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I first heard about the Miracle Morning while listening to the Creative Warriors podcast by Jeffrey Shaw. Reading that passage is when I realized that I had done the right thing by purchasing this book! Since beginning my own Miracle Morning routine last week, I have started to feel more peaceful, motivated, empowered, inspired, grateful, and energized.
Let me start by saying that I am definitely still in phase one of incorporating this new habit into my life.
What I love about the Miracle Morning is how it pushes me to do the things that I have always known I needed to do.
Now I have a morning routine that incorporates these important daily habits and sets me on a great course for the rest of the day. To help me stay on track, I’ve included a Miracle Morning tracker in my bullet journal. I highly encourage you to check out The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM). Kara Benz is the artist and author behind Boho Berry, where she inspires her readers to lead a more centered, fulfilled, and inspired life.
I love my bullet journal and have quite a big habit tracker as I try to incorporate my routine into my daily life.
I just re-branded my blog and one of the things I put on my about page is I never sleep past 8am.
I just heard Hal’s interview on the Smart Passive Income blog, and hearing his story about the car accident was just insane. I haven’t listened to that interview yet, Catherine but I’m definitely going to check it out now! I discovered you through pinterest and have already been devouring your blog posts and followed you on instagram! There is a new Network marketing book out called The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers and I contributed to it.
I think you will want to get a copy if you want to get the best advice from successful network marketers all over the globe and improve your daily production.
This Wednesday at 9pm eastern I am sharing our secrets of how we built a multiple 7 figure a year brand and how you can too (seriously). The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers is a brand new book by Hal Elrod and Pat Petrini. Hal and Pat have done a really good job of getting the best of the best to share their morning routines and processes. Het boek gaat over Hal, een jonge man die rond zijn twintigste een heel zwaar ongeluk heeft gehad en zes minuten lang is doodverklaard geweest. I don’t know why I stopped reading books about personal development after that book having such a profound impact, but I did. In June 2014 I made the conscious decision to work harder at my blogging and quilting and try and take the things that I love and earn enough money from them to make them self-sufficient (and one day have them earning enough to be able to support my husband quitting his day job to pursue his dreams and support our family to do the things they want to).
HUBBY and I spent an entire weekend road trip just listening to one podcast after another from all these people who were out there following their dreams and achieving and as I sat in the car listening a pattern emerged. It reaffirmed what I already knew… if I wanted to take my life to the next level then I needed to stop making excuses and start doing what I knew I had to in order to get where I wanted to go.
The miracle morning consists of 6 components: Silence (Meditation), Affirmations, Visulations, Exercise (Double Poop!), Reading and Scribing (Journalling).
All of these components can be found in the majority of highly successful people’s routines. I ordered The Five Minute Journal (another book that had consistently been mentioned by the people I was reading and listening to and something I thought could help a journaling novice such as myself) and when it turned up I started my Miracle Morning. I do my morning routine in a different order to the one in the book, I like to finish on exercise so I can come home and have a shower. Wake up each day with more energy, motivation, and focus and take your life to the next level.
In a recent episode, Jeff interviewed Hal Elrod — the author of the bestselling book The Miracle Morning. One of the ways that I try to slow down is to start my day off on the right foot by waking up slowly.

