by Anthony Brooke, who was frustrated by the lack of sports available in his local area for those with disabilities.
A project aimed at adults who want to learn more about Europe and the European Union and then take what has been learnt back in to their communities.
In the meantime, Unlock Democracy have produced a short quiz to find out what you know about the Magna Carta. Anthony Brooke, founder of England's first mixed ability rugby team, the Bumble Bees Barbarians, has been honoured with a Point of Light award in recognition of his outstanding community work. With the support of the Yorkshire & Humber Region, the Bumbles have gone from strength to strength and now have over 40 registered players who train regularly at a local rugby club based in Bingley, West Yorkshire.
Thanks to the Bumbles, there are now three new mixed ability rugby clubs in England, with others in the pipeline across Europe. Ulrich, a retired steelworker and great-grandfather came to Sheffield in 1947 and worked for United Steel Companies.
As well as his love of art, Ulrich has always been a keen walker and photographer, developing the photos himself. In the evenings there were readings and discussions with the tutors and with a guest author, Danuta Reah, who entranced us all. Building on this successful and hugely enjoyable event, the WEA will be running a second Novel Week next summer from 27-31 July. Accompanied by their tutor, Judith Boardman, the learners, all studying Functional Skills English, travelled by minibus to the magnificent house, home of the Winn family for 300 years, and set in beautiful parkland. Crosland Moor learners are greeted at Nostell’s front door by Education Officer Jan Bryant (fourth from right). Nostell’s Education Officer, Jan Bryant, opened the house especially for the WEA visit. In the library, learners were able to watch a group of women, who had been volunteers with the National Trust at Nostell for many years, repairing the leather bindings of ancient books. After spending time in the National Trust shop, learners managed to enjoy a picnic in the grounds before the heavens opened just was they boarded the minibus for home.
The visit was an excellent way for learners to get to know one another outside the classroom, and provided an opportunity for them to practise their reading and IT skills before the visit, when conducting research on the National Trust website. Summer Study students take a month-long, credit-bearing college course, Babson Entrepreneurial Development Experience.
Along with students from all over the United States and more than 60 countries from around the world, you’ll have access to the same facilities available to full-time students. Run by medical students in 27 cities nationwide with locations in Manhattan and Westchester County, Camp Neuro is a 1-week summer day camp open to high school students interested in exploring careers in medicine.
Curie Academy is for girls who excel in math and science.  The focus is on rising juniors and seniors who may not have had prior opportunities to explore engineering, but want to learn more about it in an interactive atmosphere.
Courses include Young Photographers in the Darkroom, Young Digital Photographers, Young Scholastic Portfolio Development, Young Filmmakers, Young Screenwriters and much more. The fair where you have been active or the NYSSA must endorse your application and will submit it for you. Students can chose among 21 courses in a variety of subjects and earn Stanford Continuing Studies credit.
Tom Bianchi, her husband and producer on this album, uses an electric violin, a blues harp and a sinuous lead electric guitar with a wah-wah pedal to sustain the cloud of doom that hangs over this historic piece. Her family lived in Everett until she was 8, then moved to nearby Revere, where she grew up. As kids will, she and some friends tried to form a band, even though no one actually played an instrument. She took a couple of lessons from the aforementioned frienda€™s father who was going to teach her friends to play their instruments. Using an acoustic guitar, shea€™d get together with a friend back home to play and write songs. Her first stop was the open mic at The Kendall Cafe in Cambridge (now closed), just to a€?check it out.a€? She saw people who were very advanced and some raw beginners. However, a€?They had grit to them.a€? Although she cringes when she looks back on her early writing, she still feels that the songs werena€™t all that bad considering her level of development. She was a fan of the late Janis Joplin and would belt her songs out, Janis-style,without giving thought to vocal dynamics or microphone control. Additionally, she studied the Stefan Grossman transcriptions (written and audio) of the guitar of Mississippi John Hurt.
Shea€™s been told, a€?If youa€™re not doing it exactly the way they did it, youa€™re not doing it.a€? For Danielle, ita€™s all about enjoying it and getting into the a€?feela€? of it [we agree].
Although shea€™d seen performers like Chris Smither use this sort of device, she never intended to copy it. She later got an Ovation, then a Guild and then found her first love in a Gibson [lots of blues in those Gibsons]. Thata€™s about when we made her acquaintance (as well as taking note of her impact at the 2009 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference).
She uses a nimble Mississippi John Hurt-style fingerpicking pattern for this philosophical gem.
Tongue-in-cheek, she asks for a drum machine, and, in a reference to Robert Johnson, Tell me where the roads cross, Ia€™m ready to sell my soul.
Ita€™s a plus that finding out how good a writer she is now reinforces our first impression of a highly energetic blues artist.
