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SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (SAP APO) offers a fully integrated pallet of functions that you use to plan and execute your supply chain processes. SAP Agricultural Contract Management The SAP Agricultural Contract Management application provides comprehensive support for handling all your contracts throughout their lifecycles using agricultural-specific terms and conditions. SAP Business Process Tracking for Utilities SAP Business Process Tracking for Utilities enables you to manage and monitor your Business Processes, even across system boundaries saving time in error analysis.
SAP Demand Signal Management Become a truly demand-driven organization with demand signal management software powered by our lightning-quick in-memory platform, SAP HANA. SAP Direct Store Delivery SAP Direct Store Delivery mobile solution simplifies complex DSD processes, and integrates the back office with customer facing activities to empower route reps and their managers to make real-time decisions on-the-spot.
SAP Enterprise Demand Sensing SAP Enterprise Demand Sensing software uses predictive analytics to help determine daily demand according to item, location, or customer segment – so you can improve your product availability and reduce expediting costs. SAP Enterprise Inventory and Service-Level Optimization The SAP Enterprise Inventory and Service-Level Optimization application gives you insight into supply and demand, recommending the specific actions needed to balance service with inventory levels and costs. SAP Event Management SAP Event Management allows companies to manage processes, inventories, assets, and partners by exception rather than monitoring processes that are running smoothly. SAP Extended Warehouse Management Acquire the end-to-end execution tools you need to better plan and execute across the supply chain. SAP Forecasting and Replenishment SAP Forecasting and Replenishment for Retail is a key solution which drives efficient inventories in stores and DC of retailers. SAP Global Batch Traceability With SAP Global Batch Traceability, companies can establish a complete product genealogy by tracing batch-managed products and components across the entire supply network and linking them to related business activities, such as deliveries and purchase orders.
SAP Integrated Business Planning This solution comprises SAP Integrated Business Planning for sales and operations, SAP Integrated Business Planning for inventory, SAP Integrated Business Planning for supply and SAP Supply Chain Control Tower.
SAP On-Shelf Availability With SAP On-Shelf Availability, store associates are alerted to on-shelf availability issues before they become problems.
SAP Retail Store Ops Using an intuitive interface, associates can quickly access information in the SAP back-end system, and respond to critical customer questions without leaving the sales floor with the SAP Retail Store Ops mobile app. SAP Sales and Operations Planning SAP Sales and Operations Planning is a next-generation planning application, powered by SAP HANA and delivered on the cloud, that can help you bring key stakeholders together in an integrated planning environment that allows them to rapidly translate dynamic fluctuations in customer demand into actionable operational plans for logistics, manufacturing and procurement. SAP Supply Chain Management Meet rising customer expectations, run increasingly complex supply networks, and achieve faster-than-fast responsiveness – with SAP Supply Chain Management.
SAP Supply Network Collaboration Connect and collaborate with suppliers, outsourced manufacturers, and customers with SAP supplier network collaboration software.

SAP Transportation Management Leverage and optimize your company’s transportation processes competitively.
Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the systemic, strategic coordination of functions that seeks to improve long-term performance. The processes in a supply chain are divided into a series of cycle, each performed at the interface between two successive stages of a supply chain. The processes in a supply chain are divided into two categories depending on whether they are executed in response to a customer order or in anticipation of customer orders. Companies are enhancing their competitiveness with improvement initiatives, such as implementation of Just-in-Time (JIT) and Quick Responses (QR) inventory management policies, business reengineering, and supply chain management. Supply chain management involves developing efficient and effective information systems that can inform strategic decisions. Die it-motive AG liefert Beratungsleistungen entlang der kompletten Supply Chain mit SAP und nonSAP Losungen. Mit der RDS Losung SCM APS der SAP konnen Sie den ersten Schritt fur eine Optimierung ihrer Produktionsplanung und Terminierung machen. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Supply chain management products from SAP can enable you to integrate processes and enforce contract compliance for both supply-side and supplier-side requirements – throughout the extended supply chain as well as distribution.
SAP APO supports business collaboration on a strategic, tactical, and operational planning level, co-operation between partners at all stages of the supply chain process, and constant optimization and evaluation of the supply chain network’s efficiency.
The software can help you more effectively control and track all expenses related to individual deals and consolidate complex settlements with your business partners.
Capture external market and retailer data in real time – and combine it with internal business data and state-of-the-art analytics – to sense, assess, and respond to demand signals faster than ever before. Plan and manage inventory with detailed information that helps you understand demand patterns and supply constraints. It is able to recognize and react to unplanned events in the supply chain, to provide a single point of access for collaborative processes, and to measure business partners’ performance. With an extended warehouse management (EWM) solution, you can gain control over your warehouse efficiency, transform your operations, and increase your competitiveness.
The applications deliver analysis and share alerts of real-time information across the end-to-end supply and demand network, with the speed of the SAP HANA platform and fast adoption through SAP Cloud. And managers can analyze product levels, detect patterns, and take rapid corrective action.

Improve visibility into supply and demand to reduce inventory buffers, accelerate the movement of materials through the pipeline, improve customer service, and increase revenues. SAP Transportation Management software consolidates orders and optimizes shipping across your company – enabling you to maximize your return on transportation costs.
A supply chain consists of all parties involved, directly or indirectly in fulfilling a customer request. The value a supply chain generates is the difference between what the final product is worth to the customer and the cost of supply chain incurs in filling the customer's request.
Cycle view of Supply chain process includes: Customer order cycle - Replenishment cycle - Manufacturing cycle - Procurement cycle. Pull process are initiated by a customer order, whereas push process are initiated and performed in anticipation of customer orders.
The supply chain information systems rely on either EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or the Internet to transmit information within the supply chain. Dazu gehoren Planungsfunktionen im BW und APO genauso wie Execution Funktionen im SAP ECC und der hauseigenen eProcurement Losungen. Mit dem vordefinierten Losungspaket erhalten Sie eine finite Planung (gegen begrenzte Kapazitaten) und erzeugen so automatisch machbare Produktionsplane und Fertigungsreihenfolgen.
The source of this document is from SAP SCN Wiki and the copyrights belongs to SAP AG Germany(2012).
With its advanced multilevel replenishment capabilities it allows streamlining inventories along the supply chain and lower overall inventory levels and cost while optimizing fulfillment rates.
The supply chain not only includes the manufacturer and the supplier but also transporters, warehouses, retailers, and customers themselves.
For most commercial supply chains, value will be strongly correlated with supply chain profitability i.e. Alle notwendigen Stammdaten werden aus Ihrem SAP System an den APO ubertragen und dabei mit notwendigen Planungsdaten angereichert.
Within each organization the supply chain includes all the functions involved in receiving and filling a customer request. Damit ist es moglich entweder im Dialog oder automatisch Ruckstande aufzulosen und machbare Fertigstellungstermine zu ermitteln.

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