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The commemorate Black History Month, BET will air The Book of Negroes, a mini-series based on the critically-acclaimed book by Lawrence Hill.
For more information of the series, click the link to watch an Interview with the Cast of The Book of Negroes. I did quite enjoy the story, it seemed well thought out, and developed even if the comic book tale is only 13 pages long. But as i would not say the story is original, it also does nothing to break continuity and little to build upon whats been established. A 10-year-old girl’s father is crying foul over Transportation Security Administration procedures after a security officer patted down his daughter for nearly two minutes during an airport security check.
Payne in the video also repeatedly described the female TSA officer’s actions as groping and said TSA officers initiated the additional screening after finding a Capri Sun drink in her bag. Payne told NBC San Diego he and his daughter, Vendela, were held up at the TSA security checkpoint for about an hour as a result of the pat down and additional screenings.
The TSA modified its screening procedures for children 12 and under in recent years to reduce the likelihood of pat-downs but did not ban the practice altogether.

In All Over But the Shoutin' (1997) he introduced his family of origin, and especially his heroic mother, who epitomized the poorest of poor white trash. Bragg owns the horrific domestic violence, superstitions, cockfights, and alcoholism that characterized so much of those times, places, and people.
The Book of Negroes depicts the extraordinary life of Aminata Diallo – an indomitable African woman who survives against all odds in a world that forever underestimates her.
The radio-active Man, I quickly find myself wondering, if it will get a glowing review, or just be all  hype.
The process by which the child was patted down followed approved procedures,” the spokesperson said in a statement.
His newly released The Prince of Frogtown (2008) makes peace with his violently alcoholic father who repeatedly abandoned his family. He illustrates the power of place, honors the traditions of a time and place that have been lost to cultural snobbery, exemplifies the ambiguous shadow that one's extended family casts over successive generations, and is just a remarkable wordsmith with the dialect of rural Alabama and Georgia.
But he dignifies their hard work, the dirt under their fingernails, music, foods, traditions, poetic dialect, and resilience.

Kidnapped by slave traders in West Africa and subsequently enslaved in South Carolina, Aminata must navigate her way through the American Revolution in New York, the isolated refuge of Nova Scotia and the treacherous jungles of Sierra Leone, before ultimately securing her freedom in England at the dawn of the 19th century. Bragg spent one semester in college, then started writing, first high school sports, local stories, anything.
When Charlie Bundrum died at the age of fifty-one, a line of cars snaked a mile or more to his funeral at Tredegar Congregational Holiness Church. In 1993 he won a prestigious Nieman fellowship to spend a year at Harvard, and in 1996 he won a Pulitzer for feature writing at the New York Times.
Ava dipped snuff, her dresses were made from feed and flour sacks, she knew the meaning of welfare cheese handouts, and somehow nourished her eight children through the Depression and two world wars. Charlie moved his family twenty-one times in a decade between the backwoods of Georgia and Alabama, sometimes looking for work, sometimes outrunning the law, and never more than a hundred miles either way.

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