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I want to be told exactly what the flash is just so I know, so give me the most likely story. Note that the aft bulkhead of the nose wheel bay is also the fwd wall of the E&E compartment. The nose wheel undercarriage was located directly in front of of the E&E room and would have been the first major part of the plane to impact.
There really is nothing to debate on that particular subject anyway because if there were, then it wouldn't be so easy to prove a HOAX. If it was the tail end of the missile, wouldn't the missile have already impacted the exterior of the building, causing massive damage? A projectile from even a .50 cal rifle can rip your body apart just from passing next to you, with out a direct hit. Simon Shack faded out the "nose in" and faded in the "nose out" and called it a "micro-precision match".
Manipulating images until they are similar in appearance is knowingly and deliberately creating disinformation and hoaxes. I am noting only that a jet can certainly not cut hardened targets like missiles can, else there would be no need for missiles. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. BREAKING: The Egyptian army has confirmed finding parts of the missing plane and personal belongings off the coast of Egypt.
AN act of terror is the most likely explanation for the EgyptAir crash, as the military confirmed the discovery of body parts, luggage and other debris. UPDATE: Richard Osman was a mining executive who recently celebrated the birth of his second child before boarding flight MS804. THE missing EgyptAir flight did not radio for help before it plunged suddenly and swerved wildly.
A BRITISH man has revealed how he was booked to fly on EgyptAir flight MS804 but a late change of plan meant he never boarded the plane. FOR years Steve Rothstein was the envy of many, and it was all due to the mother of all investments he made in 1987. CABIN crew members are furious about a new system that allows passengers to send them any messages they want, in real time. A QANTAS jet carrying nearly 200 passengers has made an emergency landing at Sydney Airport after its landing gear failed to retract following takeoff. QANTAS axes first class from all but a handful of its routes and warns airfares will rise this year. I've just booked on Delta Air Lines to fly to the USA as i recently travelled to Atlanta with them and it was hands down the best service i've had on any flight to the states and at least they fly Boeing.
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Richard "Quiet Lion" Brodie's seamy underblog takes you deep into his world of wine, women, song, and poker. I had finally learned to order a€?long blacka€? when I wanted coffee in Australia but my short visit to Melbourne was already over, memories of barramundi floating dreamily through my semi-conscious mind as an early-morning taxi took me to the airport.

I got off to an exciting start in the Aussie Millions, making the nuts twice early and chipping up to 53,000 from the starting 20,000. Former Victoria Secret model, Miranda Kerr signs on with WonderBra, and what’s new in lingerie trends for 2014. You will hear its sonic crack as it goes by but will remain unripped and grateful it missed. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. It explains that if you do not provide us with information we have requested from you, we may not be able to provide you with the goods and services you require.
There is no reason for Australians to support this airline when they continue to fail on the basics. Qantas profit dived 75% this year and they cut maintenance and customer services plus will need increase fare.
The Crown Casino was supposed to send a limo for me but the only driver from the Crown had a sign with Daniela€™s name on it. I met my second ex-wife in the Thai Airways first-class lounge in Bangkok, which I guess is a good place to meet nice Jewish girls from Toronto. It also explains how you can access or seek correction of your personal information, how you can complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how we will deal with a complaint of that nature. This is the 4th incident in 18 months and they should count their lucky stars that none have been fatal. It was a daytime flight so I doubted Ia€™d be using the flat-bed feature but from past experience I knew I was going to have a good time.
After my early success I bluffed into a set for half my stack, made a series of unsuccessful steals, and eventually put my last chips in with top two pair against a flush on the turn, eliminated in the wee hours of day one.
This kind of screwup happens all the time and Daniel graciously offered me a ride in his stretch limo despite the fact he had a camera crew there to meet him on arrival and ride in the limo with him. I call it a€?Brownian motion,a€? which if you took high-school chemistry you may remember is the way particles in liquid randomly move about and bump into each other.
It was a quick ride to the Crown Towers, where Full Tilt had booked rooms for all the pros and the online qualifiers.
I followed Daniel and his entourage to the check-in area but it turned out he had a special check-in desk on the 29th floor called the Crystal Club. When Ia€™m married I dona€™t seem to have the desire to go out and meet people, which doesna€™t seem to please the wife. Full Tilt took us on a river cruise, wined and dined us, and gave us a whole bag full of custom Aussie logo swag. When Ia€™m single I turn into this kind of international playboy, workout hound, raconteur, clothes horse a€“ if I could just kick this marriage habit Ia€™d be fine.Anyway I still remembered a bit about the ins and outs of luxury travel from back when Lion Tales used to be more of a travelogue than a seamy underblog. Woody Allena€™s Scoop, starring uberbabe Scarlett Johansson, added to his unending oeuvre of funny little movies, while The Illusionist proved Paul Giamatti can do more than complain about bad wine.
One thing I know is that therea€™s a sooper-sekrit way to fly business class for much less than the cost of a round-trip ticket. IE7 sucks so bad even Richard Brodie, who bleeds Microsoft blue when hea€™s not talking about himself in the third person, switched to Firefox.
All the tennis pros here for the Australian Open were staying here and several of them were working out in the gym or out on the tennis courts.

I have a zillion miles saved up from back in the day but unfortunately Qantas has very few award seats available so that wasna€™t an option.The second way is to use American Expressa€™s two-for-one deal. Ita€™s nice to have years where you win two or three big events but the reality of the game is that kind of luck comes only rarely no matter how good you are. Many of them recognized me and one blonde uberbabe begged me to pose with her for a picture so I did. Ia€™ve never actually used this program and ita€™s not as good as it sounds because therea€™s usually no need to pay full fare even if youa€™re purchasing a ticket a€“ you end up saving a bit, but not half.
I had another order of barramundi, after enjoying it at JJa€™s, and once again found it delicious. I could think of half a dozen uberbabes who would probably jump on a plane but I was aching to try out the third option.Very loyal readers will remember my brother Mike lives in Thailand. I used to go see him every year but recently something seemed to come up every winter (oh yeah, poker tournaments). There were two switches and a dimmer, all three of which had to be turned on simultaneously.
Now that Ia€™m not playing World Poker Tour I made a point of going up for a visit this year. You see, airlines make an obscene amount of money on business-class and first-class tickets.
They make so much that they could sell the seats at half the price and still make a profit. But they wona€™t, since they are primarily purchased by business travelers who are not nearly as price sensitive as leisure travelers.
I gave American Airlines a call and got a quote on a Circle Pacific fare from the USA to Melbourne to Bangkok and back to the USA.
It feels weird to be drinking a 2006 Cabernet-Shiraz in January 2007 but I guess the growing season is six months earlier here. I asked how much for first class and it was still $1000 less than the round-trip business-class ticket. Sold.So Ia€™m here in my personal one-bedroom suite aboard Qantas 94, three hours out of Melbourne. I had been warned the service was friendly but Spartan on Qantas and thata€™s what it was: no super-premium wines or liquors, a decent dinner menu, and three very friendly flight attendants. Ia€™ll pop up to the Crystal Club for breakfast with Andy a€?The Rocka€? Bloch and Doug a€?Canadian Superbombera€? Lee. I tried three different Australian reds and settled on the 2003 Stonier Reserve Pinot Noir. They have a nice selection of video choices but I spent most of the flight sleeping like a baby in my flat bed with Daniel Negreanu in the seat behind me.
David Singer and his beautiful girlfriend Mandy are back in the business-class cabin but most of the Full Tilt team took the same flight yesterday.Ia€™ll stay in Melbourne until I bust out of the main event, which starts the 14th, and then jump on a sooper-sekrit Cathay Pacific jet to Bangkok.

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