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I have bought Dakota Fanning’s movie The Secret Life of Bees and it was totally worth the money! After getting into a fight with her father, where he tells Lily that her mother didn’t care about her and wanted to abandon her, Lily runs away with Rosaleen to a place connected to her mother. A really great movie that also presented me for other great actresses like Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, Sophie Okonedo and Tristan Wilds.
That was all I had to say (well I could write much more, but don’t wanna steal your whole day). Your question relates to the importance of bees in the novel and the way that they act as as incredibly powerful motif, in particular in relation to the character of Lily. I am assuming you want to know about some of the metaphors used in The Secret Life of Bees. Regarder Netflix comme si vous etiez aux USA, Canada, Angleterre, Irelande, Bresil, Mexique, Pays-Bas, Suede Danemark, Finlande, France et Norvege!

Le film Le Secret de Lily Owens (The Secret Life of Bees) est disponible en francais sur Netflix France.
The Secret Life Of Bees Sud des Etats-Unis, fin des annees 50.A l'heure du combat des Noirs pour l'egalite des droits civiques, c'est aussi le droit de vivre que defend la jeune Lily Owens quand, accompagnee de sa nounou noire Rosaleen, elle fuit un pere alcoolique et violent pour se refugier dans le domaine regi par la matriarche August Boatwright et ses deux soeurs.
Plot: Set in South Carolina in 1964, this is the tale of Lily Owens, a 14 year-old girl who is haunted by the memory of her late mother. I think the first movie I saw with her was Man on Fire or I Am Sam, I love all the movies I have seen with her. On her journey to learn about her mother’s past, Lily meets the honey-making Boatwright family who will change her life forever. I already knew Alicia Keys as a singer, but her acting is quite good too, so don’t worry that she might ruin the movie or something!
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A¬†Bees are social animals: they form colonies and work tirelessly in the dark for the queen. Dans cette ferme apicole, loin des turbulences du monde exterieur, Lily et Rosaleen vont enfin retrouver gout a la vie en lui donnant un parfum de miel et de soleil. She is pained by the memory of killing her own mother by accident, when she was four, and frustrated that her father won’t tell her anything about her mother.

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