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High Performing Team Coaching and Alignment enables a working team the opportunity to assess its strengths, as well as those areas that need improvement and growth.
A better understanding of the team's mission and character -- its purpose and role in the total functioning of the company.
A greater awareness and clarification of each player's individual roles, goals, and points of intersection.
Faster, more efficient ways of working together to solve business problems, make decisions, and resolve conflicts. Greater collaboration and interdependence resulting in greater team ownership and accountability in the achievement of business goals.
The ultimate goal of team coaching alignment is the creation of a more cohesive, mutually supportive group that will have higher expectations for goal accomplishment and individual accountabilities, and at the same time respect differences in values, personalities, etc. Is a team challenge that calls for creativity and organization, adaptability and precision, personal initiative and collaboration. Provides individuals with an opportunity to complete or update their managerial, leadership and followership capacities. Takes place in 'real time'- diagnosis, decision, action and evaluation periods unfold in much the same way as everyday leadership and team-work situations. Addresses an unlimited range of themes - The only criteria is that they have meaning for the team and are useful to its transformational process. Contact us to learn more about how Team Coaching with MCG can help you create a more powerful and productive team in your organization.
The Team Diagnostic™ Assessment is a state of the art measurement tool that looks at the team as a “system”. After all team members complete the on-line, anonymous Assessment, we coach the team based on the test results.
At the end of six months, the Team Diagnostic™ is administered once again and the results are compared to the original baseline.
The model, assessment and team coaching are based on the latest work in Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, change management, and team research conducted at leading universities. Validation, Please!What could your organization accomplish if everyone looked for & acknowledged the best in each other? Every month, or whenever we have some exciting news, we will be posting a short article on here. Weightlifting Seminar – We are looking to hold a weightlifting seminar where we can coach the snatch and clean and jerk from basics. Away Days and Other Box Comps – we are currently in the process of organising training days and competitions with other boxes around the UK. However, elite sport has developed at an incredible rate over the past twenty years and the knowledge and skills required to win an elite sporting competition are greater than any one person can bring to the table.

Think of the advances in sports science, sports medicine, analysis, IT, nutrition, psychology and technology since the 1980s.
How can we expect that any one person can be THE expert in all performance areas plus coach the team, deal with the media, work with Club Board and Executive, recruit new players, talk to sponsors, meet the fans etc etc etc?
The first step in creating a Coaching or Performance team is to comprehensively review the organisation and identify it’s needs in the coaching and performance areas.
When recruiting, a sporting organisation needs to clearly understand its performance needs right now.
The more elite the level of competition, the greater the attention to detail needs to be in all performance areas – and therefore the greater the need for a performance team with high level specialist expertise. The organisation also needs to accept that their current performance needs will change over time.
The organisation needs to think progressively, innovatively and creatively rather than follow the existing performance team models of other teams and Clubs.
Expert advice, ideas, innovation and inspiration for all sports coaches and team managers - from 'grass roots' through to elite and high performance levels. I am a big believer in hiring for attitude, personality, passion and commitment and then providing training and development opportunities to help them learn the skills and abilities we need. Seen more than one Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree which is more b*#%$^t than anything else. Waynes coaching, thinking and teaching have influenced some of the World’s leading athletes, coaches and teams. A senior management group's team alignment efforts have definite implications for the total effectiveness of the entire organization. This will enable the team to accelerate its development and maximize its potential in the fulfillment of critical business objectives. Today, the workplace is a maze of nested teams: intact, cross-functional, project, virtual – and the pressure is on teams to form, perform and reform at an astonishing rate. Our Coaches use specifically designed training exercises to energize the team and give the team useful, appropriate tools to set them on the path to immediate and sustainable improvement. It will be used to keep you guys up to date with what is happening or what is going to happen at the box, upcoming events and competitions, new kit purchases and anything else we think you might want to know. If your not down to compete then please come along, bring friends and family and support your fellow members. We know quite a few members have already purchased tickets to come and watch and we would encourage anyone slightly interested to come and spectate.
This will involve scaling the three highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales in 24 hours. On a date to be decided we are going to pit a team of the boxes guys, lead by Coach Tim, against a team of the boxes girls, lead by Coach Jess.

It will be designed to allow beginners and more advanced athletes to get a firmer grasp of the two Olympic lifts and give them a chance to max out in both.
Community is what CrossFit is all about and training with a varied stable of athletes will help everyone improve. We genuinely want to the run box for our members and will listen to any ideas or thoughts you have on these events or anything else you might want us to organise.
No content can be copied, re-printed or used for any purpose without the expressed written consent of the copyright holder. I have just gone through a hiring process for interns and found that I hired people who had skills different from me. He is an inspirational speaker and presenter who is able to educate, entertain, challenge and engage audiences of all ages. The Team Diagnostic™ Assessment is based on a proven model that defines the necessary strengths for high-performing, sustainable, inspired teams. Monthly follow-up coaching sessions ensure that the team progresses and improvements become ingrained in the fabric of the team system. First event should be starting around 1015am and hopefully all wrapped up between 1230 and 1300. We intend to hire some transport, nominate some drivers and spend a weekend testing our fitness against some big hills! With the correct scaling of weights and movements this will be a pretty close competition and the coaches cant decide who might win. We will keep the seminar small, 6 people at first, and teach both lifts from basics with the aim of building a solid understanding of the mechanics of each movement.
Day trips to throwdown against another box are a fun way to see how your progressing and make some new friends.
Its a great opportunity to come and see what the competitive side of CrossFit is all about and see Coach Tim suffer through a workout for a change. Depending on interest we will limit the size of the teams and do several events to test not only our fitness but also our ability to work together as a team!
The members support means the world to Tim and your cheers will get him through some tasty workouts!

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