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The law of attraction is the law that says that whatever we ask for and believe with feeling, we will receive.
This beautifully designed Journal invites you to fill out a Cosmic Ordering Sheet and request what you would like the Universe to deliver.
You attract into your life whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to – whether positive or negative. The Law of Attraction (universal energy around you obeys the science of physics) is responding to the vibration you are offering. Throughout this Empowerment Program you will learn how to use the Law of Attraction more deliberately and attract into your life more of what you do want and less of what you dona€™t. Pamela Millican, life coach and energy healer, works people from business professionals to housewives, children, teenagers and adults - many deepy affected by trauma seeking personal growth and greater achievement.

In this moment right now, the mood or feeling you are experiencing is causing you to emit or send out a negative or positive vibration. Right now, in this very moment, it is matching your vibration by giving you more of the same, whether positive or negative. I am much happier, more positive and because of that the way others react to me has changed. With coaching, EFT, Reiki and other modalities, she helps people move past blocks to success, change limiting beliefs, and make continuous steps towards living the life you want. It sounds easy but we are surrounded by negative messages – just turn on the news and it is all focused on that. So in order to focus on positive beautiful emotion we suggest that you implement gratitude in your daily life.

Our gratitude products keeps you focused on positive feelings and thoughts thus bringing you good things in return. Focus your thoughts and tune in to a more positive attitude filled with gratitude and abundance.

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