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Solway’s Task Scheduler is a simple software that helps to open multiple applications at scheduled date and time. You will be able to auto launch applications and add tasks for a particular date & time.
It also works, like a simple event or birthday reminder software, which helps to pop up a message set by you on exact date & time. After filling all the scheduling details, you can save the task, and can start scheduling another task. Solway’s Task Scheduler could be helpful in many cases, like to schedule a defragmenting software or a PC cleaner that will automatically execute after scheduling on exact time. Shareware Junction Network is your source for Shareware, Freeware, Demos, Betas and Pre-Releases. We all know that whenever we boot into our Windows 8 PC, the Start Screen appears, instead of desktop. If you also prefer Windows 8 Desktop, instead of Start Screen, then here are 3 ways to boot directly to Windows 8 desktop. To do so, go to your desktop and right click on the Taskbar and then click on Properties from the option. Restart your system, you will find that you will boot directly to the Desktop, instead of Start Screen. This is the easiest way among all the three options to reboot directly to the desktop in Windows 8.
We have already covered a detailed tutorial to use Task scheduler to boot directly to Desktop. After installation, your system will reboot automatically and you will be directed to the Windows 8 Desktop, instead of Start Screen. Install this app from the Windows 10 store and when you launch it for the first time it will ask to access your location. The first screen as seen in the screenshot above, will list all the menu options in blue color on the left side with the live timeline for the current day on the right. The first option in the left side menu is to create a new task by clicking the plus button. After setting the date and time for the reminder, you can select when you want the reminder to appear from the drop down box.
Adding a GPS location to a task will add two more options at the bottom of this reminder window.
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ShrinkerStretcher is a Microsoft Access module that will dynamically (or statically) rescale your Access forms, fonts, and controls to fit any screen resolution, desktop scheme, font setting, or form window size.
Easy Invoicing UK is not a stock control Database, but a simple, easy to use, order processing and invoice application designed to work on the Microsoft Access 2000 (or higher) or Microsoft Windows platform.
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Organize and easily maintain your employees' essential information in a database designed for staff management. This professional-grade product provides dynamic barcoding capability to Microsoft Access Reports without the installation of additional fonts or other components. Microsoft Access to MySQL database converter tool converts MS Access database records into MySQL database server within few minutes in secure manner. Resize MS Access forms to fit the current screen resolution.The Form Resizer is a Microsoft Access MDB (Microsoft Database) that allows you to install a module in your own Access MDBs that can resize your program's forms to fit the current screen resolution.
You can add a list of tasks on its interface that you can execute immediately (one by one) or can set a particular date and time to run them. Once you have the full list of tasks that are needed by you on exact time, you can minimize Solway’s Task Scheduler to system tray, and it will execute each task automatically at that exact time. You can add multiple tasks and can execute them automatically or manually using this task scheduler software. The modern apps make the Start Screen quite useful, especially now since things like Taskbar can be added to Start screen, but some people still prefer the traditional desktop. Application and software always make such tasks easier for us. Bypass Modern UI is a free software for Windows 8 that will boot you directly to the Desktop, skipping the Windows 8 Start Screen. I personally feel that the first method is the easiest, but in case you don’t want to tinker with the settings yourself, then go with the 3rd one. The app lets you add GPS locations for places you visit frequently for your tasks and send you reminders when you are around that location to complete your task. On the left you will see option for adding a GPS group, an icon for the task, and a due date. Click the plus button next to GPS group, this will bring up the map on which you can either add your location, or another location. This repair Microsoft Access tool recursively scans the corrupt Access files to recover every bit of recoverable data. Using Export Microsoft Access MDB to CSV you can easily export data from Microsoft Access to tab delimited, comma delimited, or comma delimited with text qualifier files. Using ShrinkerStretcher means you can develop applications without concern for your end user's display settings! Ideal for Small or Home Business, a Group, Club or Society, or for those who run a catalog or similar clubs.
Automatic MS Access database converter software overwrites the converted MS Access database in to existing MySQL database or save at safe new location.

It is intended for Access developers with basic Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) coding knowledge. Turn the due date button on and a date and time box will appear to set the date and time for your task reminder. You can select at which point would you like to receive a reminder for your task location when you enter it or when you are exiting it. The GPS location that you selected will start appearing in the GPS groups tab and tasks with out a deadline will appear under whenever tasks. The pro version of this app has some good features like task sharing, device syncing, driving directions to a location, cloud saving, export to outlook, etc.
This repair mdb file software uses quick algorithm to search and retrieve data from the corrupt Access database files. Export Microsoft Access MDB to CSV can even export data from password protected Access databases. Scale your 1024x768 application up to 1280x1024, down to 800x600, or to any other resolution. Professional database converter utility migrate entire or selected tables database tables of MS Access database to MySQL server.
That means, before logging off your PC, you can execute a task, say PC cleaner, and shut down will be delayed in that case. Beta testing is a unique opportunity to try the latest programs and provide feedback directly to the program developers.
Selectively producing documents is as easy using selecting the records using filters and record selectors. The final version of many programs is often determined by suggestions from testers like you.
While you can schedule most of the tasks with only a few mouse clicks, sometimes you may need to define complex operations. AutoTask is an extremely versatile event scheduling software that can be ran as a service or as a desktop application in the background. Shareware Junction lets you choose from a variety of these products - all in one convenient location. It keeps and executes Windows batch scripts that allow you to control all aspects of your Windows system.
This means that if your computer is off, or Kirby Alarm is not running, the next time Kirby Alarm is run then the alarm will be run.Most other task schedulers do not have this feature!
Another useful feature is conditional execution of an alarm based on the date, or time, or size of Another File.

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