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But do you truly believe you were called to do what you’re now doing?  Do you believe that your business will not only survive tough times, but will thrive?  How do you demonstrate that type of belief?
What if you need to sell 15 of your high-end products each month in order to be profitable?  What steps are you taking now that demonstrate your belief that you will get 15 customers to buy those products? If you need 10 more clients, what are you doing now to act as if you WILL get those clients (and more!)?  Have you assembled 10 new client packets?  Have you put labels on 10 file folders and placed them with your new client files?  Have you arranged your schedule to accommodate 10 new slots? If you need to sell an additional 15 top-paying products each month, have you prepared 15 boxes to ship the products or pulled out 15 order forms to write up the orders?  Have you written 1 through 15 on a piece of paper to track the names of each new person that orders? If you are a person of faith, have you prayed and claimed Bible promises that relate to your situation?
The not-so-secret ingredient to success is, first, changing your mindset to thinking you can, and then aligning your actions with your success-bound mindset.

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