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This episode lasts during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.Everyone's Christmas plans are canceled when a snowstorm pushes everyone into the Tipton, even a couple expecting a baby. Side-plot: London is involved in the Secret Santa exchange and Maddie rigs the bowl of names so London will choose Maddie and buy a gift for her.
Carey: Well, my eyes were trying to meet the drummer's, but your father kept getting in the way. The band playing in this episode was the same band that was in the episode the "Prince and the Plunger".
London is involved in the Tipton Secret Santa exchange despite the fact that she is not a true employee. When Kurt starts talking about how the baby looked like Zack and Cody when they were born, he puts his arm around Carey, but in the next shot, his arm is gone. Arwin is wearing a gold scarf at the start of the show, and about a minute later still during the same scene when he presses the button it is gone. When everyone is crowded around the elevator, Kurt is seen standing next to Carey on the right of it. In the upcoming movie “The Secret Life of Bees” (starring Jennifer Hudson, Dakota Fanning and Queen Latifah) Tristan Wilds portrays Zack Taylor, a young, idealistic teen growing up in the tumultuous racially charged sixties during the height of the civil rights movement. EM: You are known for HBO’s “The Wire” and most recently the revamped 90210, so how did you get involved with this film? EM: How was it working with such a powerful cast of women where you were one of only a few guys that had a primary role in the film? EM: It is emotionally draining to do scenes like the one in the theater where your character is ripped from his seat by an angry group of racially charged men? TW: You know, the way that it was edited and the way that it was all put together and how it sinks so well with the book…it kind of made me swell up inside. EM: As your career is really starting to take off, how do you feel about the progress of what you’re doing? EM: Preparing for the role of Zack, this takes place in the sixties during the civil rights era did you do any research, talk to your family (Tristan’s grandfather was present at the interview)?
TW: Of course talking with my family and Gina made sure that we all had our research down pat.
TW: It was a weird thing to start because we first did bee school and I’m learning how to do it and it was all cool but then Gina said you guys have to be experienced bee keepers and I’m like yeah, yeah, that’s alright, and that’s no problem. Sam Hartley as the Beast and Brooke Quintana as Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

There are no rooms available for said couple, so they stay in the lobby for as long as they can. This episode is on the DVD titled Disney Channel Holiday, which came out on November 1, 2005.
Moseby is carrying the new-born baby, we can see that the baby already has a white outfit on and appears to have as much hair as a year-old baby would. As a young black man trying to find his way to becoming a lawyer, Zack works part-time for the Boatwright sisters who introduced him to a world of bee keeping, love, sisterhood and a forbidden friendship with Lily Owens (Dakota Fanning); a young white girl on a quest to find out the truth about her dead mother. Then after I read the script we got a call for it and it was Gina (Gina Prince-Bythewood) and she said she thought about me for the part and she wanted me to come out and audition for it. Especially since you have to get emotional, you have to build up so much emotion and then have it yanked out of you just like in real life. Because it’s obviously different when you are filming and then when you see yourself in it.
Because in The Wire you go from playing Michael, a character that’s a drug dealer who has to show no emotion to this film where you have to produce a lot of range and the teenage love interest?
No, no, no…on the set of 90210 because we’re all around the same age and we’re all pretty close nit it’s more like a school environment.
I’m writing a whole lot of music right now but eventually I probably put something out there. She took it like it was nothing like “come on now I’m ready, let’s do this” and I’m like “I hope I kiss her right, are my lips nice are they moist”…but it came together really nice.
She gave us books, she gave us music, DVDs to watch, websites to look at…just all different things that would just throw us back into the sixties…how the sixties were in the south. The bees as a whole and just bees being mainly females and that they work so hard it shows the dynamic of women, especially the Boatwright sisters.
Wallpaper images in the The Secret Life Of Bees club tagged: secret lifes of bees dakota flanning screencaps. Moseby asks for volunteers and pulls Kurt forward, he is on the left and nowhere near Carey. If anybody goes through that you have so much emotion and every time you’re getting pulled or every time you cry. I mean I love Michael, Michael was a great character and he was so great to play but I like to play…I still a kid at heart so to get that chance to play inside of a character and have fun with it, have as much fun as like with it…it’s just a lot of fun. It was a lot of research done on all of our parts; from getting the talking down, the different dialects, what they listened to, how they acted, all of that down to the smallest nook and cranny.

When Kurt, the boys' father, is forced to stay with their mom, Cody begins to think that they are getting remarried. Moseby, she gives Maddie a badly hand-knit sweater and tells Maddie that she is making the gift rather than buying. I did Cliffs Notes through it so I didn’t really “read” the book until I was formed with the role so I went back to read it, really read it and understand the character thoroughly get the gist of the whole story. You never know what’s going to happen, you always play pranks on each other, it’s really stuff like that.
However, they are not getting back together and are just getting along for the holidays, which Zack believes but Cody still has his hopes up. Just like my character in the story, he always felt safe around because they had so much power…togetherness. Coming on a set like this with such an aura of family it’s more like going to a family reunion or the feeling that you get when you see your family on Thanksgiving. Cody tries to get his dad back interested in Carey, but his dad catches on and tells him that they're not planning to remarry. Maddie tries to be nice, but is in utter disbelief at the cheap sweater and London realizes and tells Maddie that she should be happy she got something. After a couple of tries and getting stung about twice I got to the point where it was cool. Cody is devastated than he was unable to get them back together and doesn't believe that having divorced parents follows a traditional family Christmas.
After using the sweater as a baby blanket for the new baby, Maddie realizes the sweater isn't so bad, and apologizes to London for not being grateful earlier. Zack attempts to cheer up Cody; but shortly thereafter, Zack, Cody, and the mother of the baby are trapped in the elevator due to the storm, and the mother starts to give birth.
After the baby is born, the elevator takes them back down to the lobby, where the guests and the employees, including Kurt Martin, say hello to the newest member of the Tipton. Carey and Kurt reassure Cody that even though they are divorced, they are still his parents and still love him, just like the new parents love the newborn child.

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