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Published over 100 years ago in 1910, only the very bravest of souls would dismiss this great work out of hand.
I can form things in my thoughts, and by impressing my thoughts upon formless substance, can cause the thing I think about to be created. I am ready to receive what I want when it comes, and I am acting now upon the people and things in my present environment.” Wallace D. I’ve made it available to you in three formats, PDF, Kindle and ePub (a format that most other e Readers can read).  So go get it, read it, follow its principles and enjoy!
Online Marketer - Entrepreneur - Bad Joke Teller - Life Coach - Interweb Addict - Single Dad - Retired Retail Stores Owner - Honest to a fault - Dream Builder - Straight Talking - Works From Home - Student of Philosophy and Psychology - Passionate About Life - All Round Good Guy & Cappuccino Lover. The incredible thing about this book that Wattles is saying, believe or don’t believe it… since it IS a science, it will still work!
Great post Robin, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D.Wattles is one of my favourite books. I hope you got (and enjoyed!) your free copy of The Science of Getting Rich AND Think & Grow Rich.
We have to learn to think in terms of our purpose, aka end goals, instead of the means to achieve those goals.

Booktopia - The Science of Getting Rich, The Original Guide to Manifesting Wealth Through the Secret Law of Attraction by Wallace D Wattles, 9781442169173. THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH is the original and best guide to manifesting wealth through the Law of Attraction. This seminal work was the inspiration for Rhonda Byrne’s highly successful movie ‘The Secret’ and when I tell you that it has NEVER been out of print, hopefully you might sit up and smell the coffee! Wattles (isn’t that the coolest name everrrr or what?) those who come into possession of property and money and other needs and desires, do so because they follow a SCIENTIFIC process of doing things in a certain way. As sure as that apple must FALL from that tree, because of Newton’s ‘law of gravity’, so too is the accumulation of wealth and your life’s desires.
When you have positive thoughts for instance, positive things happen and likewise negative thoughts. Just because it was written a 100 years ago and the language is a tad antiquated for modern tastes, it most certainly should not diminish the power of the message.
Wattles is a book that focuses on how creation, not competition is the hidden key to attaining wealth. Although the style and cultural references contained in the text are relevant to the period in which it was written, the wisdom contained in this book is timeless.

From the moment the gift recipient redeems the gift code, they will have one month to download the product. And, I must hold this picture in my thoughts with the fixed purpose to get what I want, and the unwavering faith that I will get what I want – closing my mind to all that may tend to shake my purpose, dim my vision, or quench my faith. Those who do NOT come into money, property and other needs and desires, simply put, are NOT doing things in said certain way. Believing in the science of wealth and abundance is the thing that breaks down boundaries and helps us to overcome the trials we have previously had to deal with.
I love it when it says, No matter what our circumstances we have the ability to obtain wealth to live as we desire and fulfill our purpose in life. The Science of Getting Rich is the perfect book for anyone who wishes to change their circumstances for the better. The Science of Getting Rich preceded Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and was credited by Rhonda Byrne of The Secret as a major influence.

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