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ALCHEMY, the secret art of the land of Khem, is one of the two oldest sciences known to the world. The earthly body of alchemy is chemistry, for chemists do not realize that half of The Book of Torah is forever concealed behind the veil of Isis (see the Tarot), and that so long as they study only material elements they can at best discover but half of the mystery. The Chaldeans, Phœnicians, and Babylonians were familiar with the principles of alchemy, as were many early Oriental races.
In all probability, the so-called talking trees were merely strips of wood with tables of letters upon them, by means of which oracles were evoked.
Those disagreeing with the legend of Hermes and his Emerald Tablet see in the two hundred angels who descended upon the mountains, as described by the Prophet: Enoch, the first instructors in the alchemical art.
During the Middle Ages, alchemy was not only a philosophy and a science but also a religion. Alchemy is the science of multiplication and is based upon the natural phenomenon of growth. Alchemy teaches that God is in everything; that He is One Universal Spirit, manifesting through an infinity of forms.
Through art (the process of learning) the whole mass of base metals (the mental body of ignorance) was transmuted into pure gold (wisdom), for it was tinctured with understanding.
One of the great axioms is, "Within everything is the seed of everything," although by the simple processes of Nature it may remain latent for many centuries, or its growth may be exceedingly slow.
By means of this art the seed which is within the soul of a stone may be made to germinate so intensively that in a few moments a diamond is grown from the seed of itself.
In another part of his writings von Welling also says that there was no material universe until Lucifer, attempting to perform the cosmic alchemy, misused the Schamayim, or the Divine Fire.
The fact that the Scriptures reveal a hidden knowledge, if considered allegorically, is clearly demonstrated by a parable describing King Solomon, his wives, concubines, and virgins, which parable occurs in Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer, published in Ultona in 1785. As the alchemist must do his work in four worlds simultaneously if he would achieve the Magnum Opus, a table showing the analogies of the three principles in the four worlds may clarify the relationship which the various parts bear to each other.
The main point, however, is proved: the alchemical philosophers used the symbols of salt, sulphur, and mercury to represent not only chemicals but the spiritual and invisible principles of God, man, and the universe. Hermetists used the curious symbols shown in this rare table to represent various chemical elements and alchemical processes. One more table should prove of interest to Masonic scholars: one showing the relationship existing between the three substances, salt, sulphur, and mercury, and certain symbols with which Masons are familiar. In alchemy is found again the perpetuation of the Universal Mystery; for as surely as Jesus died upon the cross, Hiram (CHiram) at the west gate of the Temple, Orpheus on the banks of the river Hebros, Christna on the banks of the Ganges, and Osiris in the coffin prepared by Typhon, so in alchemy, unless the elements first die, the Great Work cannot be achieved. The solution in the alchemical retort, if digested a certain length of time, will turn into a red elixir, which is called the universal medicine. In classifying the processes through which the chemical elements must pass before the Hermetic medicine is produced, lack of uniformity in terminology is evidenced, for in The True Way of Nature seven stages are given, while in the Dictionnaire Mytho-Hermétique twelve are noted. This arrangement opens an interesting field of speculation which may be of great service if intelligently carried out. According to Solomon Trismosin, the stages through which matter passes in its journey towards perfection are divided into twenty-two parts, each of which is represented by an appropriate drawing. A tiny particle of the Philosopher's Scone, if cast upon the surface of water, will, according to an appendix to the work on the universal salt by Herr von Welling, immediately begin a process of recapitulating in miniature the history of the universe, for instantly the tincture--like the Spirits of Elohim--moves upon the face of the waters.
As one of the great alchemists fittingly observed, man's quest for gold is often his undoing, for he mistakes the alchemical processes, believing them to be purely material. In considering the formulæ on the following pages, it must be recognized that the experiments cannot be successfully conducted unless the one who performs them be himself a Magus. We’re all familiar with the well-known dervishes of Morocco, Egypt and Turkey, but what is a Sufi? It was one of the most incredible trips of my lifetime, which, I have to tell you, is really saying something. But the thing that affected me the most on this trip, by far—the moment that hit me the hardest and taught me the most—took place in less than a second, in one foot of linear space, and involved the simplest, most basic of human gestures: the single stroke of a hand. I was in Luxor, Egypt, a few blocks from my hotel on the corniche, sweating as I walked in the excruciating summer heat. Suddenly someone broke through the crowd, scooped the sick man up, and before I could even react, carried him off down the street.
