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About Brandon BaysBrandon Bays a dynamic and profoundly innovative teacher in the field of mind-body healing today. About 'The Journey'The Journey Process developed by Brandon Bays is a deceptively simple technique that facilitates emotional and physical self-healing in the shortest possible time.How and when to use the Journey?
Free yourself from the old emotional baggage and stored pain that has held you back for years.
Live your life as a joyous expression of the true radiance that you always knew was present deep inside. Astrid Idema is an Internet Marketer with over 10 years of online experience working for international companies like eBay and Brother. Get notified by email when new articles are added to this category or written by this author.
Basierend auf ihrem gleichnamigen Bestseller hat Brandon Bays gefuhrte Meditationen entwickelt, die allen am JOURNEY-Prozess Interessierten neue Wege zur Selbstbefreiung zeigen.
Wir verwenden Cookies aus zwei Grunden: Sie sind notwendig, damit bestimmte Teile unserer Website uberhaupt funktionieren und wir mochten damit das Benutzererlebnis verbessern. The Journey is a method of cellular healing developed by international bestselling author Brandon Bays. You’re still searching for your own authentic greatness, your infinite potential, your deepest truth.
Then join us and experience this dynamic, new paradigm for bringing lasting change to your life.
Using The Journey methods ordinary people achieve extraordinary results, no matter their age, background, culture or upbringing. The Journey Intensive Healing Seminar provides you with simple but radical and powerful tools that you can take with you to use in all areas of your life and will be facilitated by much sought after International author, speaker and trainer Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD).

Learn what key opinion leaders like Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins and the Sunday times had to say about the Journey. Day 2: You will deepen your experience through additional mini-process work and introspections, and learn and undergo the Physical Journey Process, discovering old cell memories, resolving and clearing them completely and thus activating your body’s healing power. Day 3: You will learn the unique and powerful Advanced skills that Brandon personally developed in her private practice and has made the Journey.
For more information download a free booklet Journey to Healing with the first chapter of The Journey book by Brandon Bays, completely free along with 6 other breakthrough books. To get the latest schedule of free seminars, training courses and workshops please go to Book me. To stay connected with us and to know more about upcoming events Like our Vitality Living College official facebook page Click here.
Eine gefuhrte Erlebnis-Reise zum wahren Selbst und die perfekte Erganzung zur Arbeit mit dem JOURNEY-Prozess!
She pioneered the revolutionary healing method to heal herself from a football sized tumour.
Through guided meditations, introspections, and additional mini-process work you will get a direct experience of the powerfully liberating effects of the Journey Work.
You will experience a Journey directly into your soul, clear out long-standing unhealthy emotional issues, and find true clarity and answers to your deepest questions by accessing your own inner wisdom.
It is an inspiring day, jam-packed with countless powerful tools, process work and the very latest skills. This is where graduates of the 3 day seminar can come together and give and receive a process completely free of charge. Brandon was diagnosed with a tumor the size of a basketball, She performed a remarkable, soul-searching and ultimately freeing healing journey in which she uncovered a means to get direct access to the soul.

It’s practical, user- friendly and down-to- earth – and it gets the deepest of results! This is a highly-experiential day where you’ll be immersed in the depth of the skills that make Journey work the most potent, life-changing program available in the world today. Wenn du Cookies im Webbrowser deaktivieren mochtest, gehe in die Einstellungen deines Browsers. Brandon Bays teaches the Journey for everybody to use.About the bookThe Journey is a simple, revolutionary set of techniques that has freed thousands from lifelong emotional and physical blocks, from addiction, depression and low self-esteem to chronic pain and illness. Mehr Informationen unter Datenschutz, der Teil der Nutzungsbedingungen der Audioteka Webseite ist.
Next to the description of the Journey that Brandon Bays has performed it gives handouts on how you yourself can perform the emotional and the physical Journey. The Journey was born of Brandon Bays' extraordinary experience of healing from a football-sized tumor, without drugs or surgery, in 6 weeks. She pioneered a remarkable healing technique that guides us directly to the root cause of a longstanding difficulty, emotional or physical, and then gives us the tools to resolve it. The Journey offers a simple imaginative process that is a revolutionary way to actually access memories held in specific parts of the body, bringing the latest findings of energy medicine into a fast, effective technique that anyone from a child to a CEO can use.

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