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The story of Anastasia Romanova has become that of legend, but in this creative historical fiction, Anastasia's life is made real. While the story of the doomed Russian family is familiar, I will admit that I am nowhere near an expert on the Romanovs. The myth that has surrounded the family gives it an other worldly air, but reading Dunlap's novel brought home reality rather than myth. If you would like my copy, let me know in the comments section and include your email address. Summary: A delightful children’s hardcover book based on the original story by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and illustrated by Laura Wood. Content: What a sweet child-sized version of the much longer classic story, The Secret Garden! In this edition, younger readers can either read for themselves, or enjoy listening to an adult share the story with them. Photos: From the front to back cover, this padded classic has gorgeous color illustrations. Sign up here  for our online newsletter where we’ll bring you exclusive offers, gardening tips and tricks, creative outdoor decor ideas, simple but stunning DIY projects, profiles of gardeners from around the world, book reviews, product recommendations, and so much more.
Perhaps, maybe just maybe, had I listened to this one in audio I may have liked it a little more.
Thank you to Viking for sending the Literary Hoarders a hardcopy of The Secret Chord, it is, as always, greatly appreciated. When I was reading, after staring at it with dread most of the time and sighing deeply about having to return to it, I went and peeked at other’s comments about it on GR. My YAL tends to be of the fantasy variety with supernatural elements, paranormal beings, or futuristic settings. Still they persist in our culture as a truly romantic ideal: nobility brought down by the Bolsheviks, a family executed.

While sticking to the truth of their situation, she still managed to normalize the characters, allowing readers a glimpse into a royal family which comprises real people with flaws, secrets, pets, toys, inside jokes, hopes, and dreams. While the sociopolitical and historical facts are interspersed within the story, the focus remains on Anastasia, her love for Sasha, and the day-to-day of her family's imprisonment. I probably should have been reading Ulysses, or one of the many other readalong books I have this month, but I wanted something fast and light, and Anastasia's Secret worked out perfectly for that.
A small favor for those who ask, I really prefer it if anyone winning a book from me, especially one I have received for review, be someone who will review the book publicly as well (on a blog, GoodReads, LibraryThing, wherever). Brooks, I don’t know if you realized just how difficult it would be for us as readers to read those names in their transliteration.
So unfortunate, however, this will never stop me from reading Geraldine Brooks in the future – either her books already published that I have yet to read, as well as the ones yet to be published. There were some that really loved it but I found many that were saying the very same thing I was feeling and struggling with.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Then there are the diamonds of course - the image of children with diamonds hidden under their clothes, causing the bullets to bounce off and bayonets to be used.
Anastasia is not a stately, composed, elegant Grand Duchess; she is a girl who wants to spend time with her family, to throw snowballs, to fall in love. While leaving things off where they did lent a bittersweet air, the facts of the case are known, and as such, I would have preferred to see it through. All ages will enjoy revisiting, or being introduced, to this simplified version of the story of Mary discovering friendship and happiness in the secret garden. There is an incredible amount of research and time invested into this novel, that you can be assured of, that’s classic Brooks style, so it is rather difficult to say my overall impression of The Secret Chord is one of dissatisfaction.

It is horrifying, tragic, and appealing to the far-removed state-of-mind (not so appealing if you think about it too hard). If I want to read an in-depth, serious accounting of the time, I will read nonfiction, not a young adult novel. For me it was like ending a story taking place on the Titanic just when the iceberg was spotted. There was a serious disconnection and I conveyed my feelings to fellow Hoarder Elizabeth that, you know what?
I kept trying to say the names in my head as Saul or Samuel but ended up reading it as shoool or schmooo instead.
It is interesting that it ends before all the drama really begins though, and I am wondering why the author chose to do it that way. It’s not just for Saul and Samuel either, every single name (and there are a great many in here) is spelled in their transliteration from the Hebrew. This book sounds like it would make a great read, and I went through a stage when I was younger, where I was in love with any and all things Anastasia! I do not know how the audio narrator would have handled it, but I’m assuming it may have been read using the Saul and Solomon versions and therefore making it easier for the reader to understand and follow along.
Otherwise, too much time and energy was being spent on attempting to translate or say the names correctly in your head and didn’t allow you to focus on the story and settle into it properly.

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