I wandered the last few blocks back to the hotel in a daze, stumbled into my room, broke down and cried. The next morning, drinking coffee in the hotel lobby, I heard that distinctive brogue from across the room.
I could see the Scotsman, along with a small white-haired woman, just about to walk out the front door. When he returned to the hotel (which thankfully we all shared) his wife had just gotten the call that her brother had died.
So they were going to forfeit thousands of dollars on the vacation that they’d saved toward for ten years, not to mention the cost of new plane tickets booked, literally, at the last minute, in order to go back home to deal with the family tragedy.
Greg talks about the perfect spot for an afternoon layover from Narita airport in Japan, Naritasan temple is a gorgeous, peaceful retreat in the middle of bustling Tokyo.
For reasons unknown, this was shot, edited, posted as private and then promptly forgotten about (probably because I was still on the road for weeks).
Pasupati is kind of purification and blessings that Balinese priests will perform on object (usually rings or other jewelry).
Since then we’ve returned to Egypt many times and watched as hundreds of others experienced the same profound shifts that we did. The ancients recognized that our bodies are containers of the spirit, and they built their temples to mirror the human form, in perfect alignment with the cosmos. When we approach these spaces with intention, reverence and joy, they blossom around us and inside us, revealing the profound mystery at the heart of life and elevating our vibration and our perceptions. And this December, during the most potent and pivotal days of the current age, 12-12-12 and 12-21-12, we’re going back. Having spent the last decade traveling to some of the more exotic, if occasionally troubled, parts of the world, I’m used to friends and family responding hyperbolically to certain destination choices. Technically I’ve been to Mexico twice before: once as a kid living in Texas, and once 20 years ago, when I landed in Cabo San Lucas the day after a hurricane had all but flattened the place. I was invited to participate in Meeting Place Mexico, a “marketplace” for people in the travel business.
There’s Tlaquepaque: an art and culture center so truly delightful you can barely bring yourself to leave. But more than the landscape, the architecture, or the cuisine, the thing that impressed me the most were the people.
And almost without exception, when I mentioned “spiritual travel,” they lit up and shared some secret with me – either a personal story, or some hidden spiritual gem that I had to know about. When I was a kid living in Texas and my parents said we were going to visit Mexico, I conjured vivid images of men in sombreros leaning against cactuses. While not quite as comical, the difference between what I expected and I what I got on my latest trip was almost just as dramatic. Appropriately, this site is very hot compared to other parts of the island, so I find it’s best to visit early in the morning.
At one point it seemed that President Obama was planning a visit to Bali which was to include a stop at Uluwatu. Despite the heat, the aggressive monkeys, and the disquieting nature of the patron deity Rudra, a visit to Uluwatu will add immensely to your experience of Balinese spirituality. According to Greg Roach of Spirit Quest Tours, the reality of Bali actually exceeds the picture painted in the media. Now we were crawling down an empty back street, drawing curious stares from a group of young guys shooting a game of billiards on a decrepit pool table that sat in the middle of the sidewalk. I glance at my taxi-mate, Loryann, my look implying, “You okay?” She flashes a brilliant smile and says, “I’ve been to the Philippines.
This little adventure began many months prior, when, on a prior visit to Bali, my friend Yanta introduced me to his guru, Gede.
As he returns to the car, the driver announces, “No one here heard of Gede Meditation!” Gede now has a last name at least. Yenta and Hari, my other long-time Balinese guide and friend, both stand waiting as we hop gratefully out of the cab. Of the dozen or so Balinese in the courtyard, no one seems particularly surprised to see Loryann or I.
Suddenly the ornately carved double doors on the compound’s small temple pop open and Gede peers out into the courtyard, squinting beneath his shock of hair. At once the group slides off their shoes and shuffles into the small vestibule of the temple, motioning for Loryann and me to go in front. The interior is lit by a dozen flickering candles placed around a shrine in one corner of the room. The pungent smoke wafts over me as I scoop it towards my face and up over the crown of my head. We’re led around to the side of the temple, beside a high stone well filled with clear water, where the congregation (I really don’t know what else to call them) begins a purification ceremony for us.
Suddenly I am drawn into the heavens and blessed with one of the most extraordinary states of consciousness I have ever known.
A beautiful young woman, the one who made the retching sounds earlier, stands in front of me.
