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Dead Sea Works is the world's seventh largest producer and supplier of potash products with more than ten thousand Israeli workers coming mostly from the southern Israel. About UsAre you an aspiring fantasy or sci-fi writer, looking for some advice and support for the moment when you can finally let go of all the creativity burning up inside of you?
21, October 2015 was celebrated as back to the future day; the day that all the events in the second instalment of the BTTF franchise would have officially happened in the past. If you ask me if pharmacy these days does wonders I can only answer with this link – men with blue pills. The fantasy genre is an area of fiction where magic, mythical creatures, and imaginary worlds prevail. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.
Both Kirkman and Adlard spoke highly of the AMC adaptation.  Kirkman praised the plotlines that diverge from those in the comics, citing the Sophia plotline from season two as particularly moving.
When asked about the Davidson’s silhouette in The Survival Guide, and whether fans could expect a return for the character, Kirkman responded that he prefers to write story lines like real life where sometimes people just disappear.
When the duo was asked if they had an end in mind for the series, Kirkman responded that though they have a vague ending in mind, it serves more as a contingency plan if people grow disinterested in the comic, “we love what we’re doing and this is genuinely what we set out to do with our lives.”  Adlard agreed, saying that the end is planned, but it could come in two years, ten years or twenty. On the cause of the infection, Kirkman made it clear that he has no intention to write a cause of infection as he considers the comics to be highly realistic and any explanation would verge on science fiction. When a fan asked how the show would manage the gritty brutality that comes in the later issues Adlard responded that “the TV show has already demonstrated it can go further than any other TV show” the rest is just a matter of pushing the boundaries a little further. When asked if he ever had difficulty drawing the violent scripts handed to him, Adlard replied that only once, for the torture issue, did he feel reluctant, but after calling Kirkman he was convinced to do it.  Kirkman said that he intended to send real life images as inspiration for a specific scene in issue #100, but found that it was too horrific and never went through with the idea. When asked what spin-off they would choose to do Kirkman responded an underwater version called “The Walking Dead: Atlantis,” Adlard chose “The Walking Dead in Space”. Kirkman revealed that despite the lack of animals in the comics, Norman Reedus has been campaigning for Daryl to get a dog. When asked about the status of Kirkman’s project “The Cutting Room Floor”, a collection of handwritten drafts accompanied by his commentary on each piece, Kirkman said that writing the commentary was taking longer than expected and that he hopes to have the project finished around October.
On the legal dispute with Tony Moore, Kirkman said “It’s an unfortunate thing…There’s clearly a disagreement there and we’re working through it.” He said he was hopeful that they would reach terms both agreed on soon.
Jack Gantos is an eleven-year-old boy growing up in the slowly dying town of Norvelt, Pennsylvania. Part childhood memoir, part murder mystery, part comedy, Dead End In Norvelt is one of the best Newbery winners I have read in a while.
The introduction, toward the end of the 15th century, of determining location using bearings taken by astronomical observation led to a much more precise knowledge of locations along the coast of West Africa. With the discovery of the New World, problems arose for nautical cartographers, such as taking bearings at sea, the loxodromic curve or rhumb line, and, in fact, the entire issue of the use of projections. Because cartography furthered maritime exploration and the new geographical knowledge resulting from it, strong official support was forthcoming. Under the designation partes de africa, a rather faded reference appears to the man who presumably owned the chart, a€?Anne de Sanzay Compte de Magnagne,a€? the son of Anne, Duke of Montmorency. Pedro Reinela€™s a€?oblique meridiana€? or a€?tilted latitude grida€? off the North American coast with its 22.5A° declination from true North is noteworthy. To achieve this, cartographers had used two grids on different scales, which is what Claudius Clavus did in 1427, for example. Another cartographical innovation found on the Kuntsmann I map, an entirely new type of wind rose, had, as its main feature, a lily with a diamond-shaped central petal, lateral tendrils.
It is a very calm approach to the development of A.I, that doesn’t feature a single human head being ripped from its body. Brandon Generator was a short, interactive sci-fi-series, funded by Internet Explorer (yeah, remember them?).

