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There’s a lot that goes into changing something in your life…and sticking with that change. Packed with all sorts of interesting scientific studies on the way our minds and willpower work (explained in an easy to understand manner), Yeung provides us with simple methods to successfully set reachable goals, keep ourselves motivated, get over setbacks, and create a support network so that we can actually see our resolutions through.
I’ve read a lot (and I mean a lot) of self-improvement books (happiness is kind of my thing), and I have to say this is honestly one of my new faves. I finally read all of Maurer’s book, in one sitting while traveling late last year, and I really enjoyed it.
Ironically, there are some lessons from the clinical realm that we can, I think, bring back to the workplace. Maurer suggests that small baby steps changes, as we use in workplace kaizen, circumvent the amygdala because small changes aren’t overwhelming or scary.
Now you might be thinking that small gradual improvements are fine, but we also need innovation (a trendy business buzzword). What is a new workplace habit, related to Lean or otherwise, that you have wanted to start, but you didn’t because it seemed too overwhelming?
Later in the book, Maurer creates an interesting twist, as the kaizen principles (originating in the workplace) are brought BACK into the workplace, as he described how staff at a medical clinic really turned around their operations and became successful through these same ideas he had used with his patients. Maurer also makes a great case for how we start, with kaizen, by learning how to see and address little problems. All in all, I found this an enjoyable and thought-provoking read – for my personal life and in the professional realm. BufferPlease consider leaving a comment or sharing this post via social media.Mark GrabanMark Graban's passion is creating a better, safer, more cost effective healthcare system for patients and better workplaces for all. Thank you for reviewing this work on your blog and bringing it to light for the lean community, Mark. FYI, Maurer has a new book out from McGraw-Hill — a little guidebook about the kaizen philosophy. Welcome to my blog, which is all about improving hospitals and other types of organizations through "Lean." Learn more. The novel filled me with such awe and appreciation of writers and writing that I sought to emulate Garp’s dedication to his craft. My favorite character in the novel is Jenny Fields, Garp’s mother, a nurse with little tolerance for social conventions. Discovering the sexual suspects in “The World According to Garp”, I was introduced to an affirming world of alternative sexuality at a time when such views were far from the mainstream.
Garp was also ahead of its time in its depiction of radical activism, best illustrated by the Ellen James Society, a group of women who voluntarily cut out their own tongues in solidarity with an eleven-year-old rape victim.
Approximately thirty years after first reading John Irving’s work, I had the good fortune to become his editor.
On the other hand, ad agencies find books, bookshops, and libraries a very promising subject in terms of creative potential.
Ad agencies make these ads for their creative portfolios, to raise their creative reputation among clients and on advertising festivals. Some of these concepts, like Mint Vinetu bookstore, have been extremely popular on the web. There have been many ad campaigns playing with book titles, but this series of ads for the Oslo bookshop Norlis is particularly timely.
Books have the wonderful power to take you to another world and escape daily problems the moment you open them.