After we change into dry clothes, Loryann and I lounge around with the congregation on the porch of the temple.
Loryann is Ni Putu Tasya Shanti Dehe: The woman who possesses peace in her heart in the name of God. Gede twists up two simple white bracelets out of a raw bunch of cotton and ties them to our wrists, deftly trimming down the ends.
Each time I catch sight of that simple homespun circle I find myself wondering: What happened? And just as the Sanskrit was more powerful for not being fully understood, so it is with the rest of that night. Armed with his son’s backpack and guidebook, Tom navigates the 800km historical pilgrimage from the French Pyrenees, to Santiago de Compostela in the north west of Spain, but soon discovers that he will not be alone on this journey.
Astrology has crystallized into astronomy, whose votaries ridicule the dreams of ancient seers and sages, deriding their symbols as meaningless products of superstition. One is that alchemy was revealed to man by the mysterious Egyptian demigod Hermes Trismegistus. At one time books written upon wood were called "talking trees." The difficulty in deciding the origin of alchemy is directly due to ignoring the lost continent of Atlantis. Filtration, the mechanical separation of a liquid from the undissolved particles suspended in it. Evaporation, the changing or converting from a liquid or solid state into a vaporous state with the aid of heat.
Distillation, an operation by which a volatile liquid may be separated from substances which it holds in solution.
Rectification, the process of refining or purifying any substance by repeated distillation. Calcination, the conversion into a powder or calx by the action of heat; expulsion of the volatile substance from a matter. Purification (through putrefaction), disintegration by spontaneous decomposition; decay by artificial means.
Fermentation, the conversion of organic substances into new compounds in the presence of a ferment. Fixation, the act or process of ceasing to be a fluid and becoming firm; state of being fixed. Multiplication, the act or process of multiplying or increasing in number, the state of being multiplied. Regardless of its originator, it was left to the Egyptian priests to preserve alchemy for the modern world. Those who rebelled against the religious limitations of their day concealed their philosophic teachings under the allegory of gold-making. The Supreme One manifests Himself through growth, which is an urge from within outward, a struggle for expression and manifestation. If, then, through faith and proximity to God the consciousness of man may be transmuted from base animal desires (represented by the masses of the planetary metals) into a pure, golden, and godly consciousness, illumined and redeemed, and the manifesting God within that one increased from a tiny spark to a great and glorious Being; if also the base metals of mental ignorance can, through proper endeavor and training, be transmuted into transcendent genius and wisdom, why is the process in two worlds or spheres of application not equally true in the third?
Therefore, every grain of sand contains not only the seed of the precious metals as well as the seed of the priceless gems, but also the seeds of sun, moon, and stars.

The first is by Nature, for Nature is an alchemist forever achieving the apparently impossible. If the seed of the diamond were not in the marble, granite, and sand, a diamond could not be grown therefrom. The preparation of spiritus mundi, a mystic substance possessing many powers, the principal of which was its capacity of dissolving gold.
In order to reestablish the Schamayim which Lucifer had perverted, this universe was formed as a means of liberating it from the dark cloud within which it was locked by the failure of Lucifer's attempt to control it. The early masters of the art of alchemical symbolism did not standardize either their symbols or their terms. The three substances (salt, sulphur, and mercury) existing in four worlds, as shown in the table, sum up to the sacred number 12.
The full meaning of these strange characters has never been revealed, the characters concealing effectually within their own forms the occult secrets regarding the spiritual nature of the metals and elements which they represent. In almost every case they symbolized gold as a king with a crown on his head and often with a scepter in his hand. This table also has an alternative rendering, based on the interblending of philosophic principles, which are difficult--if not impossible--to separate into chronological order. The stages of the alchemical processes can be traced in the lives and activities of nearly all the world Saviors and teachers, and also among the mythologies of several nations.
For when this tincture has been rotated nine times it cannot be exalted any further because it will not permit any further separation.
These twelve "steps" leading up to the accomplishment of the Magnum Opus are a reminder of the twelve degrees of the ancient Rosicrucian Mysteries. There is an important connection between the twenty-two emblems of Trismosin, the twenty-two major cards of the Tarot, and the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. A miniature universe is formed which the philosophers have affirmed actually rises out of the water and floats in the air, where it passes through all the stages of cosmic unfoldment and finally disintegrates into dust again.
