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Circle (which is executive-produced by Vampire Diaries boss Kevin Williamson) centers on Cassie (played by Robertson), a teen who is forced by tragedy to leave behind her life in California for the mysterious Chance Harbor, Wash.
Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. If you ever meet him in person, his lashes are really long and thick and makes it look like he wears eyeliner. There’s only one negative comment, the other one is in defense of TSC (well, pilots in general) but either way, people are allowed to have different opinions. She’s so bad that they had to re-shoot the opening scene of Scream 4 and cut her out of her own death scene. I think of three things when I look at these: Captain Planet, is that guyliner?, and is it September yet? Hydrokinesis is the ability to manipulate water and wield it in various ways and for various purposes.
A drop of water, as light as airis a spell that allows a caster to levitate water droplets. This spell was used by Charles Meade to threaten the life of Ethan Conant by nearly drowning him from the inside.
Water is presumed to be Adam Conant's predominant element, possibly making him strongest with it. This power is shown only twice in the run of the show so far, both times being cast by Faye. The second time it is used is when Faye threatens Cassie that she will conjure another storm (when Cassie refuses to perform magic with her). This ability is possessed by all witches, considering that weather is nothing more than the mixture of all the natural elements; all of which witches can manipulate. It is theorized that lightning is the element associated with Faye Chamberlain, and ironically this is the element chosen to be conjured by her.

It is proven in the episode "Bound" that once the spell had been cast the first time, Faye was able to influence the weather thereafter without further use of any spells.
In H2O, Phoebe Tonkin's character Cleo could also summon storms combined with her other friend's powers. See for yourselves in TVLine’s exclusive first look at Britt Robertson (Life Unexpected) and Co. Nick and Faye were probably two of the most interesting characters in the books, and I was a fan of both.
I’d had high hopes for it and was excited to get into the Comic Con screening, but boy did that backfire. So I find it a bit more than suspicious that the first negative comments (above and below) came so close together…. The problem is that the Mythbusters audience starts getting in that room early…same thing happened with TVD when it was first screened.
They airbrushed her too much to the point where if you didn’t know she was in the show, you wouldn’t know it was her! This power was also used in the episode "Witness" When Ethan Conant stole the crystal from Charles Meade after Ethan did the same spell that made Charles vomit water out of his mouth.
I don't understand why the electric element has the most votes, like what is good about that element.
One with this ability can create storms such as thunder storms, hurricanes, monsoons and tornadoes, change the temperature and weather patterns, and even manipulate the natural elements.
The first time is it used, Faye (who has been vastly strengthened by her circle's completion) summons a fierce lightning storm upon Chance Harbor, 'Skies above, rain down on me' causing heavy winds, rain and severe lightning, which eventually strikes Diana. In doing this, she nods, smiles and the sound of thunder is hear, signaling an oncoming storm.
With this power, a witch could affect weather patterns, inducing storms or removing them, changing the temperature, conditions, etc.

The audience gave it the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment, which resulted in quite a bit of laughter at the show’s expense. The chemistry between Thomas Dekker and Britt Robertson is tangible, it’s visually beautiful, and I see a lot of room for growth.
The photos looked different and probably for a different purpose than using in this colorful magical poster. Creating water out of thin air instead of pulling water from an existing body is a hydrogenetic ability.
The spell is stopped by Cassie, oddly, considering both Faye (who cast the spell) and Diana weren't able to stop it. This time, it is implied that Faye does not require a spell to influence the weather as she did before.
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Even my son, who’s fairly easy to please when it comes to TV, thought the show was bad. In a witch's case, it is a naturally occuring and common power, and does not necessarily require a spell to use, similar to telekinesis.
Unfortunately, once cast, it was too powerful for Faye to handle alone and she lost control of it. Unable to stop it, she turned to Cassie for help, who eventually managed to cease the storm.

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