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Andrew Youngblood (The Secret Group) and Dusti Rhodes (Moth Houston StorySLAM) host a show with a format that knows no bounds. Get your stories ready, because San Francisco now has its very own monthly Moth StorySLAM series! No standup routines please: The Moth LOVES funny people but requires that all funny people tell funny STORIES. Host David Sabol kicks things off by introducing the featured storytellers, none of whom are professional performers.
As the storytelling night gets going, a social worker tells a story about a client who’d given him a severed chicken foot as a gift. Whether they adopt The Moth’s format or not, most storytelling nights have a couple of featured storytellers and open mic slots for additional participants. Sabol decided to launch Told after participating in Cleveland Bridge Builders, a program that engages nonprofit, business, and government leaders in civic life. Cleveland comedian Zachariah Durr started his storytelling night, Keep Talking, to provide an outlet for comedians and other people to tell stories that weren’t being voiced at comedy open mics.
His favorite moments are when people who have never stood up to tell a story get in front of the mic.
Megan McGee of Ex Fabula, a five-year-old nonprofit in Milwaukee, uses workshops to help people hone their stories before they get onstage.
Ex Fabula performerEx Fabula monthly nights take place at bars and theatres, but the group holds special events at places like barber shops, farmers markets and beaches. Norris and others involved in storytelling will tell you these events are more than just interesting nights. Storytelling not only helps people access their own stories, Burns says, but also fosters empathy with others.
Keep Talking’s Zachariah Durr agrees that storytelling can build bridges between individuals. In Milwaukee, McGee has been organizing storytelling events to bring different parts of the community together.
Like Catherine Burns, nearly everyone I spoke with pointed to the Internet when explaining the renewed interest in storytelling but not necessarily for the reasons you’d think. Norris says storytelling has reinvigorated the open mic scene in Chicago, which invented the poetry slam at The Green Mill in the 1980s. Trajano says audiences like watching other people talk about their mistakes and emerge at the end with a lesson or takeaway, as heroes of their own ordinary lives.

MAKESHIFT stays as fresh as it does funny, mixing the duo’s ever-changing shenanigans with stand up sets from local and national comedians as well as the hard rocking musical stylings of house band We Were Wolves. OK, there won't be a fact-checker there, and the FBI probably won't dig into your files to verify the names and dates and places, but please know, emphatically, The Moth is not for fiction stories. They’ve come to hear TOLD Cleveland, a regular storytelling night that launched this year. An affable guy with a dark, neatly trimmed beard and glasses, Sabol himself is an amateur, as well. Colorfully rendered with the dramatic arc of a short story, the tales told that night are enough to make you laugh, cry or feel something powerful.
Now, instead of doing ten shows a year just in that city, Burns says, the group does forty shows around the country and internationally.
Like the time when he was working as a social worker helping homeless people and individuals in recovery to find jobs, his first real job out of college, and he found himself sitting across from a six-foot-six-inch, 350-pound transgender man. Thanks to this triggering effect, Sabol typically ends up with a waiting list for Told open mic slots. Durr asks his presenters to submit their story ideas in advance of the show and helps them shape the stories, which tend to be eight to ten minutes in length.
A five-minute time limit prevents storytellers from monopolizing the mic, and if someone bombs, which is rare, it’s mercifully brief. Dana Norris, executive director of Story Club Chicago, says she created her series because she didn’t see anything like it in the open mic scene. To illustrate the far-reaching impact of storytelling, The Moth’s Catherine Burns shares a recent example of an email she received. She recently organized a storytelling night for the Hispanic community in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, about an hour north of the city. Shakoor is founder of The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers, a monthly storytelling night at Detroit’s Charles H.
Ironically, while social media make DIY events possible, our virtual lives can also make us feel lonely and disconnected. The problem with many readings and literary events is that they’re not really geared towards audiences, she says.
In a way, Norris says, this broader tent has reinvigorated the live literary scene across the city, helping to connect artists with audiences who might not otherwise be exposed to them. Even if audience members don’t sign up to tell a story, hosts have found ways to get them engaged.

Contestants are judged on sticking to the five-minute time frame, sticking to the theme and having a story that sticks -- one that has a conflict and a resolution. He teaches math at the all-boys Saint Ignatius High School and lives in the quiet suburb of Fairview Park.
A teacher talks about an unusual home invasion – trying to rid her living room of a squirrel before a house guest arrived. They turn ordinary experiences into shared ones, making people's lives meaningful to strangers. Detroit has The Moth StorySLAM, a monthly event that’s been generating standing-room-only crowds for five years. At story slams, the pieces are judged and winners have the chance to participate in higher-level competitions.
Many of the storytelling hosts I spoke to decided to start their events after listening to The Moth. A woman heard a Moth story told by an Indian doctor contrasting American and Indian burial practices. We hunger for real connections, the communal experience of sitting around and talking about real things, and that’s what storytelling is all about. For example, The Moth StorySLAMs feature cocktail hours prior to the events where audience members can swap stories with other people at the bar.
The Moth hosts a monthly storytelling night in Pittsburgh at The Rex Theater in the South Side. After learning how people in India wash and prepare the bodies of family and loved ones, the woman went to the hospital where her father was on his deathbed and asked doctors if she could wash and prepare her father’s body. Ultimately, storytelling may help Detroiters talk about the racial division that has plagued the city for decades. And in Chicago, birthplace of the poetry slam, you can flit around listening to tales of the city at various storytelling events that take place every night of the month.

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