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The Secret Door is a type of door available in Dungeon Keeper 2 with the special ability to disguise itself as reinforced wall to the enemy. To your enemies, the Secret Door appears as another stretch of wall, while your creatures can see and use it for what it really is. The downside of the Secret Door is if the enemy sees your creatures using it, they will know the truth and are free to attack it. Once the Secret Door is located, it offers poor defence (about the same as a Barricade) and will quickly crumble.

Interestingly, the Dungeon Keeper 2 Manual states the Secret Door as having high resilience, despite its low health, likely due to its ability to conceal itself. The Secret Keeper Dragon in our old "Brown" color, painted like the Emperor in Brown with the irridescent fuschia color on her sides. I just love him he's so beautiful only wish I could afford him but alas my teeth come first. This property makes Secret Doors very useful for hiding important rooms and areas from your opponent, such as Portals and your Dungeon Heart, as well as large Treasuries or Gem Seams.

She is painted in beautiful shades of gold acrylic paint, ranging from pale gold on her chest to deep brown with a touch of violet. If you cannot keep a tile selected, try digging out the tile next to it to destroy the door.

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