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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Known as the priestess of self-help, Rhonda Byrne is the celebrated author of the motivational book The Secret and its sequel The Power.
These people are professionals and writers in varied fields of work such as psychology, quantum physics, metaphysics, theology, philosophy, finance, feng shui, personality development, medicine, and coaching.These secret teachers give examples from the New Thought movement that started in the 19th century in the United States, keeping in with the teachings of Phineas Quimby. The film also managed to generate interest among prominent media personalities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, and Larry King. In addition, Byrne has also written The Magic and produced a film called Sensing Murder and two Australian television series World’s Greatest Commercials and Marry Me.

Wer geistig erwachen will, sollte auch bereit sein, sein Ego anzuschauen, um es loslassen und sich ganz dem Geist der Liebe anvertrauen zu können. Your life is made up of only two kinds of things – positive things and negative things. The Secret sold around 2 million DVDs by 2007, and the book sold around 19 million copies in more than 40 languages. You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer. Wir haben die Einheit mit dem Geist der Liebe verlassen und leben getrennt voneinander, jeder in seiner eigenen Egowelt.

Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. Und ich habe oft erlebt, wie mir dann aus dem Inneren warme und helfende Gefühle entgegen kommen, die mich wieder auf die positive Seite des Lebens bringen.
Man kann sich so schnell dazu entscheiden, von diesem Pferd abzusteigen, wie man aufgesprungen ist!

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