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A group of people in Texas thought they won big money from scratch-off lottery tickets when they actually didn't win a thing.
The lottery game is called Fun 5's, and it has five different scratch-off games on each ticket. The problem is that people are seeing those two sentences as two separate opportunities to win rather than the second being a multiplier of any tic-tac-toe winnings. Hundreds of complaints started rolling in to the Texas Lotto Report, a website that's well-known for updates on drawing results and payouts.
However, this isn't the first time people have been misled by scratch-off ticket instructions. The "Fun 5's" have only been out since early September and there are already about 16 million in circulation.
Texas Lottery scratch-off tickets have prizes, that range from breakeven to really GRAND prizes. Approximate Number of Tickets: The approximate total number of tickets printed for this game, including winners and losers. Overall Odds: We calculate our estimate of the odds of winning based on numbers that the commission provides.
Game Rating: We calculate a rating for the game based on various factors, compared against the other games that are active.
These are game highlights that could be helpful if you enjoy playing certain types of games. PhotosSteve NurenbergSun Bae, owner of the Time Market, sells lottery tickets to Frank Gutierrez at her store in Bishop. BISHOP — The odds that Joan Ginther would hit four Texas Lottery jackpots for a combined nearly $21 million are astronomical. On a $50 scratch-off ticket bought in this rural farming community, Ginther won $10 million last month in her biggest windfall yet. At the Times Market where Ginther bought her last two winning tickets, the highway gas station is fast becoming a pilgrimage for unlucky lottery losers. The Texas Lottery Commission has seen repeat winners before, but none on the scale of Ginther.
Ginther has never spoken publicly about her lotto winnings and could not be found for comment.

She asked the few people who’ve exchanged more than brief pleasantries with her not to grant interviews and sneaked into lottery headquarters in Austin to collect her winnings with the least publicity the state offers jackpot winners. But spend a few hours in her hometown — and equal time scouring public records — and a contrasting profile emerges. Here around the cotton farms and boarded-up downtown, Ginther, who over the years regularly visited the town to see her father who died in 2007, is called benevolent as much as she’s called lucky. Sun Bae, who owns the Time Market and sold Ginther her last two winning tickets, said she drives around in a bland Nissan sedan but once bought a nicer car for someone down on their luck. Calculating the actual odds of Ginther hitting four multimillion-dollar lottery jackpots is tricky. If Ginther’s winning tickets were the only four she ever bought, the odds would be one in 18 septillion, according to Sandy Norman and Eduardo Duenez, math professors at the University of Texas at San Antonio.
No doubt, you also harbor dreams of turning into a millionaire overnight with some terrific lottery strategy but, if only wishes were horses and one could fly!
When it comes to how to win the lottery, most people assume that it is only a recreation of likelihood, that there is no technique associated with winning the lottery. Below are some real-world, legitimate guidelines that will not guarantee you to win the lottery, but will improve your chances of winning and help you win a lot more income once you do win the lottery. When it comes to improving your chances of winning the lottery, there are really only two things you can do. Bishop native Joan Ginther, who now lives in Las Vegas, won $10 million last month on a $50 scratch-off ticket. But it was the fourth winning ticket in Texas for the 63-year-old former college professor since 1993, when Ginther split an $11 million jackpot and became the most famous native in Bishop history. Lines stretch deep past a $5.98 bin of Mexican movie DVDs, and a woman from Rhode Island called last week asking to buy tickets from the charmed store through the mail. Spokesman Bobby Heith said the agency has never investigated Ginther’s winnings — three scratch-off tickets and one lottery draw — for possible fraud but described the verification system as thorough.
She now lives in Las Vegas after moving away from Bishop, and an answering machine message for a telephone number listed at her address says not to leave a message. When USA Today asked readers in 2000 to sound off on airline service, Ginther groaned over a flight attendant who carted away her cheese and crackers and a sundae too soon. I didn’t expect to have a monorail come down here with thousands of tourists every day,” Ginther told the newspaper, in what might have been the only time she was directly quoted in the media.

But Norman and Duenez said that a habitual player winning four times over a 17-year span is much less far-fetched. There is the $1 lotto game, the $2 lottery game, the $3 lottery game, and the $5 lotto game. Still, there is no harm in actually giving some strategies a shot to up your chances of hitting the jackpot and preventing your dreams from turning into dust!
It has been proved that according to this theory there are chances that the numbers that were more common in the previous results are more likely to be present in future drawings as well. Most players buy $5 or $10 in Quick Picks on the way home from work or while they're at the store. Most players buy $5 or $10 in Quick Picks on the way home from work or while they’re at the store.
She won four Texas Lottery jackpots for a combined $21 million, and the last two winning tickets were purchased at Bae’s store.
Her other winnings — both from scratch-off tickets — were $2 million in 2006 and $3 million in 2008.
Two years later, she grumbled to the Las Vegas Review-Journal about a proposed monorail running through her exclusive condominium towers.
That’s a smart question and I really want to show you a simple lesson to help you understand which scratcher roll to play from. However, that it very false, as the truth is when learning how to win the lottery, strategy is concerned to increase the probability of winning.
Many avid lottery gamers will advise novice lottery players to not select random numbers or numbers with important meanings. And if you are playing the lottery and not employing any strategy, you are wasting your funds. But, these players haven’t done anything to improve their chances of winning the lottery. However, there are numerous methods and ideas available which will help you win the lottery.

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