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There is a heat that pervades the pages, making it feel as if the South Carolinian sun has snuck in through your back door. And it is these feisty, loving women, the Boatwright sisters -- May, June and August -- who truly make the book shine.
You can almost feel the sisters' collective love as it wraps itself around young Lily, providing the elixir her broken heart so desperately needs. Ultimately, it is the sweetness -- of the honey, of the sisters, of the sheer, breathtaking humanity in these pages -- that will make you fall in love, whether reading the book for the very first time or upon revisiting it. My copy has so many favorite pages thumbed down that it has blossomed to twice its original size.
You might be tempted to fan yourself as you read, or pour yourself a glass of sweet tea or lemonade.

With nary a question, the three black women take in Lily -- who has run away from her abusive father -- and her nanny, Rosaleen (whom Lily, incidentally and quite wonderfully, has broken out of jail). As if honey runs through their very veins, the Boatwright ladies teach Lily the intricacies of bee farming, all the while coaching her on the secrets of soul-soothing.
I daresay it might even offer solace during a moment in our nation when we need some reminding of the human ties that bind us.
HD Wallpaper and background images in the The Secret Life Of Bees club tagged: lily dakota flanning the secret life og bees book cover. Set during a steamy summer in South Carolina at the height of the civil rights movement, the novel grabs you from the beginning and won't let go -- largely because of its narrator, fourteen-year-old Lily Owens, motherless and wise beyond her years. August is probably my favorite of the trio; she keeps everything humming along at the farm with her own special brand of industry and understanding.

In fact, the restorative power of honey is so varied and abundant in this novel you may well want to buy a whole case of it when you're done reading.
In Kidd's gifted hands, Lily manages to be both sassy and sweet, part civil rights advocate and part poet. Where else can you find a girl who imagines Mother Nature looking a lot "like Eleanor Roosevelt" and who sees dragonflies "stitching up the air"? The rhythms of the South, the melodic buzzing of bees, the sweet taste of honey from the honey farm Lily visits -- all these things come together to form a character unto itself, as rich as any of the feisty women who inhabit the novel.

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