He does not realize that the Philosopher's Gold, the Philosopher's Stone, and the Philosopher's Medicine exist in each of the four worlds and that the consummation of the experiment cannot be realized until it is successfully carried on in four worlds simultaneously according to one formula. Franz Hartmann in a footnote to his translation of extracts from Paracelsus clearly expresses the conclusions of a modern investigator of alchemical lore: "I wish to warn the reader, who might be inclined to try any of the alchemical prescriptions * * *, not to do so unless he is an alchemist, because, although I know from personal experience that these prescriptions are not only allegorically but literally true, and will prove successful in the hands of an alchemist, they would only cause a waste of time and money in the hands of one who has not the necessary qualifications. If two persons, one an initiate and the other unilluminated in the supreme art, were to set to work, side by side, using the same vessels, the same substances, and exactly the same modus operandi, the initiate would produce his "gold" and the uninitiated would not. I traveled over 30,000 miles, and visited over a dozen cities in seven countries on four continents. I struggled to stand under a raging 100-foot waterfall on the Ayung river in Bali, swollen to a torrent after days of rain. He was obviously having a seizure and, I could see, was in danger of choking since he was lying on his back.
I still remember the way his head lolled and bounced as the man sprinted away with him in his arms. My only thought was, “thank God that He was there.” He was the one that actually helped the man.
They had arrived in Luxor only three days before, but his wife was so sick with an ear infection she had to go into the hospital. Before I could even respond, he grabbed me up again in another great, loving hug and said, “We’re late for our flights, but God bless you, son. But I will never forget his kindness, his words, his loving energy, and most of all, that true, simple gesture of compassion and love—the gesture that left a mark on my heart greater than a journey around the world. Certainly by the time I returned home from my recent visit to Guadalajara I realized I didn’t really know much of anything about the place. I’d never been to one of these events before, so I thought, “why not?” It’s kind of like speed-dating for the travel industry. The unique, round pyramids at Guachimontones high in the foothills of Jalisco – more than 2,000 years old and one of the world’s most unique sacred sites.
So genuinely warm, open, proud of their country, aware of both the remarkable heritage of the land and the modern reality of the nation.
The reality of Nuevo Laredo, a modern city with cars and bridges and restaurants, was truly shocking to my child’s mind. And while I love getting a massage in Ubud, watching people get readings from Ketut Liyer, white water rafting down the Ayung river, or climbing the slopes of Mt.
From the walls of the temples you can clearly see dolphins and sea turtles plying the crystal water below. In the oldest, Vedic conception, Rudra is a malignant storm and wind god also considered to be the god of death; the living symbol of raw, uncultured nature. I’ve seen a lot of monkeys on Bali, most of them are fairly gentle and tractable, but not the ones at Uluwatu. Two inner tiers of body-guards were to circle the president at all time, armed not with weapons, but with bananas.
Built by the eccentric and mysterious Ed Leedskelnin as a tribute to lost love, the castle is made from thousands of tons of coral – all quarried, cut and assembled by hand, using only simple tools and no machines. Using gorgeous photographs, video, humorous anecdotes and amazing facts, Greg’s signature presentation style will bring Bali vividly to life.
Thirty minutes earlier my Balinese friend, Yanta, had given the driver a few rapid-fire directives in Indonesian, then sped off into the snarl and tangle of Denpasar on his scooter, quickly outpacing the car. It would be easy to mistake this neighborhood for a “bad part of town,” but in Bali there really seems to be no such thing. He stops in the middle of the street and jumps out of the car, engine idling and door open. I’ve learned over the years to say yes to these kinds of invitations (which has netted me everything from meals with Coptic monks to witnessing a ritual exorcism under a full moon). If I hadn’t invited her, it would matter a lot less that we were lost, that I had no phone number to call, that I didn’t know what Gede’s last name was.
In her case, this is understandable: she’s Filipino and with her brown skin and dazzling white smile could easily pass for a local.
He brightens when he sees Loryann and me, then ducks back inside and begins to ring a small bell.
Next to me a young guy, also sporting movie-star hair, settles in, smiles at me, and lights a massive bundle of incense. The next half-hour is a bizarre combination of sputtering transcendence and self-consciousness. Gede’s assistant gently tells me to “Wash.” I raise my cupped hands and he fills them with cold, sweet water, which I splash onto my face.