During the course we discussed a range of current issues drawing on the experience of students and widening our understanding of the world. During Black History Month we had explored the idea of going to the Slavery Museum in Liverpool. The Peoples’ History Museum is a valuable learning resource and I would urge as many groups as possible to use the opportunity to discover our hidden history.
It’s one thing to practice your language skills in the classroom but quite another to feel confident when talking to native speakers.
Through funding, the WEA has put together a pack of materials that will help in the delivery of a Magna Carta programme. Standing Orders Committee has therefore confirmed that Lindsay Pearson is duly elected to the post of Deputy President.
The Workers’ Educational Association is one of the six partners with MRS (UK), Consorzio ABN (Italy), Asstek (Greece), INTRAS (Spain) and IFES (Romania). Along the way, the CLAs have trained in their turn other Community Reporters, enabling them to tell their stories by using a wide range of media.
Among them The Big Soup Theatre Group, HFT, NEET, Mind the Gap, Affinity Trust and many others.
Ann has worked for the WEA as Yorkshire North District Secretary, then Yorkshire & Humber Regional Secretary, and more recently in her national role as WEA Director for Education.
When a support group such as Kurt's Club take a trip out they need to feel safe and secure and the careful pre-planning by WEA Tutor, Rosie Skaife D'ingerthorpe and Kurt's Club Leader, Rebecca Rowan reduced any cause for concern. At Kurt's Club we have undertaken courses on nutrition and healthy cooking and this tied in well with previous courses.
Later the focus will switch to the Big Screen, where video messages will be played, including one from RFU president Jason Leonard.
It was a grand event at Explore York attended by over 120 students, family members, tutors and learning provider staff. From here the group were taken on an informative walking tour exploring the landscape, discovering the history of some of the fine old buildings, and saying hello to the sculptured statue of Henry Pease. The trip was a great success and there has been an increase in the students confidence to experiment more in their work.
It could be a debate or an afternoon tea, a public lecture or open house, a street party or a picnic in the park, all we ask is that their event joins the rest of the nation at 3pm to mark the moment.We would be delighted if you would be able to join this national commemorative moment and share the opportunity with your networks. Over 400 players and delegates from ten nations will head to Bradford flying the flag for inclusion. People believed that Anthony, who was born with cerebral palsy, was better off on the sidelines. They hoped to help other people by sharing information they have discovered since moving to Bradford from their own countries of Pakistan and Bangladesh.
The course, and study visit to Brussels, is designed to enable you to gain knowledge, new information and contacts as well as new skills.
It outlines the ideas behind the project, how we set it up, how it worked and reflects on what improvements could have been made. Employers that invest in outstanding staff training, and use learning to develop the skills of their workforce to improve productivity, raise morale and enhance their business performance. The committee wants to hear from everyone about whether the UK should have some form of written constitution setting out these rules and what any written constitution should look like.
Following on from this success, next year, the Bumbles will host the first international mixed ability rugby tournament. His determination to start a mixed ability club has created a team that breaks down barriers, letting players of all abilities come together as equals.
Ulrich is a well-liked and popular member of the group and his fellow students brought cakes and an individualised card to mark the celebration. From 11-15 August, 22 students met at Wentworth Castle to learn the techniques of novel writing with tutors Alison Taft and Anna Turner, both published novelists with a wealth of experience between them.
The last evening was a celebration evening where the students all read from their own work. For most of them it was the first time at a National Trust property and the visit was a huge success; in an on-line survey, many said the visit was the highlight of their course. She took learners on a tour of the building, giving interesting snippets of information about its beautiful furniture, most of it made by Yorkshire’s Thomas Chippendale, its history, its paintings and some of the Winn family scandals!
Speaking and listening skills were practised while on the visit and in class discussion afterwards, and writing skills were used to write reports and thank you letters to Jan Bryant.
Spend your summer making music with others who share your passion and studying with world-renowned faculty who are the very best at what they do. They include 3-6 week residential programs as well as a one week residential or commuter program.
Eligible students must be between the ages of 16-18 and have completed courses in precalculus and physics. Danielle had a Casio keyboard; a frienda€™s father played guitar, so it was assumed that hea€™d show others in the group how to play their instruments. There were writing courses of every kind, including journalism, childrena€™s writing and poetry. She figured, a€?OK, I can fit into this mixa€¦ I can pull this off.a€? She signed up to play the following week and found that others were very polite, offering encouragement. It wasna€™t until she got to the open mic of blues master Geoff Bartley at the Cantab Lounge that her mistakes were pointed out. The practice really evolved from using a foot stomp on stage to keep rhythm and provide percussion. It actually took another year for her to digest and learn what Geoff had taught her.A  a€?It was like I got all the food and then I processed it,a€? she told me.
Some 10 weeks later volunteer ESOL tutors were out in their own classrooms teaching and it’s been incredible to see how far they have all come in such a short space of time.

