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After the conclusion of The Secret of Cabot House: Emogene Takes A Lover quest, meet Jack outside Parsons State Insane Asylum. If you decide to put Lorenzo to bed, speak to Jack after and return to Cabot House a week later for your reward.
If you signed up using a 3rd party account like Facebook or Twitter, please login with it instead. The Secret of Cabot House is the last in a small chain of Fallout 4 side quests that start when you talk to a Ghoul named Edward Deegan. If you decide that Jack is just leeching off of his old man and think that Lorenzo is not crazy, you can decide not to kill him.
If you, however, change your mind and decide to kill Lorenzo after all, you are in for a tough fight. Then you will get 2 missions leading up to this one, on completion, go back to the Cabot House and they will be arguing and you get the mission once they stop arguing. I started the chain of quests in Goodneighbor by talking to the ghoul there named Edward Deegan.
To obtain the quest you can talk to Edward the ghoul in Bunker Hill, or find the Cabot House and speak at the intercom. The Secret of Cabot House is a series of side quests in Fallout 4 in which you must aid a man known as Jack Cabot.
For more help on Fallout 4, read our Settlements Locations Guide, Character Builds Guide, How to Build Fallout 4 Settlements and Power Armor Locations Guide. If you want to engage in The Secret of Cabot House questline, you’ll have to find a friendly Ghoul named Edward Deegan in Diamond City Market.
He won’t appear below level 10, and won’t show up until you attack the guards after visiting Parsons State Insane Asylum either. You’ll need to head over to the Beacon Hill Neighborhood in northeast Boston and locate the Cabot House.
Apparently, Emogene has joined up with someone called Brother Thomas, who has a cult of his own. You can refuse to join his cult and sneak into his office and open the locked door (requires advanced sneaking).
Or you can shoot Brother Thomas in the face, and take down the rest of the cultists, then search his corpse for the key. It seems there’s been some kind of attack on Jack’s facility at the Parsons State Insane Asylum.

Raiders seem to have outrun the facility, so you’ll have to make through gunning down everyone coming in your way. It seems that Edward has shut down the elevator to the lower levels, but the raiders have still managed to access the basement. You’ll need to fight your way further through the courtyard, then head into the main asylum. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Shortly after completing the quest a€?Emogene Takes a Lovera€?, back in the Cabot House, youa€™ll find Jack talking to Edward who in the Asylum over the radio.
Youa€™ll find more samples of the Mysterious Serum on the desk and from the dead body of Lefty, the named raider who were trying to free Lorenzo. Raiders have taken over the facility, and you're tasked with helping Jack regain control of the place. Jack finally unlocks the building and you should follow him around as he makes his way toward his office. Search in Colonial Taphouse, Dugout Inn, The Third Rail (Goodneighbor), and the market in Bunker Hill. This pretty amazing house that somehow survived the nuclear war can be accessed by activating the intercom and mentioning Jack Cabot’s name. Your first assignment is to recover a missing ‘package.’ Edward suggests that the guard captain at Parsons State Insane Asylum probably knows where it is.
He’s not to be trusted though, so flip the remaining generators to override and then speak with Jack. You can either save the Cabot Family and get a different reward from Jack a week later, or you can join Lorenzo and take out the Cabot Family. Each choice has different rewards outcome (not to mention the morality of the situation you’ll have to live with). Back at the Cabot House you have one more chance to change your mind and side with the family.
Make sure you inject the serum before fighting him – it will make you hurt him more in combat (thanks Alienfacepalm for the hint).
You can either let the Cabot family know who is coming and help them defend the house, or help Lorenzo destroy the Cabot house. Your reward for doing this is a weekly supply of the Mysterious Serum directly from Lorezo.

In either case don’t forget to pick up Massachusetts Surgical Journal in the room Lorenzo is being held in. Jack will start talking to you and you can choose to say that he is wrong, which will lead to you killing the family, or you can choose to say that you were wrong, which will lead to a fight with Lorenzo. You can ask questions and learn more about the serum and why the Asylum is frequently attacked by raiders.
Otherwise, turn on the four field generators to flood the containment cell with zeta radiation.
Quests you need to finish to get this one are Special Delivery and Emogene Takes a Lover, but we’ll discuss those in another guide. If you side with Lorenzo, killing the rest of the family is easy and you can loot a Zeta Gun weapon from Jack Cabot.
He’ll hand you the powerful Gamma weapon Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun if you’ve been consistently polite to Jack. In the same room where you found the wounded Edward, youa€™ll also find the Charisma Bobblehead on the table beside the terminal. Once Lorenzo is killed, open the containment cell and get the issue of the Massachusetts Surgical Journal inside. Hea€™ll also ask you to return to him after a week for you to receive the unique gamma gun, Lorenzoa€™s Artifact Gun from Jack. You’ll reach the laboratory where Lorenzo Cabot is being held along with some Raiders trying to get inside his cell. When you are there you will find out that Jack created a weapon that uses the artifact’s psychic powers to knock enemies about. Raider mini boss called Lefty is the one you will have to be careful about, but he stands between you and Lorenzo so remove that obstacle. If you were not rude to Jack over the course of his side quests he will reward you with Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun. Once you use it you can come back to Lorenzo and pick up another vial, so you have an endless supply of antirads. You will also be able to have a random encounter with Lorenzo later in the game where he is investigating dead Ghouls.

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