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ABOUT USEstablished October 1, 2012, One Million Skates is a dynamic online lifestyle magazine dedicated to North America‚Äôs passionate hockey families. Situational Leadership® II (SLII) is recognized as both a business language and a framework for employee development that transcends cultural, linguistic, and geographical boundaries.
Bringing together highly engaging classroom activities with pre- and post-tools helps reinforce, measure, and cement learning.
Emotionally compelling videos, leveraging Hollywood talent, draw learners into character challenges, helping link content to practice and showing them the painful ramifications of not using SLII.
Learners are taken to the edge of their comfort zone and participate in challenging activities that require them to demonstrate their familiarity with SLII content and teach them how to integrate material into their own personal leadership style. A self-study, momentum building video called The Power of SLII drives excitement and anticipation on the front end of learning and managers can use it as a refresher with team members so that everyone can learn the language of SLII.
Access to videos, game cards, conversation starters, and streamlined participant materials include a new 12-module SLII Challenge, SLII Fitness Test, Goals Worksheet, SLII Worksheet, and One on One Worksheet.

Results-driven structure: Teams need to find the best structure to accomplish their goals.
Collaborative climate: Trust based on honesty, openness, consistency, and respect seems to be essential for building a collaborative climate in which members can stay problem focused, be open with one another, listen to each other, feel free to take risks, and be willing to compensate for each other. External support: High functioning teams meet money, equipment, or supplies to accomplish the goals. Understanding that good member relationships and success at accomplishing tasks are essential components of a well-functioning team. Learning what steps leaders can take in addressing a team that is challenged by developing and maintaining good member relationships. Leadership plus teamwork equals success, symbolized by a megaphone, people working together and a green arrow poniting upward.
Its foundation lies in teaching leaders to diagnose the needs of an individual or a team and then use the appropriate leadership style to respond to the needs of the person.

Short, fast-paced learning scenarios using real work problems capture learners' attention. The SLII Diagnosis App for smart phones and mobile tablets enables diagnosis and coaching in real-time and can be shared with team members. All teams need to have clear roles for group members, a good communication system, methods to diagnose individual performance, and an emphasis on fact-based judgments. The standards need to be clear and concrete and all team members need to be required to perform to standard.
Reward the work on difficult team assignments in terms of raises or bonuses for that performance.

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