The group is super diverse and includes people from Iran, Iraq, India, Zimbabwe, Guyana, Malawi, Congo and Rotherham! In the end we agreed on a visit to the Peoples’ History Museum in Manchester to gain a better understanding of the campaigns and struggles people waged to gain equality and democratic rights in this country. I feel privileged to be their tutor and to have been able to take this group of extraordinary people, along with my colleague Tony, to the PHM to learn about our history. It is also hoped that these events develop their own momentum in the sense of promoting engaged citizenship and diverse community networks that are interested in politics and also in the study of politics. A fascinating slice of architectural heritage and cultural and social history writ large in the walls of our towns and cities. Sometimes within our Easingwold based art sessions, students can ponder for a while, struggling to calm their minds and open up to creativity, but on this day every student straight away put pencil to paper and produced work to a very high standard. Once again the WEA York Voices Community Choir initiated the evening's proceedings with a rousing performance of "Swing Low Sweet Chariot". Other highlights of the day were a fascinating funicular ride and a scintillating stroll along the Victorian pier. With the support of the Workers’ Educational Association, Anthony established the Bumble Bees Barbarians, who in recent years have gone from strength to strength.
Anthony believed that it was time for a change and established England's first full contact mixed ability rugby team. He enjoys attending the WEA Painting and Drawing course at Grange Crescent Day Centre, Sheffield. The days followed a pattern of workshops in the morning and individual writing sessions in the afternoons. The atmosphere through the week was supportive and encouraging and everyone made great strides with their work. Nostell, usually the venue for visits from parties of schoolchildren, was especially pleased to welcome a diverse group of adult learners. She was pleased to have this mixed group of adult learners visiting the house and one of them is even thinking of applying to be a volunteer in the Nostell garden.
Melvin was instrumental (planning and hands-on) in a major renovation of Redeemera€™s parish house last summer in his capacity as property committee co-chair. She credits two older boys, her upstairs neighbors, in helping to add to her musical knowledge. She went back again and again and found a€?a whole new crew of friends.a€? They were a€?on the same wavelength,a€? she said.
On a gig where she needed to use a box for added height, she found herself rhythmically tapping on the box and liking the sound. Although she told me that her husband Tom hosts it now, shea€™s still listed as the host on The Burren website. Danielle developed a a€?roguea€? mixture of what Geoff taught her and the Grossman transcriptions. Tony Harrison, Course Organiser, and I used the train journey to set the scene providing a potted social, economic and political history of Manchester, the cotton industry and some of the struggles that took place. The WEA course with us six weeks previous on light and mandalas had prepared the group well. Thanks to Kerry Merriam and her students.Presentation of awards then followed with BAFTA style film clips of the students speaking about their learning experience.
Once registered, organisations will also have access to the brand so that they can make their own LiberTeas promotional materials. Students all had the opportunity of a one to one tutorial, and were free to walk around the beautiful grounds looking for inspiration.
Some students had come with substantial sections of novels they were working on and others were at the beginning of the process, but everyone made progress during the week. Danielle and another friend, Brenda, who Danielle said, a€?has a twisted sense of humor,a€? would write songs with ridiculous lyrics.
For Danielle, they included John Irving (for his humor as well as his dramatic flair), Tim Oa€™Brien (Vietnam War novelist, not the bluegrass performer), satirist David Sedaris and Lorrie Moore (a€?humorous and poignant short storiesa€? a€” Wikipedia).
There was an epiphany of sorts in that they both realized life is too short to waste on doing things you have no love for.
Later, she asked a friend to follow her design to make a hollow device like a footrest that she could attach to her stool. Also, she mentioned that it seemed less desperate than standing when playing in a noisy bar.
For Danielle, they includedA  John Irving (for his humor as well as his dramatic flair), Tim Oa€™Brien (Vietnam War novelist, not the bluegrass performer), satirist David Sedaris and Lorrie Moore (a€?humorous and poignant short storiesa€? a€” Wikipedia). She finds it fundamentally impossible to repeat someone elsea€™s stylings note-for-note a€” shea€™ll develop her own version instead. These were both uplifting and emotional and certainly reminded everyone of the very positive and often life changing impact of learning.
The first 400 people to register before 15 April will receive two free tickets (subject to terms and conditions) to the national Magna Carta commemoration at Runnymede on 15 June.To coincide with LiberTeas events on Sunday 14 June at 3pm churches across the country (and many overseas) are being encouraged to ring for the Great Ringing Day. On the last day we did a cumulative word count and between us we had written over 60000 words – almost a whole novel! However the world views her as a blues singer, shea€™s well-prepared for original songwriting.
Danielle also studied from an instructional DVD of Mississippi John Hurta€™s guitar style by Happy Traum and John Sebastian that combined video and tablature transcription.