Admit it, you might have taken a stab at it yourself (or thought about it), but it’s not as easy as we’d like to think.
It captures the imagination in a way that realistic fiction does not; although not as relatable in a day-to-day basis, we can get lost in the worlds that these writers create and every reader can imagine if differently.
I have so much respect for authors in this genre, as they have so much more to consider when writing a book. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. During the panel, Kirkman and Adlard discussed their fondness for the television adaptation, potential plans for the end of the comic series, and how they would fare in a zombie apocalypse.  Hit the jump for highlights from the panel. When a fan pointed out that many people would want them on their teams, Kirkman said that was “foolish” and all he would be able to do is write comics. Norvelt was a town created and designed by Eleanor Roosevelt to allow the poor to live with dignity, and with a community where they could live communally. Places on the Mediterranean coast, on the other hand, were calculated several degrees too far to the north until as late as the 17th century. In the a€?small worlda€? of the Mediterranean, these problems, if recognized at all, had been of minor importance. It probably came into the possession of the Augsburg Konrad Peutinger (1465-1547) and thus found its way to Southern Germany and eventually to the collection of the Royal Bavarian State Library.
The double Equator in the King Hamy map (#307.1) and the doubling of both the Equator and the Tropics, as seen in the maps of the Spanish cartographer Gutierrez, serve the same purpose. We are a company whose purpose is to provide you with all of the information you need to make your dreams come true and write a novel. Of course, it helps if your plot isn’t a complete load, too, but, the thing that matters most is the way you put it across. The premise is simple: four teenage heroes-for-hire, cruise through the universe saving weird, adorable and weirdly adorable aliens. Brandon, after drinking 13 expressos in a row and getting absolutely nothing done, passes out and awakes to find that he had written over a hundred pages of work. But most of the original residents are dead and Jack’s mom is one of the few who still lives by this creed. Is this Carson’s last adventure?While trying to protect a client for Jack Logan, Carson finds himself in the middle of a family feud – a deadly feud with skeletons AND bodies hidden in all the family closets.Murder, blackmail, infidelity, counterfeit money and, of course, the Mafia send Carson in search of a client that doesn’t want to be found. This was due to the magnetic declination in the Mediterranean, and it had its effect on the cartography of portolan charts.
It depicts the western and central Mediterranean, the coasts of Western Europe and the British Isles, Northwest Africa, and of particular interesta€”part of southeastern North America, based on the discoveries made by Miguel Caspar Corte-Real on their voyages of exploration (1500-1502), and the eastern coast of Newfoundland and what is now Labrador as far south as the Hudson River. Since it was first described by Johann Schmeller, it has been the object of much interest to specialists in American studies, mainly in connection with its early representation of parts of North America. The use of this device is connected with early depictions of North America and especially with the peculiar, and erroneous, way of delineating the coastline of southeastern and eastern North America, as running from west to east.
Pedro Reinela€™s map is not only important because it is the earliest signed Portuguese chart, but also because it demonstrates the underlying sense of the a€?oblique meridian,a€? which was at times misunderstood by later cartographers. We are a hub of not just facts, but resources, research and more importantly, community support. For further illustration, I present you my three favourite sci-fi…things and what you should take away from them. On its own, this idea is nothing to call home about, but, it shares the same creator as Adventure Time and as such, the same unpredictable spirit.
In an effort to figure out how, he goes to explore the outside world and finds his own personal nightmare.
When Jack mows down his mom’s corn that she had planted for the hungry, he is grounded for the summer.

In fact, finding the client could turn out to be the worst solution for Carson Reno and his friends.Join Carson as he follows clues and stumbles down a road of mystery. That is a portolan [nautical] type of chart, covering Western Europe and part of Africa, and already reflecting the explorations made by Diogo CA?o in 1482-1485. In a region where the magnetic declination was particularly strong, however, information was indicated on the charts that could or had to be taken into consideration by navigators. He succeeded, for example, a€?in solving the problem of locating places and regions by their latitude and longitude in the northern as well as the tropical zonesa€?.
In Lisbon and Seville, institutes sprang up for the purpose of collecting geographical data and preparing and updating navigational charts. In 1859 Kunstmann and his collaborators made the first color reproduction of this map, and it has been known to scholars as the Kunstmann I ever since. The tilted latitude grid means that the region involveda€”and this is invariably Newfoundland and Labradora€”must be turned to the left until this line is vertical.
The tilted latitude grid with a length of no more than 15A°, which runs parallel to or at an angle to the main scale, can be seen from 1504 until the end of the 17th century on some thirty charts.
We invite every aspiring writer to join our family here as we guide each other through the challenges of writing something great.
It crumbled under the weight of a thousand bad movies, comics, screenplays and whatever the hell Pacific Rim was supposed to be. This includes an episode where a time-wizard comes back to stop himself from going bald, a character that can make anything but just chooses to make toast and an elf named Wankershim that becomes the universe.
At the end of the movie (spoiler alert), Samantha and the other operating systems simply ascend to a higher plain of consciousness. The twist here, is that in the break between each episode, viewers submitted their ideas, pictures and notes and together with the writers they, built the story.
His only time out is to help the aging Miss Volker, the town medical examiner and author of obituaries. In the new regions shown on the map, there are several geographical names and notes in Portuguese. Then the general orientation of the coastline, which runs vertically on the maps, will also be correct at NNW.
The noticeably marked magnetic field deviation (declination) of the magnetic needle from true North and the resulting errors in the dead reckoning of the latitude gave rise to this expedient device. I think one of the reasons that this simple premise was decidedly worthy of an Oscar, was because, though it did focus on the relationship between the A.I system and human beings, it was more so intended to show Samantha’s growth into a sentient being rather than showing her simply as an issue for human kind (see terminator for reference). The result was a completely new concept, where our would-be hero runs away from a monster consisting entirely of coffee and for some reason wearing a hat, while pages of his viewers’ suggestions for escaping, fell from the sky. The phenomenon of declination was probably discovered in about the middle of the 15th century and was also taken into account by Columbus. Because of the increase in magnetic deviation from true North, navigators who sailed by dead reckoning followed a course, which inclined, farther to the west, the farther they were from Europe. Other renowned cartographers, such as Juan Diaz de Solis, Sebastian(o), Cabot(o), and Diogo Ribeiro followed him in this post.
So before you start writing, you have to ask yourself, what can you create that absolutely no-one else can?
With his son Jorge Reinel and the cartographer Lopo Homem (#389), he participated in the construction of the well-known Miller Atlas of 1519 (#329.1).
1504 is the earliest known nautical chart with a scale of latitudes, and the first to depict a wind rose with a clearly drawn fleur-de-lys (an iris flower used symbolically).

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