This is a series of minimalist print ads for a brilliant book, Life in 5 Seconds, created and published by a Milan-based advertising studio H-57.
The ebook company from India doesn’t exist any longer, but the poster has a universal message, highlighting one of the most important benefits of ebooks. Created for Penguin China, the campaign successfully attempted to describes one’s life in a single picture. Every year, millions of people swear they’re going to lose weight, write a book, find a new job, you name it…and every year, most of them give up on their resolution within a few weeks. No, it just means we don’t have the right tools to stick to our vows on a day to day basis. In this book (which is down to earth, straightforward and super-easy to read), Yeung explores all the different factors that go into making a change that lasts. While the title may sound like just your average “you can do it!” self-help book, it’s actually really practical and full of great advice you can put into action right now. Even if you don’t normally read books like this, it’s so un-fluffy and relatable that anyone can get a ton of great advice from it, and be surprised at how interesting the science of change really is.
Traditional advice would be to ask her to launch immediately into some big fancy exercise program that, since it seemed overwhelming, might not even get started (or might not sustain) — sounds familiar to big programmatic approaches to workplace improvement, right? He asked Julie to just march one minute… and then the entire commercial break, then two.
Instead of coming back discouraged, as so many failed exercisers do, Julie was more animated, with less resistance in her speech and demeanor…. Maurer says there is certainly a place for larger innovation, but we also need smaller continuous improvements.
Let’s say your Lean consultant said you need to do an hour-long Gemba walk every day.
We all know we are trying to improve but should Standard Work and more specifically Leader Standard Work be used as your change agent? There is an age-old (and counterproductive) mindset that says in effect – how I behave at work and how I behave in private life are unrelated.
In her memoir, “A Sexual Suspect”, Jenny writes, “I wanted a job and I wanted to live alone. For a teenager who didn’t yet know whether he was gay or bisexual or just unusually curious, there was much solace and communion to be found in the lives of John Irving’s characters.
Through the years, the Ellen Jamesians have become so real to me that I’ve had to check reference sources to make sure they didn’t actually exist, and to confirm that John Irving made it all up. One reason John chose me was because the novel he’d just written, “In One Person”, was also about sexual suspects, and he thought I’d appreciate it. When Garp is struggling to write his next work, he entertains notions of becoming a marriage counselor because “art doesn’t help anyone.” Irving writes that Garp “rejected the idea that art was of any social value whatsoever—that it could be, that it should be.
I can’t imagine that a small bookstore could afford an expensive photo shoot, not mentioning placing a two-page ad in color magazines (most of the ads look like double-spreads). Unlike chips or alcoholic beverages, I have nothing against making spoofs for books, bookstores, or libraries. It doesn’t mean people from around the world would be coming to the bookstore in Vilnius the next day.
The idea is originated from the fascinating, well-known book art of Isaac Salazar, who carves words into the pages of old books. Made for Sony Russia, the print ad says “An educated person reads one tree of books per year.

Because it creatively describes one of the most desired benefits of books: they can make the reader someone else.
No matter whether you use Facebook on the iPad or Twitter on your Android phone, our site loads fast and is easy to read. It’s like Improve Your Life 101 and a great staple for anyone’s library who wants to make their lives better. This is a helpful survival instinct when we are in real physical danger, but it’s less helpful when this response is triggered by a change or a new situation at work or in our daily life.
Start small, reinforce the behavior, and you might gradually start enjoying the gemba walks to the point when you are now making time to make them happen.
There are ideas in this book that we can all apply to our New Year’s resolutions or other improvements we hope to make.
He is author of the Shingo Award-winning books Lean Hospitals and Healthcare Kaizen, as well as The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen. After listening to the first five minutes during the morning commute, I turned it off and instead listened to it when I had the opportunity to focus and take notes. I don’t remember which year I read it, but it was the summer, and I finished it late at night, in the corner of the couch in our living room, in tears.
Whenever I’m coasting into a driveway at night, I remain vigilant, as I remember the most tragicomic automotive fellatio scene in the history of American literature. Decades before Caitlyn Jenner or Transparent, John Irving gave us Roberta Muldoon (formerly Robert Muldoon, once a professional football player), one of the most memorable trans characters in popular fiction. It only means people around the world would be more willing to unplug from the internet and reach for the book.
It’s a great resource for anyone who’s ever wanted to improve their lives, in any way, and it’s not like all the other “self-help” books out there. In fact, I have a feeling I’m going to be coming back to it a lot whenever I make a new change in my life! Combined with positive thoughts and encouragement, these baby steps can lead to larger, sustained changes. We write a lot about small problems and small improvements in our book, but that’s the starting point. They are the greatest personal evidence I can cite to prove how profoundly art can influence and enrich lives. There will always be little problems even as we start fixing the bigger, more systemic stuff.
Everyone can change, but few do because they are not willing to master the incremental steps required to overcome their existing habits. In my years of seeking a pathway to healing for our Native people in Alaska, I have been reading widely about Toxic Stress and its impact of the developing brain. When I watch my sleeping daughter at night, I recall the way Garp would unspool bedtime stories for his children, and smell the freshness of their breath as they slept. Mark is also the VP of Improvement & Innovation Services for the technology company KaiNexus. Coupled with a no blame, no shame workplace, continuous improvement and training, I truly believed we could reduce workplace stress substantially enough to start making a difference in the other parts of our employee’s lives.

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