When she returned home, Danielle began attending open mics, kick-starting what would become her career. I would be putting together help desk manuals, and then Ia€™d write a song about how miserable I was. The male of the species got off easy this time, but that doesna€™t mean she hasna€™t been watching. Then Ia€™d tell someone to re-boot their computer, which is usually the solution to every problem. She tinkered around with some acoustic fingerstyle guitar while in high school, copying selected songs by Randy Rhodes and the band, Heart. During the week white parents were seen in and out of the facility and on the weekend they would pick-up their children and take them home. My time was spend one block over on 13th and V Street working out of Harrison Playground and Harrison Elementary. I was of no help, I knew little or nothing about Hillcrest and how it served the community. I was more concerned about the knuckleheads I would encounter hanging out in the U Street corridor. We discussed what remedies we could use to combat these acts of truancy.A My thoughts, why not try to use athletics as a motivational tool?
The athletic team concept helped me to improve my school attendance and discipline, why not use the same vehicle for these knuckleheads (I know a knucklehead when I see one, because I was one). A I would notice after school the young men who should have been attending Harrison during school hours would migrate to the playground. Cousins and Roving Leader Director, Stanley Anderson, I held tryouts for the Harrison touch football team on Harrison Playground in the evenings after school. You name the sport, football, basketball, baseball, track and field, most could run like the wind. I wished that I could have been that talented at their young age.Getting them to tryout for the team was easy, but getting them to improve their attendance and their grades was not going to be an easy chore. The rules of participation were; regular school attendance, maintain a C average, respectful behavior (no profanity) and be on time for school and practice. Several I had to dismiss from the team or I benched them in favor of a not so talented teammate, but as we started to win without them, they changed their rebel ways.A I convinced other elementary schools in walking distance of Harrison to participate, Garrison and Grimke principals liked the concept and came aboard. The idea went over so well other elementary schools wanted to participate and the program went city-wide. With my coaching genius, Harrison Elementary won the first City Wide Elementary Touch Football League Championship.
It took several practices before Andrew Johnson my high school teammate and police officer could convince his colleagues to take off their guns during practice.A The league was the brainchild of the late Mayor for Life, Marion Barry. The league was designed to help improve police community relations and it did for a minute.A In 1968 all hell broke loose after the gun related death of our Prince of Peace in Memphis, Tn, Dr. I remember NFL Hall of Fame and Green Bay Packer player Willie Wood and I standing on the corner of 9th and U Streets after having lunch at the in-crowd hangout of the Che Maurice restaurant.
It was a beautiful bright sun shiny April 4th day when someone rode by in a car and yelled "Harold Bell they just shot and killed Dr. A Our boss Stanley Anderson requested that we stay on the streets because we might be able to save a child. A I was told to report to the Third District HQ to meet with Assistant Chief Timon O'Bryant. He told the officers to watch my back because I would be on the streets with them trying to keep the peace. He then gave me a police badge to assist me in getting through police and military barricades. The Chili Bowl was the only business allowed to stay open during the riots, thanks to an assist from Chief U. After the White House had ordered all businesses to shut-down, Luke intervene on behalf of Ben's explaining to President Lyndon B. Johnson that Ben's needed to stay open for first respondents, doctors, nurses, police, fire departments, military personnel and youth advocates like myself, we needed some place to eat. The administrators at the Hillcrest Children's Center reported having problems with neighborhood youth and some adult residents harassing staff and family members of their patients. A friend on the staff of Children's Hospital recommended that they talk with me about the problem.
A The tour of the facility was an eye opener for me, I could not believe there was a indoor swimming pool, in door and outdoor basketball courts, overnight facilities for patients and a cafeteria. Long wanted to open the facility to kids in the neighborhood on the weekends (Saturday only).
I thought this was a great ideal, but there was a catch, they wanted me to run the program. There was no-way I was giving up that job, I still had dreams of playing in the NFL.I had a sit-down discussion with my wife Hattie, my brother Earl and my friend Andrew Johnson, both DC cops. We reached a compromise and figure out a way to open the facility on Saturdays to neighborhood kids without me missing a game. A The first ever students bused in from Tacoma-Park Seven Day Adventist Church from Tacoma-Park, Md. Today, high school and college students can earn credits toward graduation for volunteering in the community (unheard of before 1968).The first ever NFL Films nationally televised (CBS) community promo was video taped at Hillcrest in 1972. Integrity and honesty were their hallmarks during all the community First accomplished at the Hillcrest Saturday Program, they had my back. A He was arrested under a state statute for insurrection, because he protested unequal justice and segregation laws while championing an interracial workers movement..
He was summarily sentenced to life in prison, though released on appeal following massive black protests. A Of course, the wise and the learned who pen A  A  A  A  A  A  A  editorials in the papers, and the ladies and gents with Dr.

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