All ways that successful people have used to advance in their careers, their physical wellbeing, and their relationships. Would you be willing to deal with just 10 days of seeming agony in order to develop a habit that will change your life forever? It can be too easy to drop off after the second phase thinking that you’ve already made it. I’ve been waking up early for some time now, so that part has not been too difficult for me, but I have been struggling with staying consistent with this new Miracle Morning routine. Up until this book came along, I had been great about keeping up with my meditation practice, but not so much with exercise. I know that by starting my day with the Miracle Morning, that I am giving myself the momentum that I need to advance in the areas of my life that are important to me. In addition to the book, there is a great Facebook support community and you can sign up for Hal’s email list to gain access to some awesome workbooks and journal prompts to help you get started. Would you be willing to start your own Miracle Morning and start living your best life over the next 30 days?
Kara lives in Central NJ and is currently working on opening an Etsy shop filled with planner stickers, printables, and stationery. Still I don’t do the same routine in the mornings everyday and I know I really should. I’ve definitely found that sticking to the same routine every morning (or as close as possible) has helped me to stay on track and keep focused on the things that matter.
One thing he said (and not sure if he mentions it in the book) is that he gives himself only 5 minutes to complain about something. I’ve started my own morning routine with including exercise and mediation but there are still things I need to include, like goal reviewing.
I would think you would have planned out your day in you bujo the night before so I’m curious as to what happens in the morning?
Seriously, this post is so detailed and thoughtful, and I am SO grateful that you are helping The Miracle Morning Mission: to Change Millions of Lives, One Miracle Morning at a Time! Create Your Amazing life includes daily action steps that you can take (in 10 minutes or less) to start living your best life now!
This is a brand new training that WILL show you how to build a Million Dollar Business, you can register here and feel free to share with others. They cover affirmations, some diet stuff, visualizations, journaling and all sorts of other productivity and wealth building tips that can help you be more productive.
Wonder boven wonder is het allemaal weer goed gekomen met Hal, maar deze ingrijpende gebeurtenis heeft natuurlijk heel veel effect gehad op hoe hij in het leven staat. Een van de ochtendrituelen is natuurlijk sporten om even de hartslag te verhogen en zuurstof in je hoofd te krijgen.
I’d never heard of Pat before, but I figured if Ros was taking the time to recommend something the least I could do is give it a try. Pat seemed to be talking about he done a lot of the things I’d like to do and he seemed like a really nice, down-to-earth, no hippy dippy crap, kind of guy. They were doing the stuff that 99% of us know we should do if we want to achieve but for whatever reason we’re not doing it.
I lost count of the amount of people that said Meditation formed a crucial part of their habits for success. They recognised that they had limited time and decision making thought space and so they did the same things every day so they didn’t have to waste decision making power on what to have for breakfast. They all spent a large amount of time on goal setting, focusing on what they actually want out of life and breaking the goals down in to achievable chunks.
They didn’t have a lot going on in their lives, they were focused on achieving their goals and this is how they geared their lives.
I resisted for a couple of days and then I decided that I was going to commit to The Miracle Morning 30 Day Challenge.
Very productive and so good for your mindset, plus the rest of the day just always seems to go well. The Fizzle Show is another one I don’t miss (Pat interviewed them just a few shows ago). The exercise component is struggling due to the crappy weather, but that can only last so long.

Comments that do not contribute constructively to the conversation at hand, contain excessive profanity, personal attacks or seek to promote a personal or unrelated business will not be published. Simply click on the button below and we'll send a quick note to your primary email address () confirming this request. I had never really done any research into the matter, but I always knew that my days are better when I start them off on the right foot.
I knew right away that I had to get my hands on a copy of this book that teaches exactly how to achieve what I have been trying to accomplish with my morning routine for years. The Miracle Morning teaches us just how to do that in an organized manner and I am totally hooked! What makes The Miracle Morning so powerful is the way that Hal has put these principles together to give us the very best start to our day.
One of the fastest ways to get where you want to go is to model successful people who have already been there, done that so to speak. Taking the time to put your thoughts and feelings on paper not only clears your mind, but it also allows you to look back and see your progress once you get a good log going. Hal breaks down his theory on forming habits and I think it’s definitely more accurate than most other theories I have read. Phase three is where this habit cements in as a part of you though, and should not be ignored. I knew that I needed to start journaling and visualizing more, but I hadn’t incorporated it into my daily routine.
I have been trying to implement a solid morning schedule, but its so hard having to tend to everyone as soon as you get up. It has totally changed me for the better, and my productivity is at an all-time high :) It’s good to have you here! In this brief video below I share some of the other contributors of the book and my thoughts on it. Het is een routine met zes gewoontes, waar je zelf mee kunt spelen om het aan te passen aan je eigen leven. I still have big moments of doubt about whether it’s a realistic goal despite seeing the returns of my hard work start to materialise. But I still want more out of life and I’ve come to the point where that 60% is running out of oomph. Turns out Hal has developed a system for starting the day that helps you start the day with intent and in the right mindset to be open to all the opportunities that come at you during the day that will help you achieve your goals.
I figured that I was (hopefully) going to live those 30 days regardless of what I did, so I could either do something to try and reach my goals or I could continue on the path I was one which was clearly running out of road. A way to change the negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves that we have been carrying around. I will stride to wake up early and actually have an agenda to slow down before jumping into the day! I think it would be really hard to complete this entire routine in the morning at this stage of my life but I definitely agree that each of these steps at some point during your day is key.
In het boek leer je hoe je iedere dag positief en vol energie kunt beginnen en welke effecten dit kan hebben op je persoonlijke en zakelijke leven, maar vooral ook op je gezondheid. I went off and listened and read a lot of the stuff that Pat has available on the internet.
I need to change something if I want to really achieve the things that I know deep down I want to. I’m in my first 10 day period and while I bounced out of bed happy to start on the first day, the second day it took me a little more convincing.
And of course, if one of the kids decides to get up early with me (have to tippy toe about so I don’t wake any of them, thus using the machine is a no-no) then it can spoil the whole thing. Hope you’ll link up your post with our Small Victories Sundays Linkup too open all week long. Sven Maarschalk -personal trainer, lifestylecoach en blogger- ervaart het in iedergeval als een goed begin van de dag.

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