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I downloaded _The Shuttle_ from Project Gutenberg without knowing anything about it a few months back.
The copyright to photos on this Web site is held by the photographer, Mark Golbach, unless credited otherwise.
Agnieszka Holland, the director of Europa Europa, creates a blood-quickening Holocaust drama about Poles who were hidden in the sewers. Normally I steer clear of Hallmark but I think they've done a superb job of capturing the essence of the story — which you can see by the fact that I have both a video and a DVD of that production.
I hadn't gotten around to reading it, and learning that it's 500 pages long makes me a little intimidated to attempt on a computer screen! I have temporarily given up ordering books from Persephone because they are fairly expensive to send to the U.S but I think their choices are so interesting.
This film adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett's beloved novel -- a childhood classic -- has a broad appeal. It was entirely filmed on location in England with Highclere Castle standing in for Misselthwaite Manor. I had never known about any of Burnett's books for adults until I discovered Persephone. Neither talking down to children nor pandering to their parents, The Secret Garden functions something like a fairy tale in the way in which we all can latch onto different aspects of meaning during different stages of our lives and also in the way in which primordial and psychosexual concerns are made palpable in narratively distanced and socially acceptable terms. Eventually the three rejoin forces in England where they make a name for themselves designing and building garden conservatories.

If you click on the link, it takes you to the Persephone site and you can read the intro which is an excellent essay.
Like a fairy tale, we can, over time, return to the story and experience fresh meanings, conflicts and insights.
There is the 1949 MGM movie starring Margret O'Brien, with only the garden scenes shot in color.
The restored garden never has the charm of the dream for me, and I suspect that's true for many others. The drawings are by Inga Moore, a woman who knows gardens and the English landscape intimately. Persaphone Books is one of my new-found joys, so I will be happy to find an excuse to give them more business. It is also fitting that a first draft was written years ago for Coppola's American Zoetrope by Carroll Ballard as a follow-up to his previous children's tale The Black Stallion. The plants are so identifiable that I could build my own version of this garden based on Moore's drawings alone.
Many script rewrites later, The Secret Garden emerges as a deserving successor to The Black Stallion's mantle of classy kid entertainment. The film is book-ended with scenes of the grown-up Mary — a WWI Red Cross nurse — returning to the garden and telling the story as a flashback.
But the chief horticulturist of The Secret Garden is director Holland, here making her debut as a director of an American, rather than a foreign, production.

To remain a secret, a garden needs to be reasonably small and contained without tumbledown walls and noteworthy architectural framing. The adults in the audience are likely to catch on to all the film's implications; the little ones are more likely to sense feelings of ominous foreboding and chaste pleasure. Holland's visual strategies enhance the thematics of burgeoning emotions with its fragrant natural images of sprouting, blossoming, seasonal cycles and the all-encompassing sky. Narratively, these rejuvenating images are set against images of an earthquake, the dank, repressive household, and the loneliness of people without love. And Holland has maintained her interest in the dilemmas of childhood on the horns of adulthood. The children's performances are the biggest drawback to The Secret Garden as their earnestness occasionally gets in the way of the dramatic illusion. Cast in a classic Dame Judith Anderson-type repressive housekeeper role, Smith's nuanced abilities turn what ordinarily would have been a one-dimensional villain into a rich, sympathetic character.

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