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The CP Training Consortium has now joined forces with The Supply Chain Academy, the London-based organisation which provides education, leadership and learning events for senior executives and leaders. Working together we will be able to provide our UK and international clients with education and skills training for all levels of their organisation, from new entrants to middle managers, and on to the senior team. At CP Training Consortium we provide up to date and industry relevant courses for professionals of all levels in fields such as Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Contract Management and more (click here to see full list). BREAKING NEWS: CP Training Services has been shortlisted for an award at the 9th Annual Getenergy Global Conference in London on 16-17 May 2016. There can be no doubt that the vast majority of people who are employed as managers, supervisors, or even administrators, in essence, get paid to make decisions. The course covers the most important parts of oil and gas fields management for non-technical people. This is a very good course for every person planning to join an engineering project from the procurement.
The course was well taught and is a must for prospective Team Managers and existing ones who want to lead high performing teams in their organisation. I would definitely recommend this course for people interested in becoming involved in the offshore industry. Supply Chain Management A supply chain is a network that performs the functions of procurement of materials, transforming these into finished products, and the distribution of these finished products to customers.
Our Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions help you stay connected with your suppliers, partners and customers.
We provide system expertise, team facilitation, leadership, and direction in deciding how you will meet  the challenge.

Can you provide me the Training Locations of SAP Training & Certification Shop in India as I want to check if it has its branch in my city too as I want to do Supply Chain Management Training from there? The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Your Username: Click here to log in Message: Options Quote message in reply?
Today, the supply chain is one of major backbone of the organization and without having the proper procedures the supply chain is not possible.
Without insight into historical trends and upcoming events, predicting customer behavior isn't much better than making an educated guess.
Applications designed specifically for demand planning provide automated tools for mining applicable data deep within your systems, and delivering it to those who need it in a familiar format they can use right away.
The end result: lower inventory costs, fewer stock outages, faster time to market, and happier customers. Production and distribution-based companies rely on collaboration with a wide network of relationships with customers, vendors, business partners, and others. Vendors, suppliers, business partners, and other parties in your supply chain can affect your degree of success. As your business matures, you may wish to open distribution centers, warehouses, or sales offices in other locations, hire more staff for field sales and service, and branch out into new market areas.
Things I have been overlooking as "not being important" are actually those that will make my job easier - and more fun! We offers Business plans and Business Solutions with the goal to optimize business decisions and providing relevant, up-to-date information to business users.
This Diploma of Supply Chain Management training will give you the edge and strong your position in the corporate World.

How can manufacturers and distributors avoid a hit-and-miss approach and make use of the facts to accurately forecast needs? Your decision makers can then plan based on your company's demand history, current or upcoming events and promotions, insight from customer data, and input from trading partners.
While you want to make it easy for them to do business with you, you also want to be firmly in control and make sure your suppliers live up to their agreements and deliver the best quality of goods and services. Microsoft can help support you in mitigating the risk of business growth, so you can continue to run your operation efficiently and profitably as you expand. Supply chain management requires the coordination and integration of operations in all stages of the chain. Technology and expertise from Microsoft makes it possible for you to operate efficient distribution processes, capitalize on well-managed relationships, recognize and react quickly to changing conditions, and expand into new opportunities. To be profitable, you need to maintain optimal staffing levels, avoid tying up funds in inventory, and operate with a high degree of precision and economy.
Software, tools, and industry insight from Microsoft can help you generate the full value of business relationships, and use them to advance your objectives.
Microsoft technology can provide an integrated, highly-manageable distribution management infrastructure with the flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements with great immediacy. Microsoft solutions can help you run more cost-effective and efficient distribution operations, so you can consistently honor your customer commitments.

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