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She lives by the principal that with God at her side and in her soul, she is never alone and never without hope. Four years ago, Judith and her best friend disappeared from their small town of Roswell Station. When I asked God why He lets people suffer, He told me to go read His book, that I would find the answers there.

She is no stranger to suffering, experiencing anti-Semitism as a teenager, a father sentenced to prison, parents that divorced, nearly dying in a car accident at age 20,A  divorced in her 30s, then left a widow at age 44.
This book explores Goda€™s word and illustrates many of these reasons with examples from our lives as well examples from the Bible. You will see how others can be brought to faith through our suffering and how and why we suffer not only for our own poor judgment and sin, but because of othersa€™ sins as well.

Through ita€™s pages we learn of God, learn about ourselves, and learn to grow in the trust necessary to face every circumstance of our lives.

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