With a single, fierce movement she snuffs out the burning incense on her palms and slides the ash down the middle of my forehead in a long, fragrant smear. Jean Pied de Port, France to collect the remains of his adult son, killed in the Pyrenees in a storm while walking The Camino de Santiago, also known as The Way of Saint James. Nevertheless, the intelligentsia of the modern world can never pass behind the veil which divides the seen from the unseen except in the way appointed--the Mysteries. Khem was an ancient name for the land of Egypt; and both the words alchemy and chemistry are a perpetual reminder of the priority of Egypt's scientific knowledge. This sublime figure, looming through the mists of time and bearing in his hand the immortal Emerald, is credited by the Egyptians as being the author of all the arts and sciences. Egypt, because of the color of its earth, was called "the black empire" and is referred to in the Old Testament as "the land of darkness." By reason of its possible origin there, alchemy has long been known as "the black art, " not in the sense of evil but in the sense of that darkness which has always enshrouded its secret processes.
In this way they preserved their personal liberty and were ridiculed rather than persecuted.
Alchemy is not the process of making something from nothing; it is the process of increasing and improving that which already exists. There is no greater miracle in the growing and multiplication of gold by the alchemist than in a tiny mustard seed producing a bush many thousands of times the size of the seed. By arc it is possible so to grow and expand this seed that the entire universe of substance is tinctured thereby and becomes like unto the seed--pure gold.
If both the spiritual and mental elements of the universe can be multiplied in their expression, then by the law of analogy the material elements of the universe can also be multiplied, if the necessary process can be ascertained.
If it can take place in the universe, it can take place in man; if it can take place in man, it can take place in the plants and minerals. As within the nature of man is reflected the entire universe in miniature, so in each grain of sand, each drop of water, each tiny particle of cosmic dust, are concealed all the parts and elements of cosmos in the form of tiny seed germs so minute that even the most powerful microscope cannot detect them.
The second is by art, and through art is produced in a comparatively short time that which requires Nature almost endless periods to duplicate. But as the seed is within all these things, a diamond may be grown out of any other substance in the universe. Concerning the first three, Herr von Welling has written: "There are three basic chemical substances which are called by the philosophers salt, sulphur, and mercury, but which are not to be confounded in any way with the crude salt, sulphur, and mercury taken from the earth or secured from the apothecary. These statements clearly emphasize the fact that the early philosophers recognized in the Bible a book of chemical and alchemical formulæ. Hartmann, who translated part of this work into English, declared that the wives of Solomon represented the arts, the concubines the sciences, and the virgins the still unrevealed secrets of Nature. Thus it required great familiarity with the subject combined with considerable intuitive power to unravel some of their enigmatical statements. As these 12 are the foundations of the Great Work, they are called in Revelation the twelve foundation stones of the sacred city.
It is said in the Bible that "except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." In alchemy it is declared that without putrefaction the Great Work cannot be accomplished. During the process of digestion it passes through many colors which has given rise to its being called the peacock because of its iridescence during one of the periods of its digestion.
These mysterious Tarot cards are themselves an alchemical formula, if properly interpreted.
Furthermore, one of the constituents of the alchemical formula exists only within the nature of man himself, without which his chemicals will not combine, and though he spend his life and fortune in chemical experimentation, he will not produce the desired end. Unless the greater alchemy has first taken place within the soul of man, he cannot perform the lesser alchemy in the retort. I was transported to the edge of bliss during a 5-hour Sufi Aisawa ceremony in Fes, Morocco. To many, many amazing places, but there is a feeling of accomplishment in flying around the world that is hard to fully understand, much less describe. It changed me, somehow, and I’m still processing that experience. And yet it was a spiritual revelation to me, an epicenter of understanding about the true nature of compassion, the true nature of what it means to be a human being. An hour after she was discharged, he discovered that there was thousands of pounds missing from his back account.
And the temples and sacred sites are powerful spiritual technologies built to work in concert with this energy to awaken and transform human consciousness. We are returning activate our highest purpose during this period of profound cosmic alignment. In addition, each temple (and direction) is associated with a color, a weapon (or ritual object), a sound, a written symbol and a part of the body. As with all Balinse temples, you won’t be allowed to enter the temple itself unless you are properly dressed (sarong, sash, headdress for men) and bring an appropriate offering.
It’s best to carefully hide way glasses, cameras, hats or jewelry, as they harass visitors, holding pretty much anything they can get their hands on for ransom. From tooth-filing to rubber time, cremation ceremonies, magical daggers, coconut wine, flowing volcanoes, sacred snakes, weasel coffee, roast suckling pig and chewing betel nut, this fascinating presentation will reveal the magical island of Bali in a unique and compelling way.
