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Still, it’s hard not to compare and contrast the two, especially when it comes to a TV show adapting a comic book with scores of fans. Despite being a visual medium, Robert Kirkman writes an incredibly verbose comic in The Walking Dead.
Thankfully, the show is close enough to the comics to capture just what made them great, but with enough surprises to keep people like me interested.
One of the more dramatic changes to the story in TV form is the creation of Merle Dixon (played by the wonderful Michael Rooker) as the guy who Rick inadvertently causes to get abandoned amidst a zombie attack in Atlanta. If I wanted to pick up the comic and start the read, what issue would I start with in relation to the show as of now?
First of all, show is WAY too dramatic, less character development and pointless bitching and more story progression and action. If you want to catch up with the comics, they haven’t even made it passed the 14th issue.
Anyone complaining about the show not following the comic story line doesn’t understand the TV business. As far as hard being easy: Zombies┬ásurprise┬áthe group and overrun the farm, they scramble and drive in different directions. Plus, as visual mediums, comics and cinema are cousins that look a lot alike but are, in many ways, very different.

Characters speak in paragraphs that fill the pages, and much of it would sound rotten if spoken aloud by real actors. Protagonist Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) wanders this unfamiliar, zombie-infested world with nary a word uttered until he actually locates some semblance of humanity. Unfortunately, the gaggle of survivors totally lack depth, with such winners as Merle the cartoon racist (Michael Rooker) and a large black man named T-Dog (IronE Singleton). More accurately, I was afraid that Frank Darabont would be adapting every issue into an episode, word-for-word, and thus give viewers like me little surprise and forcing me to wonder just what the point was of experiencing the same exact story twice in two different mediums.
In the comics Rick and Glenn return to Atlanta just to pick up more guns, which is a bit video gamey and akin to the concerns of early episodes of Lost — ooh, we discovered the water part of the map! Seriously, the comic is amazing and the longer the show continues to move in a different direction, the worse it becomes. Most of the 2nd season has been searching for a girl who is still alive in the comics… Bunch of BULLSHIT.
You can especially see some surface-level similarities between comics and TV, both known for serialized installments and trade paperback collects kind of resembling full season DVDs.
The big draw of The Walking Dead (like, to some extent, zombie classics as Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later) is the interpersonal conflict. I absolutely love the zombie genre and the more I see this show, the more I am saddened by seeing it waste such awesome potential set in place by the comic.

I can understand changing the tv series from the comics because of view interest, but they have made it so dramatic and different that is might as well not even be related to the comic. Then there are other moments, where there’s tension practically built into the episode or scene, and they make it super easy.
Even beloved character Glenn doesn’t feel right as Steven Yeun is forced to utter some ponderous dialogue. Shane’s also a lot more fun than Rick, who as of yet has no personality traits except leadership. I could go on for days on this one so I will cut it short and leave everyone with one word…. Here Darabont and company finally start to paint their characters in ways that make them resemble human beings.
Hopefully somebody on staff will set him right as far as screenwriting versus comic book scripting.

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