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Ginther's $10 million is one of three top prizes in the "$140,000,000 Extreme Payout" scratch-off lottery game.
Public records indicate that she lives in Las Vegas, and had returned in the past to Bishop to visit her father. A neighbor of Ginther's parents, who did not want to be named, said she comes and goes to her late father's house in Bishop, but said he rarely sees her around anymore.
Ginther's lottery success began in 1993 when she won a $5.4 million portion of an $11 million jackpot in the "Lotto Texas" game.
Ginther chose to receive her first prize annually over 19 years, but the following three prizes were all paid out in as lump sums.
Texas Lottery Director of Media Relations Bobby Heith said winning multiple times is rare, but not unheard of. Gail Howard, a lottery expert who writes books on how to maximize winning probability, said that while Ginther's luck is special, it is far from the first time someone has won big more than once. Unlike some of the pick-five or pick-six numbers games that Howard studies, Ginther won three of her four big prizes with scratch-off tickets. The lack of information about Ginther makes her a bit of a mystery, but after winning over $20 million in the last 17 years, it is no surprise that Ginther wants to keep to herself. Texas Woman Wins Lottery for Fourth Time +Internet Gambling Debate Reaches Fever Pitch +Mega Millions' Ticket-Buying Spree " TSA Chief Says Security Changes May Be Coming to Airports " Secret Service Shoots Man Carrying Gun Near White House " Valedictorian's Beard Gets Him Booted From HS Graduation March " Police Body Cam Captures Officers Saving Georgia Man's Life " This All-Girls Baseball Team Shakes Up Little League " This Company Keeps Track of Every Plane in the Sky " How a Jury Decided to Send an Ex-Cop to Prison for 263 Years " NRA Endorses Donald Trump for President Trump Considered Blacks vs.

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She won the top prize of $10 million on a $50 scratch-off lottery ticket she bought in Bishop, Texas.
Though her father died in 2007, Ginther, a Bishop native, still goes back, perhaps to buy lottery tickets at the Times Market store.
He was not sure if she was currently employed, but thought that she had once worked as a university professor in California. Her next win came in 2006 in the "Holiday Millionaire" scratch-off, which netted her $2 million. Howard knows of multiple people who have won big jackpots more than once, including one person who won a jackpot twice in one month.

Those eager to know her secret will probably never find out, given her preference for privacy.
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Nikki Haley (R-SC) is about to get indicted for tax fraud by the Department of Justice, according to sources. She requested minimal publicity from the Texas Lottery Commission, and did not return calls for comment.
Of her four lottery wins, three have come from tickets she purchased in Bishop, and two of those three tickets were purchased at the Times Market. Ben Cardin (D-MD) in Maryland’s April 3rd primary.  About time the state got a Black Senator – unfortunately, Muse is not the one. Pieterse releases a study showing racism causes “psychological distress” amongst African Americans. But, Pieterse gets love for, at least, providing data on what we already knew.  Could be rather useful for White folks.

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