So here I am, clueless in Denpasar, and feeling doubly troubled since I’ve dragged poor Loryann along into what should be my personal muddle.
Actually, if I hadn’t invited her I probably would just have ridden on the back of Yenta’s scooter. In the “temple dress” we’ve been told to wear – sarongs, sashes – she looks even more authentic. The air is close with the smell of heavy, sweet incense, and the sound of the bell in Gede’s hand bounces around the tiny space. He begins to ritually bathe in the smoke, washing his hands and face in the traditional way, before motioning for me to join him.
To my inner eye, I see everyone glowing like gorgeous, luminous balls of energy, suffused with a golden light. He takes her hands, and the guy next to me moves towards her, touching her in the middle of the back, tapping, drawing the shape of letters across her back, gently slapping her shoulders. The guy who shared his incense with me, who I realize now must be Gede’s right-hand man, jumps up on the side of the well and uses a long wooden ladle to scoop out massive dipperfuls of water.

In a corner of the compound, a few guys watch a soccer game: Arsenal versus Manchester United.
It certainly wasn’t the “meditation” I thought I’d be getting when I accepted this invitation months before. According to the earliest records extant, alchemy and astrology were considered as divinely revealed to man so that by their aid he might regain his lost estate. These are the problems to the solution of which the ancients consecrated their temples of learning. According to the fragmentary writings of those early peoples, alchemy was to them no speculative art. In honor of him all scientific knowledge was gathered under the general title of The Hermetic Arts.
This mountain had two thousand and fifty steps all of purest sapphire, by which one could ascend to the summit, and near this Alexander encamped. When the land of Atlas sank, hierophants of the Fire Mystery brought the formula to Egypt, where it remained for centuries in the possession of the sages and philosophers. If a philosopher were to state that a living man could be made from a stone, the unenlightened would probably exclaim, "Impossible!" Thus would they reveal their ignorance, for to the wise it is known that in every stone is the seed of man. If a mustard seed produces a hundred thousand times its own size and weight when planted in an entirely different substance (the earth), why should not the seed of gold be multiplied a hundred thousand times by art when that seed is planted in its earth (the base metals) and nourished artificially by the secret process of alchemy? In the spiritual nature of man this is termed regeneration; in the material body of the elements it is called transmutation. Trillions of times smaller than the ion or electron, these seeds--unrecognizable and incomprehensible--await the time assigned them for growth and expression. The true philosopher, desiring to accomplish the Magnum Opus, patterns his conduct according to the laws of Nature, recognizing that the art of alchemy is merely a method copied from Nature but with the aid of certain secret formulæ greatly shortened by being correspondingly intensified. In some substances, however, it is easier to perform this miracle because in them these germs have already been long fertilized and are thus more nearly prepared for the vivifying process of the art. Salt, sulphur, and mercury each has a triune nature, for each of these substances contains, in reality, also the other two substances, according to the secret arcanum of the wise. By order of the King the virgins were forced to remove their veils, thus signifying that by means of wisdom (Solomon) the mystic arts were forced to disclose their hidden parts to the philosopher, while to the uninitiated world only the outside garments were visible. The third and fourth divisions of the following table are given alternative renderings, owing to the fact that some authors did not draw a clear line between spirit and soul. In line with the same idea Pythagoras asserted that the dodecahedron, or twelve-faced symmetrical geometric solid, was the foundation of the universe. What is it that dies on the cross, is buried in the tomb of the Mysteries, and that dies also in the retort and becomes black with putrefaction? If the augmentations of its power be carried too far, the test tube containing the substance will explode and vanish as dust. According to the Mysteries, man was redeemed as the result of his passage in rotation through the twelve mansions of the heavens.
As if to substantiate the claims of mediæval philosophers that King Solomon was a master of alchemy, Dr.
The paramount reason why the material scientist is incapable of duplicating the achievements of the mediæval alchemists--although he follow every step carefully and accurately--is that the subtle element which comes out of the nature of the illuminated and regenerated alchemical philosopher is missing in his experimentation. This is an invariable rule, although it is cunningly hidden in the allegories and emblems of Hermetic philosophy. Veteran traveler and spiritual adventurer Greg Roach will dive deeply into the world of Sufism, exploring the mystical, transcendent aspect of Islam and sharing from his personal experiences in Egypt, Morocco and beyond.
