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In this post, I provide worksheets to help kids to learn some of the basics for giving compliments to people they know. I wish you good luck with these worksheets.  To check out other free downloads, and and my products for sale, please see the links below. Kids on the autism spectrum often do not give and receive compliments in accordance with social expectation.
1.  Have the kid(s) point from the word portion to the picture portion while you give compliments according to their directions. Teaching social skills to yourself or your children must first start with understanding the concept of "respect". Once the concept of respect is understood, having respect for others is something more easily achieved. We should expect to "earn" the respect of others through our actions and how we treat others. Teaching good manners for children, then, is an essential responsibility for any parent so that the full potential of a child can be realized. Respect for children and showing respect for elders are two instances examined in further detail.

Teaching social skills is based on understanding "respect" and applying it in our daily lives or helping to demonstrate to others how this way of being will lead to a better world.
Below you will find a selection of books that provide an outline on teaching respect, values, discipline and social skills ranging from the very young up through the teenage years. Having good manners, then, is one means for showing respect for others as well as for earning respect for oneself.
Children showing good manners are viewed as a pleasure to be around and more likely to be brought into and accepted in social circles and receive more life opportunities. One represents the hope for the future, while the other is to understand the lessons of the past and how the things that our elders experienced and did for our benefit impacted our lives.
In addition, there are several books listed that address bullying, really the opposite of respect, and how to deal with it as both a child or an adult.
I have some strategies and some simple worksheets here to help troubleshoot some obstacles to successful practice of this skill. What is respect and how it molds the way a person should think and act is explored more fully in the linked page.
Showing respect is important to reinforce civilized behavior and a means for better positioning yourself in polite society.

This may seem to be a disconnect, but in the end, we cannot demand to be given respect by others, but we should be open minded enough to accept the views of others. The importance of good manners should not be underestimated, as good or poor manners will be noticed and taken into account in business and social settings and will impact how a person is viewed. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, click on the store name to be taken to the book store's website for a deeper search on the title you desire.
I am an honours in Psychology student and am currently doing my practical experience trianing. I am currently helping out with a client with Schizophrenia and this article has helped me identify certain excercises we were doing there as constituting Social Skill Training! I was homeschooled during most of my teenage years and had limited contact with people other than my mother. Because of that I have struggled greatly with relating to people, even now as a 23 year old single mom.

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