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School districts do what they can to give teachers supplies they need, but it’s seldom enough. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive our latest updates and receive discounts for our TPT and TN stores! Instead of letting the students go without, teachers often reach deep into their own budgets to provide supplies for their classrooms.
There are a few ways you can step in and help take some of this burden away from your child’s teacher, and not all of them involve you opening your wallet.

Comb adds for sales, and check with the store to verify their coupon policy before you make a large purchase. Set up outside of a store, and have students hand out lists of needed supplies to customers as they walk in.
Agree to post the names of contributing businesses on a banner outside of the school or in a newsletter (get a printing business to donate the banner).
The possibilities for fundraisers are almost endless, and they can all bring in extra cash to help the teachers get what they need.
Pick up one extra supply when you go to the store weekly or monthly and send it to school with your child.

Although I am a Vocal Music Teacher, I have utilized this resource for a course that I am currently taking! If you see a great deal coming up, ask friends, family and other parents to donate coupons to the cause. You’ll be surprised at how many people will donate, especially if you set the box up someplace where the products can be purchased.

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