I got a new tattoo, was as violently ill as I’ve ever been in my life, was a “guest of honor” at an Egyptian wedding, was shot the finger by a man selling goat-heads, was propositioned for sex by a 60 year old butcher, cried with total strangers over lost spouses, drank, smoke, cursed and reveled my way around the entire planet. As Hinduism emerged from the Vedic religion, Rudra changed to become a more beneficent and beautiful god.
But regardless, here we are and I’m feeling simultaneously stupid, responsible, and, thanks to the hiccups, dyspeptic. Me, on the other hand, no one is gonna mistake for a local, regardless of how hard I rock the man-dress.
I can tell from the rich, resonate tones that this bell is made from an alloy of five sacred metals.
According to old legends preserved by the Rabbins, the angel at the gate of Eden instructed Adam in the mysteries of Qabbalah and of alchemy, promising that when the human race had thoroughly mastered the secret wisdom concealed within these inspired arts, the curse of the forbidden fruit would be removed and man might again enter into the Garden of the Lord.
They implicitly believed in the multiplication of metals; and in the face of their reiterations both the scholar and the materialist should be more kindly in their consideration of alchemical theorems. When the body of Hermes was interred in the Valley of Ebron (or Hebron), the divine Emerald was buried with it. And on a day, Alexander with his Twelve Princes, ascended by the aforenamed steps to the top of the Mountain, and found there a Palace marvellously beautiful, having Twelve Gates, and seventy windows of the purest gold, and it was called the Palace of the Sun, and there was in it a Temple all of gold, before whose gates were vine trees bearing bunches of carbuncles and pearls, and Alexander and his Princes having entered the Palace, found there a Man lying on a golden bedstead; he was very stately and beautiful in appearance, and his head and beard were white as snow. A philosopher might declare that a universe could be made out of a man, but the foolish would regard this as an impossibility, not realizing that a man is a seed from which a universe may be brought forth. If one thing can be multiplied, then all things can be multiplied, "for the superior agrees with the inferior and the inferior agrees with the superior." But as the way for the redemption of the soul is concealed by the Mysteries, so the secrets for the redemption of the metals are also concealed, that they may not fall into the hands of the profane and thereby become perverted. Nature, in order to achieve her miracles, must work through either extensiveness; or intensiveness. Likewise, to teach some men wisdom is easier than to teach others, for some already have a foundation upon which to work, while in others the thinking faculties are entirely dormant.
The body of salt is, therefore, threefold, namely salt, sulphur, and mercury; but in the body of salt one of the three (salt) predominates.
May there not be a relation also between this mysterious 3 times 4 and the four parties of three which in the legend of the third degree of Freemasonry go forth to the four angles of the cherubim, the composite creature of four parts? She wore no crown but often stood upon a lunar crescent: much after the fashion of the Madonna. Also, what is it that does this same thing in the nature of man, that he may rise again, phœnix-like, from his own ashes (caput mortuum)?
This commonly occurs and is the greatest danger involved in the preparation of the medicine for men and metals.
The twelve processes by means of which the "secret essence" may be discovered remind the student forcibly of the twelve Fellow Craftsmen who are sent forth in search of the murdered Builder of the Universe, the Universal Mercury.
Franz Hartmann has noted that the much-abused and misunderstood Song of Solomon is in reality an alchemical formula.
Unless a man be "born again" he cannot accomplish the Great Work, and if the student of alchemical formulæ will remember this, it will save him much sorrow and disappointment. Greg is a popular speaker whose signature humor, presence, depth of understanding and amazing visuals will help you get your Sufi Rave on. Eventually becoming thought of as the lord of animals, the patron of hunters, and a god of auspicious luck.
There is a gorgeous park area surrounding the temple grounds that makes for a shady respite from the heat of the day, as well as offering amazing ocean views of the cliff faces and the temple itself.
It’s a very comfortable arrangement, especially given Bali’s mild climate, but quite different from western style homes. As I exhale I send a wave of love from my palms, and the center of my chest, out into the room.
No matter what it was, I can never forget that long, timeless moment when I was cradled in the arms of the cosmos and bathed by the hands of man.
As man took upon himself "coats of skins" (physical bodies) at the time of his fall, so these sacred sciences were brought by him into the lower worlds incarnated in dense vehicles, through which their spiritual transcendental natures could no longer manifest themselves. Evolutionists trace the unfoldment of the arts and sciences up through the growing intelligence of the prehistoric man, while others, of a transcendental point of view, like to consider them as being direct revelations from God. Many centuries afterward the Emerald was discovered--according to one version, by an Arabian initiate; according to another, by Alexander the Great, King of Macedon. The 3 times 3 is part of the mystery of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry, for 33 is 3 times 3, which is 9, the number of esoteric man and the number of emanations from the root of the Divine Tree. Wisdom cannot be imparted to an idiot because the seed of wisdom is not within him, but wisdom may be imparted to an ignorant person, however ignorant he may be, because the seed of wisdom exists in him and can be developed by art and culture. The extensive processes of Nature are such as are used in the transmutation of the pitch of black carbon into diamonds, requiring millions of years of natural hardening. Alchemy, therefore, should be regarded as the art of increasing and bringing into perfect flower with the greatest possible expedition. Mercury is likewise composed of salt, sulphur, and mercury with the latter element predominating. Mercury was typified as a youth with wings, often with two heads, carrying serpents or sometimes the caduceus. If developed too far, it will also seep through the glass, for there is no physical container sufficiently strong to hold it, The reason for this is that it is no longer a substance but a divine essence partaking of the interpenetrative power of Divinity. The student of natural philosophy will immediately recognize the "dark maid of Jerusalem," not as a person but as a material sacred to the sages. To speak of that part of the mystery which is concerned with the secret life principle within the actual nature of man, is forbidden, for it is decreed by the Masters of the art that each shall discover that for himself and on this subject it is unlawful to speak at greater length. I sprinted over as several bystanders dragged the man out of the roadway and on to the sidewalk. Anything less and they’ll hold onto your stuff with one hand while eating the food with the other. Around me, I am enfolded in the arms of the beautiful community, the very essence of human compassion. Is it possible that under the symbols of alchemy and astrology lies concealed a wisdom so abstruse that the mind of this race is not qualified to conceive its principles? By means of the power of this Emerald, upon which were the mysterious inscriptions of the Thrice Great Hermes--thirteen sentences in all--Alexander conquered all the then known world. It is the number of worlds nourished by the four rivers that pour out of the Divine Mouth as the verbum fiat. Hence a philosopher is only an ignorant man within whose nature a projection has taken place.
Nature may accomplish her desired end or, because of the destructiveness exercised by one element over another, she may not; but with the aid of the true art, Nature always accomplishes her end, for this art is not subject either to the wastings of time or to the vandalism of elemental reactions. Lead they symbolized by an old man with a scythe in his hand; iron by a soldier dressed in armor. When it is properly developed, this universal solvent in liquid form will dissolve into itself all other metals. But each time I’m about to achieve that familiar, blissful, meditative “click” in my consciousness, my diaphragm spasms and my awareness slams back into my body.
I am the rose flowering on the cross: a flaming amalgam of temporal and infinite, human and cosmic, transcendent and contained. Beneath the so-called symbolism of alchemy is concealed a magnificent concept, for this ridiculed and despised craft still preserves intact the triple key to the gates of eternal life. These nine divisions--3 times 3, plus Azoth (the mysterious universal life force), equals 10, the sacred decad of Pythagoras. To aqua fortis was given the curious name "the ostrich's stomach," and to the attainment of the "Great Work" they assigned the symbol of the phœnix sitting upon a nest of fire.
Hartmann writes: "The 'Song of Solomon,' in the Old Testament, is a description of the processes of Alchemy.
I’m handed a huge bundle of burning incense, which I hold between my palms, fragrant smoke billowing.
Regardless of his glory and power, the prophecies of the talking trees were fulfilled, and Alexander was cut down in the midst of his triumph. Realizing, therefore, that alchemy is a mystery in three worlds--the divine, the human, and the elemental--it can easily be appreciated why the sages and philosophers created and evolved an intricate allegory to conceal their wisdom. The union of elements they symbolized by a marriage, the Process of putrefaction by a skull, antimony by a dragon. This salt dissolved with the proper amount of any metal and run through the different stages of digestion and rotations; of augmentations will eventually become a medicine for the transmuting of inferior metals.
For Nature assenting, she demeans herself obediently to every artist, whilst by their industry she is helped, not hindered.

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